Monday, September 30, 2019

September CupboardScape

Can you believe this is the last day of September?
Where did the month go?
Yesterday I worked our Urban Garage store
whilst Bob worked  our Back Porch store.
Our worker wanted the day off for her birthday.
Hope you had a great one Laura!

I chose to do this month's CupboardScape
with colors of the season.

A volunteer wild mustard plant on the left.
My hydrangeas and some purple weigela plant. 

These purple flowers are faux ones in my wall box.

The green apples next to the graniteware is 
a wonderful color combination.

Added more of my graniteware.

This Victorian era child's dress hoop.

My flower arrangement is inside this chamber pot.
With an early brown dress hanging.

I so love how this display came out.
Not your normal yellows and oranges.

Apples are in season here now,
so I see a homemade apple pie in the near future.

I will let the hydrangeas dry naturally.

Now off to work I go...
Its a bit chilly here so will need my light jacket.

What will find you doing this last day of September?

Last Day Of September Blessings To All!

Friday, September 27, 2019

Witchy Poo Reveal

Hello my friends!
You are the BEST!!!

It was nice reading 
all about your Halloween stories
where you dressed as angels, 
scarecrows, ghosts, witches,
black cats, Maynard the Beatnik
and even a pumpkin.
{I love seeing the good old fashion
costumes when passing out candy at the store}
Superheros were not the norm back then.

It was safe to eat popcorn balls and donuts
and even an apple.
{my mom made homemade popcorn balls}

One of you got poison oak on Halloween.

Going to Woolworth's Department Store
for your costume.
{wish those old stores were still around}

Having to share your candy with your parents,
with the pretense of them telling you they
had to make sure your candy was alright.

Learning how cruel folks were in town,
when you lived in the country and came
into to Trick or Treat, only to have
those folks deny you any candy.
{my mom has kids come in from the country
to her small town and she gives candy
out to everyone}

Having an honor system where folks would leave
fresh donuts or candy outside and leaving
a note to take only one.

Having a costume box to go venture into
every year to decide what you want to be.
{How fun}

Enjoying homemade pumpkin pie
{made from real pumpkins)
before going out Trick or Treating
{my mom made roasted pumpkin seeds for us}

Thank you for sharing your stories with me.

So before I reveal who won the witch pillow,
I would like to tell you our latest story.
This morning driving to work I noticed
our Back Porch store lights on.
I turned around and when I got inside the store
all three lights were on in the front.
I turned them out and went on my way to work,
and called Bob.
We know it was not our worker who forgot
because we were at the store after dark last night.
Tonight we reviewed our cameras to see which
vendor turned them on and left them on.
Well guess what....
all three lights went on by themself.....
or should I say a ghost did it.
It's that time of the year again where our
ghostly activity begins....let's just hope
they dont keep going on every night.
It could get expensive.

Now for the reveal.

 from Whispering Pines
is the winner.

Congratulations Yaya.
Please send me your address detail to

 Weekend Blessings To All!

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Witchy Poo Pillow


No not me, but her

Don't you just love this sweet wicked face.
All hand stitched.
Her hat is black wool.

She is holding a wool penny flower.
Perfect for Halloween.

A close up of the grayish green background fabric.
The color is more true on the last picture.

She is holding a wool pumpkin in her other hand.

She is 11 inches high by 7 inches across.
If you would like her,
just leave me a comment on this post
with one childhood memory of Halloween....
and she might come home with you.

Yes, this rag stuffed pillow is a giveaway.
I will reveal the winner on September 27th.

You are all the best blogging friends
 this gal could have!

I have been so blessed, that I have to give back.
 Just remember to comment that you would
like to win her 
with your favorite Halloween memory.

Good luck!

Witchy Poo Blessings to All!

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Miss High Society

Happy last day of Summer my friends.
It was a warm and humid weekend both
in Ohio where we stayed for a few days and
back here in Michigan.

Bob and I met up with our sweet friend Ruth
for dinner on Thursday night,
and we shared ghost stories between us.
She has a small cabin on her property
which only houses anything early funeral
related items.
She loves anything morbid.
We once purchased an early embalming
fluid bottle and sold it to her.
She loved the early label and the fluid
was still inside with the old cork stuck
in the bottle.
No one could open it.

On Saturday she told us she was going to
 Hearsefest 2019 in Fowlerville, Michigan.
This year they will be featuring the hearse
from the Munsters.
Butch Patrick owns the vehicle.
He was Eddie Munster from the show.
I hope she had fun!

Today I offer a witch pillow I created.
I named her Miss High Society.
She was entirely hand stitched.
  Her head and arms were stuffed.
Both made from Onasburg.

Her pumpkin and wand was made from wool.

Her dress is made from 2 different black fabrics.
Antique buttons used for her bodice.
Approx. 12 1/2 tall by 9 1/2 wide.

The fabric on the back of this pillow 
is the same as the front.
Again this pillow was hand stitched
in its entirety and rag stuffed
for that very primitive look.

It is a one of a kind creation, 
drawn and created my me.

If interested in purchasing this pillow,
please email me at
Kindly asking $30.00 plus shipping.
Sale Pending

Today you will find me hand stitching
those turkeys.
Dinner will be a roast chicken with
all of the fixins.

What will you last day of Summer find you doing?

Summer's End Blessings To All!

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Getting In The Fall Groove

Autumn is fast approaching,
Monday to be exact.
The leaves are already falling here.
Is this a sign?

Pears are in season
and the Chinese lanterns are blooming.

These pears and lanterns are all faux.
I decorate with faux items 
so as not to harm my kitties.

Yummy wools are also making an appearance.

We moved our tv from this cabinet to the table 
that was usually here in this corner.

I actually like it better here now.

So it probably will stay.

It seems someone else likes it here too!
Sorry Ace.
 I didn't mean to disturb your naptime.
Actually I had no idea he was even there
until I started doing this close up pic
of the Chinese Lanterns on the horse runner.
If looks could kill.....

Do your pets sleep on your furniture?

Before I leave for work,
I want to thank those who purchased my goodies,
and those in the process.
It warms my heart that you love my creations!

Fall Groove Blessings To All!

Sunday, September 15, 2019

For The Love Of Candycorns

Good Sunday Morning to all!
Bob and I spent some more time finishing up
our store Halloween window.
It is looking sweet!

Today I wanted to show you a few things
I made for our show which I have a few left. 
I made a bunch of these hooked candy corns.
I had fun hooking these.

Each one was a different color mixture
of yellow, white and orange.

Each were backed with the same
 orange wool and stuffed.

I have four left for sale.
Each are $25.00 + shipping.
Second tan one on left sold.
Size is 9 inches high
and 6 1/2 inches across at the bottom.

Then I created this candy corn.

Plus this one.

Finally this one.


This finished piece.

Created into a pillow.
Kindly asking $20.00 + shipping
This one is 7 x 5 inches

If interested in any of these,
please email me at

In other news,
I am working on turkeys that I promised.
Will let you know once completed.

Today will be re-arranging furniture
once again with Bob's help.

Since it is a bit chilly here in Michigan this morning,
Beef Vegetable Soup will be our dinner tonight,
Paired with some Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

Do you like soups/ chilis in colder weather?

Candycorn Blessings To All!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Perfect Purchases

My post begins with these wonderful
cotton spun ornaments that
I purchased from my friend Marsha.

These will be added to my others for 
my Christmas tree this year.

I also spotted this Santa to add to my collection.

Then I went gaga for this wool.
The grays and red of the Santa
 look so good together.
I was thinking of hooking a bunny.
Hmmm...maybe a hooked Santa is in the future,
with the grays as the background

Then there were these blues and blacks.
Wool is hard to come by here in Michigan...
or at least were I live.
So I pick it up wherever I can find it.

Next the piece de resistance.

My friend Robin
The Parson's Wife
had this in her booth.
So glad I also spotted this red Beauty!
Thank you Robin for giving me a deal on this!

It has some wear....but.....

for 122 years old....
it is in pretty good shape if I say so myself!
It is safe under glass and I even 
love the old frame.

I so believe these were perfect purchases
for me.

Tuesday night a tornado warning
was posted for my mom's town.
I called her up to see if she knew,
and fortunately I woke her up.
She said she did not want to go to her shelter,
but would lay down in the tub of her interior bath.
I thought she should go underground,
but it was her decision. 
I called her back this morning and she was fine.
Thank goodness.

Leaving work yesterday the sky to the South;
the direction I was heading to go home,
was all green.
Lightning everywhere with rain
coming down faster than the sewer drains 
could take it.
Roads were flooded and I had to drive slow.
For half an hour it was like that.
Horrible weather.

Last night Bob and I also started our
store Halloween window.
This year's theme is an indoor funeral home.
Wait til you see what we do!

Do you decorate for Autumn, Fall or both?

Perfect Purchases Blessings To All!