Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A True Reading Lamp

Good evening sweet blogging buddies!
First of all I want to wish all of my Canadian friends
Happy Canada Day tomorrow.
Then I want to wish my American friends
Happy Fourth of July for Saturday.

I wanted to share this wonderful reading lamp
that Bob made out of some vintage books.

He first drilled a hole in the middle of all of the books.
Placed the books on a piece of barn wood.
Then added some wood balls underneath that
which he stained to match the barn wood.

Then I took some fabric and made a sleeve
to cover the metal rod.

Then we placed the shade on top...
which had words all over it.
Just perfect for a reading lamp,
don't you think?

He did not glue the books together,
so they can be moved however one would like.
If I had a library,
this may have stayed at home.
However this lil beauty is for sale in our store.

Reading Blessings To All!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wreath Decor

Good evening sweet blogging friends.
I wanted to share with you a wreath I recently made.
Strating with strips of fabric I ripped up.

I purchased a wire wreath at Hobby Lobby.

I then tied my fabric strips
one at a time with a double knot.

Halfway done.
Varied the strips.
I used 12 different colors
to complete this pretty wreath.

After I completed this,
I started to think.
Since July 4th is almost here,
I should have did this in blue and whites at the upper left,
and then red and white around the rest.
Then oranges, blacks, tans might look good
for Halloween.
Then maybe various whites for Christmas
and add vintage Christmas bulbs.

An easy peasy decorating idea to share with you.
Wreath Blessings To All!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June CupboardScape

Good afternoon sweet blogging friends.
My how time sure does fly by.
Summer is here already,
but yesterday we had some rough Spring weather
with many tornadoes touching down
here in Michigan.
Mother Nature sure does know how to bring in a season.

Times are flying by so fast,
that I even forgot to post the
June CupboardScape.

This month's letters are K and L

Mostly the letter L
featuring many Lighting items.

The red blue check blanket
is a Linsey Woolsey one.
It was well worn and loved though.
Many holes, but still a beauty.

My only K letter is this Kite winder
made from wood.
You would wrap the string around in a circle
in the middle and turn with the metal winder.
Can you inagine holding this whilst flying your kite?

Next is a tin hurricane lamp
with a finger holder.

Hogscraper candle holder next to it.

A taller hogscraper candle holder.

An early swing arm candle holder.

Look at the detail of this base.

The stem has holes to move the candle to various heights
using a peg.
Although the original peg is missing.
Bob added a tiny dowel rod so it can still be moved up or down.

Make do lighting using an old mallet.

Another make do using a piece of a tin candle mold,
with the candle placed inside.

Then my rusty old metal scoop make do candle.

I did forget to take a picture of the light hanging to the left.
It is a glass hanging lantern.
If you click the first picture to enlarge,
you can see it better.

Looking at my first picture again,
I also forgot to take a pic of the pierced tin candle light
Bob had made me.
Plus another make do candle
made from two pieces of wood to look like an X.

Geez Janice...lights on and nobody at home???

Another month under my belt.

Lighting Blessings To All!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Total Room

Good evening sweet blogging friends.
For those in direct line of the storms coming,
I will say a little prayer that you stay safe.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.
Thank you for the well wishes for my grandson Mikey.
He landed safe and sound in Nova Scotia.

Finally most of the room reveal.
I did forget to take a picture of one more cupboard
in our hall.
Guess that will have to be another post.

The wall by our front door.

Looking towards the door.

Our new chairs that we ordered
made in the USA.

Another view of the red wall which I call it.

The opposite corner to the blue corner cupboard.

Looking directly across fro the red wall.

Looking into the room from the kitchen.

Another angle.

Our antique rag rug. It is two rugs that were stitched together.

I still need to put up the tobacco curtains on the window
behind the tv.
Also we are still trying to find an old barn beam
to use as a mantle for our fireplace.

Now I have Bob talked into painting our back room.
So my head is spinning with ideas on how to change 
that room up.
So the saga continues....
except I have to wait until Bob finishes with the
furniture he is painting for the store.
We decided to start adding the farmhouse look 
into the store.
Primitives are getting harder to find...
and unfortunately we also need to keep up with the trends.
Although I do like decorating in this new style...
I am still a true blue prim folk.

Will show you pics of this new store look
once we have the displays completed.

Until then,
True Prim Blessings To All!

Friday, June 12, 2015

The Entire Corner Reveal

Good evening sweet blogging friends.
Let the weekend begin!
I took the day off work to take my grands to lunch.
My grandson is heading to Nova Scotia early in the morning.
6AM to be exact.
They board a bus at 6 off to Hamilton, Ontario.
From there they board a plane to Nova Scotia
for Summer Camp.
It is the first time this 12 year old has been away from home
this long..and his first time on a plane.
If you could say a wee prayer for a safe trip,
I would greatly appreciate it...
cause this gramma is a nervous nellie.

Tomorrow we celebrate my neighbor's 90th birthday.
He is a spry one.
He was a pilot until 10 years ago.
He could not pass the pilot's test..and was not happy.
However he still cuts his own grass, paints and travels.
 His kids call him King Paul.

 Now for our completed corner.
One corner that is.

I was not sure what to put on the wall
next to the blue corner cabinet.
Then it hit me.

I was walking out of my bedroom one morning,
and my Give Thanks picture fell off my trunk
and landed on my foot.
So you see it really hit me. LOL

Then I thought why not take my sampler
out of its glassed frame and just tack in on the wall.

My basket holder finishes off this corner.

An older Longaberger basket in the back,
with wooly worms in the basket below.

Placed some ivy in my favorite buttocks basket.

Lastly I tucked this little stitched pillow
in front of our clock.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!
Friends Forever Blessings To All!

Monday, June 8, 2015

A Sweet Statement

Good evening sweet blogging friends.
I wanted to share with you an easy peasy decorating idea.

All it takes is a small shoe.

Two flax hanks.

Two wood bowls.

Take the larger bowl and add one of the flax hanks.

Then place the smaller bowl on top.

Add the other flax hank.

Lastly place the shoe on top of the flax.

Now doesn't this look like a sweet statement?

I placed this on my blanket chest with a coverlet piece underneath.
This got me to thinking that a mini pumpkin for Fall
would look good like this.
Or if you have a ceramic doll head.
One Easter egg.
Your favorite Christmas bulb.
What one item do you think would look good to make a

Sweet Statement Blessings To All!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Blue Corner

Little Corner Blue
So Sweet And True

Good afternoon sweet blogging friends.
I hope you are all enjoying the first part of your weekend.
I am inside still cleaning out our back room
and trying to re-organize after our 
living room redo.
So much stuff.

I am also thinking that we should re-paint that room now.
Shhh...don't tell Bob yet.
He still is hanging doors in the hallway.

For now though I still have more to show 
in the living room.
Starting with this corner blue cabinet.

It prooudly holds more crockery.

Our antique clock sits on top
to remind us of what time it is.

Added a stoneware ovoid jug on the floor.

Top shelf holds a ginger beer bottle to the left.
Ink crock bottle in middle.
Another ginger beer crock bottle to the right.

Lidded cake crock in the middle shelf.

Ginger bottle on left and ginger whiskey jug on the right.

On the bottom is this English blue slip tavern ginger beer crock.

Well off to clean some more.
Hope you enjoyed the blue and ginger corner.

Ginger Beer Blessings To All!