Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Nordic Christmas

 Hello Friends.
These are pics from my
Nordic Christmas themed room
at our gift shop.
This is why it takes me roughly 24 hours to set up
this room over multiple days.
Setting up and pricing.

*** WARNING***
Long picture post.

Hope you enjoyed these pics.
Some of these items have already sold out.
November sales were up over last year,
however I feel December may fall.
Inflation is here and I see it.

Hope everyone has a great day and week!

Nordic  Christmas Blessings To All!

Friday, November 25, 2022

Santa Tree

 Hello friends!
Hope my US friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
We have so much to be thankful in our family this year.
My sister did not disappoint with the food spread.
I wont bore you with all she made, but it was a lot.
Our bellys were full and lots of conversation was
had by all.
Too bad our Detroit Lions lost the football game.

This year I decided to deck out my
skinny prim tree with homespun Santas
Most I had created through out the years.
Here they are.
One from the 1980's.

This one I created just a few weeks ago.

Again from the 80's.

This one came from a  friend.

A hand stitched one.

Another old one.

This felted one I am selling at the store this year.

I will show the entire tree in an upcoming post.

In other news,
yesterday going home we got held up 
on the freeway with an accident blocking all lanes.
Turns out someone shot one of his family
members and took off and went on the freeway
going the wrong way.
He was killed along with innocent travelers.
So sad.

The weather was most perfect for our Thanksgiving.
It reached 57.

Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday.
If you can, please visit your fav small business,
and show them your support.
With inflation we are a bit worried,
but I know God will makes sure we have what we need.

Happy weekend all!

Santa Tree Blessings To All!

Monday, November 21, 2022


 Hello friends!
The countdown to Thanksgiving is on!
I wanted to show you our small section of toys
in our gift shop.
Bob built all of the cabinets just
before his stroke I should add.

We had mismatched ones before this. 

Out jigsaw carousel we purchased though.

Most of our toys come from either England or
Denmark and the jigsaw puzzles from New Hampshire.
Do you spot some you might have played with as a kid?
These make great stocking stuffers and we sell
lots this time of year.
This year we also brought in some stuffed holiday animals.

In other news,
Saundra you are correct...I do have a dead bunny
like my turkey.
Speaking of bunnies, I just finished my first
bunny creation for next year....
well almost. He needs to be painted and primmed up.
Am also crocheting eggs now.
Have to start the next season.

Well have to go make dinner.
Have a great week everyone!

Toyland Blessings To All!