Friday, December 23, 2022

December CupboardScape

Christmas Eve is tomorrow.
December has flown by.
Today is my final Christmas post.
Hope you enjoy my final CupboardScape for the year.

I so love this Santa paper scroll.

Paired with some trees.

On Dasher
On Dancer
On Prancer
On Vixen

Hold on here.
Dapple, you are not a reindeer.

Well it seems he thinks he is a reindeer. LOL

He is ready to pull Santa's sleigh though.

Merry Christmas my friends!
Please take some time to remember
the real reason for the season.

Hope you have the merriest Christmas
with friends and/or family.
Hope Santa gives you what you want.
Hope everyone in the path of the
snowstorm stays safe.

Also wishing you a Happy New Year!
Lets hope the New Year will be a good one.
I will be taking some time off now from blogging.
Be back in January sometime
with a whole new journey.
I will still read your posts though.
Until then,
thank you all for your wonderful comments!
Although I dont have time often to reply back.
I so appreciate you all!

Until Next year when we meet again.

Merry Christmas Blessings to All!
New Years Blessings To All!


Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Main Room Christmas

4 Days and counting
Presents wrapped. Check
Christmas cards sent. Check
Room ready for mom. Check
She will be arriving this morning
in order to miss the impeding snowstorm.
We will go out for dinner tonight,
and eat in the rest of the week.
Well maybe eat out again on Christmas Eve
since I will be working the gift shop that day.
Just until 3:00pm though.

Today is the final room to show you all.
The last part of our living room.
This is a chalkware Santa bank.
I added him to a wood trencher 
with some lights and greens.

My handmade Santa tree.

To the left is a very large pie peel on the wall.

This was one of my first Santa's I made.
The pattern came from the Create and Decorate magazine.

This is the view our guests would see
coming in from our front door.

I just love it in here at night.

So magical.

Placed this little tree next to the chair I sit in.
Just added mercury garland and prim
chenille candy canes.
A velvet star on top.

Beneath a small pair of red mittens
with a candy cane tea light.

Faux poinsettias in my crock.

Guess who I caught underneath.
Our kitty Shadow.

A few more of my quilts.

In other news.
Bob's blood pressure has gone back
to normal numbers, so the meds
seem to be working.
Thank you everyone for your prayers
and thoughts. Most appreciated!

Hoping everyone has all of their
Christmas preparations completed.

Well off to work.

Magical Christmas Blessings To All!


Monday, December 19, 2022

Be Our Guest

6 days and counting!
Today are pics from our guest bedroom.
The room where my mom stays when she comes down.
She will arrive in a few days to spend Christmas with us.
We will watch Christmas movies together,
while eating her Christmas cookies,
She is also bringing some cheeseballs where the church sells.
We love them and I already have the crackers.

In other news,
the curtains in our back room were purchased
from a prim shop in Ohio.
They no longer sell these, but I was told
these are tobacco fabric curtains.
I have never been able to find this fabric
 in any quilt shop so not sure if that is really what they are.
It is a rod pocket. The bottom has a loop where you 
bring up the corner for that look.
These were originally purchased 
for my living room windows, however the first time
I washed them, they shrunk.
So they were moved to the back windows.

Guess it seem my Wisconsin friends are sending
Winter weather to us this week.
We might be getting a major snowstorm coming in.

Well off to work in my back room.
Enjoy your week my friends!

Be Our Guest Blessings To All!

Saturday, December 17, 2022

C'mon Back

See how I decorated our back room.
I dont often show pics from this room.
It is where I work daily for my real job.
Am a Commercial Loan Officer 
for a major bank.
Cannot show you the side where my desk is.
Just too messy with paperwork...LOL

Bob and I hardly sit in here during
the Winter months at night as it is a bit colder in here.
However working from home it is pretty
with the lights on during the day.

Well off to work the gift shop.
8 days and counting.

C'mon Back Blessings To All!