Saturday, October 28, 2023

October CupboardScape

Hello my spooky friends!

 Here you are,
dressed up for the night.
You knock and knock hoping for a fright.
Instead I am dressed up too,
I give you a fright.
When I yell BOO!
By Emma Walsh         

This was my Halloween CupboardScape 
for this October.
Hope you enjoyed it.

Remember last year when I posted the huge
skeletons on this Victorian 3 story mansion.

Well he did it again.

Only this year he added a surrey 
with the fringe on top.

Another antique carriage.
The entire front yard was
decorated like a cemetery, however
I was parked in a spot 
where you are not suppose to stop.
I quickly took as many pics as I could.

In other news,
I am currently working on three cross stitch
patterns. Hoping to get one completed
before Christmas as I want to make it into
and ornament for my tree. Will see if I finish.
The other two are kinda big, so not sure 
when they will get finished.
Am gung ho at the moment, and hopefully
I wont get bored....but who knows.

Am taking another "ME" day today.
I need to do laundry big time and do more cleaning
that was neglected for awhile.
I will stitch some more in between and hook tomorrow.

Bob has not worked on our back room in weeks.
Hopefully it will be completed by Christmas.
He took woodworking in high school.
When his dad retired, they started working
on fixer upper houses for his dad's cousin.
Before fixer uppers were all over tv.
Bob would work his job during the day,
and then go over at night & weekends to work on a house.
He also worked for his cousin who is a mason
by trade so he knows how to brick and tile too.
It helps when he can do these things and we dont
 have to hire out.

Well off to do something.
Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Happy Halloween Blessings To All!

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

All Hallows Eve Is A Coming

Boo to my friends.
As Halloween approaches,
this is the only Halloween display
I set up other than my
October CupboardScape which I will feature
in my next post.
I use to be called the Halloween Queen.
At my other house I had a yearly Halloween party.
My entire house, including baths and basement
were decked out for Halloween.
I even had Halloween toilet paper.
Since moving here,
I no longer had these parties.
I barely have time for much of anything.
Hope you enjoy.


In other news,
I FOUND my ring.
I did my first load of laundry last Friday.
When I pulled that load out of the dryer,
there was my ring.
My only guess is it must have gotten stuck
on one of my sweaters and it became loose in the dryer.
Just thankful I found it.

Yesterday my daughter got laid off.
She is devastated.
Being a single mom she is now worried.
I cannot blame her.
She applied to be a Grub Hub driver
and was accepted.
Now I will worry about her driving around.
My future DIL is now on strike.
She works for MGM Detroit and they walked out.
Now my son is worried.
They just purchased a house over the Summer.
They need both incomes.

We are worried too.
Store sales have NEVER
 been bad at the antique store.
Now they are.

My "ME" day was very nice.
I worked a bit on two cross stitch projects.
Did more laundry.
Hooked a bit on my new rug.
Cleaned a bit.
Watched tv.
Made dinner.
In fact it was so nice...I may ask Bob for another one.

Well have to get back to work.
BTW, return to work has been delayed again,
which is fine by me.
May have to return back now toward
 the end of Nov or early Dec.
Fine with me.

Pre Halloween Blessings To All!

Friday, October 20, 2023

And So It Began

 As we get more into Autumn,
Bob finally started out last home remodel.
Well I should not say last.
One day we will do our laundry room,
but quite a long ways from that one.

For those new to my blog,
this room we affectionally call our back room.
Bob had made shelves in between the two windows.
The problem with this room,
was it was an addition off the back of our house...
hence back room.
In the Winter it was dreadfully cold,
and we never went in there.
I actually kept the door closed most of time.
We only opened it to let Tundra in and out of the house.

Bob suggested getting a space heater.
Well having a prim home,
I did not want to look at a space heater.
We went to Lowe's to look at our options.
Lo and behold,
they had one which looked and sounded
like a real fireplace.
Bob said, I think I have a fireplace in the garage.
This is it when he moved it inside.

As you can see, the fireplace fit
perfectly in this space.
Now what to do above it.

I loved the look of our one bedroom wall,
which was paneled tongue and groove.

For those not familiar, 
here is what that looks like.

In Bob's stash of wood also in the garage,
he had some wood panel pieces a slight
smaller than our bedroom.
I thought it would be perfect, and it was.
Sorry for the glare.
Once the curtains are off...very hard to take
a clear picture.
The fireplace and paneled wall are now 
a brown color. 

Look at the detail on this old beauty!

After Bob painted the fireplace and wall above,
he painted the inside black.
This way it will look charred once our 
new log space heater arrives.
Walls still need to be fully painted.

I took another picture at night.
It does look like the wall and fireplace
are two different colors,
but I assure you it is only one brown.
The wall below the windows is the new wall color.

Our door was white.
This time I wanted it painted the same brown.
Looks shiny with the glare from Bob's work light.
This however is the true brown color.
Am happy thus far with his progress,
except for one thing.

I was working the store when he decided 
to move the blue cupboard.
Now I have a headless bunny.
This is/was a wax piece I had for a very long time.
Bob laughed at me when I showed it to him.
He said it was a casualty of the redo.
I was not happy one bit.
Am going to try and hot glue him back together.

Once the space heater arrives,
Bob will place it and measure out how much
brick we need to order for a hearth.
Home Depot has half bricks that will just be laid on
our existing wood floor to mimic this,
with the space heater on top of the bricks.
The good thing is it is electric and there 
already was an electric outlet here.
Bob just painted it all black so it wont be noticed.
The space heater is also a remote control one.
We can turn on the flame and crackling noise,
without turning on the heat function,
or turn on just the heat and no sound.
Several combinations.
Am looking forward to seeing this in action.

I told Bob this needed to be completed
by is getting closer to being done.
Unfortunately rain is headed in now,
so that will stop the process as Bob cannot
move his saws outside. UGH
He is going to take some 1800 wood
he had and make some beams now on the ceiling.
I will love this once completed.
After the brick and beams are completed,
I can go in and decorate....
and I will probably start Christmas in there. 

In other news, still no ring sighting.
I feel naked without it.

The other day my granddaughter Mikayla was
inducted into the Honor Society in her high school.
We are so proud of her.
She wants to get into forensics in college.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.
Any plans?
I am taking tomorrow off and Bob 
will work the gift shop.
I need a "ME" day.
Since covid I have been working 7 day weeks.
I told Bob the other day it is finally getting to me.
I plan on pulling out some wool for my next rug.
Also will cross stitch a bit.

And So It Begins Blessings To All!


Monday, October 16, 2023

Before The Chaos

Hello friends!
Today I wanted to show you a portion
of our back room before Bob started the reno.
The former colors were a gray green with gray trim.
It matched really well with our couch,
which is now in our living room.

I only showed you a portion of this room.
Remember there were lots of totes around,
even our Christmas tree.
You could not even see the couch although
we had just switched both out.
Cannot wait until this is completed.
Bob could not work on this last Thursday
as he had to take his dad to a doctor appt.
Friday he worked our antique store
as he took off the one day to help me
out at the gift shop.
Saturday it rained, so he could not bring 
out his saws.
Will be glad when this is complete.

In other news,
I somehow lost my wedding ring the other day.
Am devastated about this.
My mom told me yesterday to pray to St Anthony,
and it might show up.
I think it is in the house somewhere, 
but only God knows where right now.

We did fairly well for our first weekend of
Christmas sales.
It was a rainy weekend, plus sales
always seem to slow down when football is going on.

Vacation is over now, so off to work.
Hoping everyone has a wonderful week.

Before The Chaos Blessings To All!

Thursday, October 12, 2023

More Fall Y'all

Are you ready for more Fall pics?
Today's post is brought to you by
Bob and Janice's bedrooms. LOL 

Well thats it for this years fall displays.
Was hoping to get the back room finished before now.
Oh well. Always next year.
I did not even do our kitchen this year.
Table was a mess with Christmas
 being stashed on top.

In other news,
The gift store is 98% finished.
30 hours in 3 days, with Bob helping me one day.
We open Thursday thru Sunday.
I will just have to finish up on Saturday
before I open the store.
We are both exhausted.

I still also need to finish up some of my
homemade items.
Will do that when I can as well.

My grandson came back home from Maine.
We are all glad.
I had a long talk (half hour) on the phone
while he was there.
He gave me his reasons for leaving.
 I gave my reasons why he should come back.
Glad he chose to come back.
I never told my daughter I talked to him.
We will leave it at that.
Just hope he stays now.

Well I just realized tomorrow is
Friday October 13th.
How cool it falls on Halloween month.

More Fall Y'all Blessings To All!