Monday, June 28, 2021

Call Me Sam

 Happy Summer folks!

Well I had to create at least one

more item for July 4th.

With wool and fabric, paint and buttons.

Besides flags, who does one think of for July 4th?
Uncle Sam of course!

He is proudly displaying his ribbon 
in red white and blue.

With his Patriotic hat.

He wants to wish everyone
an upcoming Happy Fourth of July!

Uncle Sam Blessings To All!

Thursday, June 24, 2021

A New Bakers Cabinet Area

 Are you ready for some decorating?

Hello Friends!

Thank you to everyone who followed along
our kitchen remodel and commenting when you could.
I read all of the comments to Bob,
and it made his heart beam with delight.
He is very proud of the job he did,
and I am so very proud of him for everything!

Here we go!

When I removed my tobacco stick for our reno,
at that time I had no idea where I would place
it afterwards.
Well once Bob finished the first blue cabinet, 
I thought...hmmm...wonder if it will fit underneath
the white cabinet.

I measured both the stick and the space.
Realizing the stick was 4 inches longer,
I ask Bob can you cut off 2 inches on each side?
Yes he says.
Great it was going back into the kitchen.
Looks off kilter here, but thats me taking pictures.

Now I said before that this kitchen
was going to be a nod to my grandmothers.
They both made cheese, so here is my cheese basket.
Gramma H and I love bunnies, so my bunny ditty bag.
Gramma B used her enameled colander every day.
{this is not hers, but an old replica}

Graters and wood spoons were used by both.
Gramma B used enamelware in her entire kitchen.

So my first tobacco stick display in my new kitchen.
I am sure this will change for the season's...
but for now I will enjoy thinking about my grandmother's
each and every time I go into my kitchen.
Plus am glad I could keep my tobacco stick.

I then added more bread boards.

My sugar, flour and brown sugar containers.

Another piece of enamel.

When gramma B made pies,
she would put them in the window sill
under a shoo fly screen and let them cool.
Although I am using faux muffins,
the shoo fly screen is legit.
on top of an enamel plate.

Now this salter is not a memory of my grandmother's,
however because I am calling this my bakers cabinet,
salt is needed in all recipes.

Now the drawer on the left has utensils in it,
while the one on the right has my measuring spoons,
measuring cups, whisks and spatulas.
The bottom doors contain my mixing bowls,
baking pans, mixer and a few odds and ends.
***on the floor is our kitties water and food bowls***
They fit perfectly there as they do not interfere
with me opening the doors. 
This may not look pretty, but reality.
My kitties need their food and water.

My blue trencher back where I first placed it.
I still have no idea what I want to place
on the white cabinet to the right.
It currently has some of Bob's stuff on it too.
Inside though it has all of our canned goods.
This is my new pantry cabinet.

Oh yeah, almost forgot,
the cabinet above the blue one holds
my oils, spices, nuts, chocolate chips...
and anything else baking related.
This is why I am saying this is my baking cabinet area.

I am sure most of you have heard of the tv show
Love It or List It.
Well I am loving my home again...
no listing now.

Baking Blessings To All!

Sunday, June 20, 2021

June CupboardScape

Another month almost over already.
a6Summer is here.

                       Before I start this month's Cupboardscape,

I must confess that in fact I do have

an antique in green. This enamel cups rim is green.

So with our kitchen still a mess.

Bob at least re-painted my Cupboardscape wall.

I decided I wanted to celebrate my

grandfathers memories for Father's Day.

My grandfather's liked to take a nip of whiskey
every now and then.
In fact my maternal grandfather was put
in jail for 2 weeks for having a still
during prohibition.
Both lived in a log cabin for a period of time as well.
The tankards and mugs are just vessels for a nip.

Because this was such a simple display,
I decided to show you my entire cabinet.
I do notice that one of my cake crocks should
be moved over to the right. LOL

I have to dust every nook and cranny,
cabinets and rugs need to be cleaned.
Will take some time though.
Hopefully I will be able to add a few
patriotic displays somewhere....

Happy Father's Day to all the dads!
Mine passed almost 18 years now.
He was kind and patient, 
and if we did something he did not like...
all he had to do was give us the look.

I remember one time when I was 20.
I played softball and after the game was over,
us girls closed the bar.
Then we decided to go out to a restaurant
that was opened 24 hrs.
I came home around 5:30am.
My dad opened the door for me.
He was on his way to work.
I got the look.
The only thing I said to him was,
"it will never happen again."
He never said anything about it, 
even later that evening.
All I did was take a shower and go to work.
It was a rough day. 

Dad's Day Blessings To All!

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Week 5

Today's the day.
Final week of reno.
Lots of pictures.

This was the tile I picked.
I wanted an old world French blue one.
I found this online, 
but Bob wanted me to go to where his cousin
purchases his tile for his discount.
Well we went to the tile shop and found nothing.
Bob says...order it online.
When I went back online to order it,
it was 25% off.
Plus shipping was free.
Notice the white spice cabinet.
This was the solution for that stink pipe.
The opening at the bottom was Bob's idea for
the toaster...I have another plan.

The other pic was the tile up with the spacers
placed for the grout.
We used the same grout as our bathroom
that we still had on hand.
More money saved.

Another nod to the old world look
with the rusty grout.
It turned out great I think.

A rather dark pic,
but this is the final reno completed
with wood top.

My new light over the sink.
Another schoolhouse one to match
the one which is over our table.

All lit up.

The one on the counter is the one above our table.

Bob took it down to repaint the ceiling.

Love my blue cabinets.
Bob even made the drawers.

Almost finished.

Part of the wood top on.

I cannot believe how well Bob cut out for the sink.
There was a template given with our sink...
but I did have a few doubts Bob would be able
to pull it off himself...but he did
Kudos to him!

Both sides on now.
Bob filled in the crack with wood putty,
and once sanded it disappeared. 

I cannot tell you how many little cans
of stain both Bob and I brought home.
We wanted to match our hickory floor.
We went everywhere.
too dark, too light, to red.
But finally we just had to pick one which was close,
but no cigars as they say.

                                              Almost there.

Our baby inspecting the new kitchen.
He was always at the store during the day
with me whilst Bob worked on the kitchen.

Tops now stained.
Notice the floor above and the counter.
I think we matched pretty dang close.
What do you think?

Looks a bit red here.
Not sure why.
Don't look at the stuff in the sink. LOL
Bob always put the dishes in the sink,
then when I got home, I had to wash them in the
laundry room sink.

                              Well thats the finished product.
Bob had to take back the faucet as it was leaking, so am without a sink still, but will get it fixed soon.

Now I get to clean and then decorate.

Woot Woot.

First the wood has to dry a few more days.

Cannot wait to show you how I decorate now.

Reno Over Blessings To All!


Saturday, June 12, 2021

Week 4

Howdy friends and Happy Weekend!

Thanks for following along on our kitchen redo. 

As we go into week four with the auction over now,
which was a success...but our garage is still full.
How the heck he packs a 2 1/2 car garage is beyond me.
At least now Bob was able to spend more time on the kitchen.

More cabinets being built.

This one with the plate on it was supposed
to have my antique window as the door.

I have saved this window forever it seems.
I wanted an upper cabinet to remind me
of my gramma H's china cabinet with 
this glass window pane.
However it will not work here as my cabinet door.
So this cabinet will be an open one now.

The taller cabinet next to the refrigerator
will hold our cat and dog food.

This one will have 4 drawers,
which Bob made as well.

Here is the wood he used for the countertops.
Clamped together to glue in place.
This takes a day.
If all goes right that is.
For some reason this piece did not adhere
to Bob's liking, so he re-did it again.

Then he sanded it smooth.
Unfortunately wood is no longer this wide anymore,
so he has to do it this way.
I was not a fan of butcher blocked pieces,
so this way it is only two pieces instead 
of many tiny ones.

Starting to take shape.

This little cabinet being higher was my son's idea.
Our microwave will fit perfectly on it,
and because it is skinnier than the others 
on the main wall, I will be able to reach into the corner.
Plus the pets have a place for their food now.
Win win for all!

You can see the two shades of white here.
The creamy white of the cabinets,
and the white for the walls.

The tile came in and I am really getting excited now.
Like a kid in a candy store. LOL

Hopefully week five will be the finished project.
Then I get to decorate.

Hoping everyone has an enjoyable weekend!

Week 4 Blessings To All!