Sunday, October 30, 2016

October CupboardScape With A Twist

Happy All Hallow's Eve to All!
Today's CupboardScape
features a bit of Halloween.

Let's see if you can guess the answers
to these Spooky questions ~ 
with answers below.

So let's begin our shadowy quiz.

1. The widow of what gun maker went mad after his death,
building room after room onto her mansion to escape
the ghosts of people killed with her husband's gun? 

2. What English king's beheaded wife, Anne Boleyn,
is said to haunt a castle in Great Britain?

3. What state plays host to the vindictive ghost of 
The Bell Witch?

4. A ghost who makes  no visible manifestation,
but is known only by a physical act is called what?

5. What is the stuff that ghosts are made of called?

 6. In the Ghostbuster movie, what marshmallow
company does Marshmallow Man represent?

7. The most famous Ghost ship is known as the flying ____?

8. What famous cruise ship is said to be haunted?

9. According to paranormal researchers,
the presence of a spirit can be felt by what?


1. Winchester
2. Henry VIII
3. Tennessee

4. Poltergeist
5. Ectoplasm
6. Sta- Puf

7. Dutchman
8. Queen Mary
9. A cold spot

How did you do with this ghostly quiz?

Hope you enjoyed both the quiz and CupboardScape.
What are your plans for Halloween?
Bob and I will be passing out candy at the store.
I love seeing all of the lil kiddos dressed up.

Happy Halloween Blessings To All!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Salem Witch History

Good evening everyone.
Happy TGIF!
Does anyone have a bucket list of places
they would like to visit?
One of mine is definitely Salem, MA
in October...maybe next year.

I have always been interested in 
the sad event which were the Salem Witch Trials.
So today I am going to give you 
some questions with answers below.
See if you get these correct.

1. What year did the Salem witch trials take place?
2. What event launched the inquisition?
3.  Were men accused of practicing witchcraft?
4.  How many people were convicted and put to death?
5. What role did the slave Tituba play in the witch craze?
6. How did they determine if you were a witch or not?
7. How old was the youngest person accused?
8. How long did the witch trials last?
9. Were those convicted burned at the stake?
10. What happened to the heirs of those execute?
11. Did you know there was a Mayflower connection?
Were animals also considered witches?


1. 1692

2. Young girls seemed to be possessed and started 
speaking in different tonques.

3. Yes

4. 19 were executed. 5 others died in jail.

5. Tituba was the first women accused of being a witch.
She introduced Reverend Paris' daughters to voodoo.
The elders thought because of this she had to be a witch.
In 1976, Science Magazine found that fungus
ergot found in wheat, rye and cereals can cause
symptoms such as delusions, vomiting 
and muscle spasms according to Toxologists.
(what was probably the real reason why the girls
acted out of sorts)

6. Defendents were asked to touch an affect person
to see if their behavior changed.

7.  4 years old. Dorcus Goode was the youngest
of the Salem witches to be accused. and imprisoned.
Her mother was also accused. Dorcus was released
from jail after her mother was hanged.

8. 7 months. The final hanging 
was on September 22, 1692 and the court was dissolved
in October of that year.

9.  No, with English law witchcraft was a felony
punishable by hanging. However in Europe
witchcraft was considered herecy by the church
and was punishable by burning at the stake.

10. John Alden's son, Captain John Alden Jr
was accused by a child on a trip from Canada back to Boston
while going through Salem. He spent 15 weeks in jail 
before friends broke him out and he escaped back
to New York. He was later exonerated.

11. Two dogs were killed after being suspected of
being witches.

How many questions did you get correct?
Hope you enjoyed a bit of history.
Only 3 more days until Halloween!

Pre Halloween Blessings To All!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Nighty Night Frosty

Good evening dear sweet friends.
Well I managed to get one 
Christmas item completed.
Ever since I finished my Halloween goodies,
my arm has been hurting me
to the point I cannot even lift it above my head.

I cut out this snowman and four others.
Managed only to get his one completed.

I stuffed his buddy, but have not finished that yet.

I have not been doing anything during the week.
Trying to rest my arm up as much as possible.

Well off to catch upon Poldark.
Do you watch Poldark?

Nighty Night Frosty Blessings To All!

PS...we did have frost this morning. BRRR


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Hannibal Tours

Good afternoon friends.
Can you believe October is almost over?
I will end our Hannibal vacation
with acouple of tours we took.
First was the riverboat ride we took
on the Mississippi River.

Image result for hannibal river boat

This is the riverboat we were on.
It was an hour long excursion.

Image result for hannibal river boat

Captain Steve was awesome
and we learned that the river depth in Hannibal
is 39 feet, while down near New Orleans it is around
100 feet in depth.
The day of our tour it was up another 5 feet
due to some rains in Iowa a few days earlier.

Image result for hannibal river boat

We arrived at the boat and went on this houseboat
to the right which was turned into a gift shop,
and where you pick up your tickets.

The big Muddy as it is called,
is blue when calm.It turns muddy,
when it is churned up by the barges.

One more tour we took,
was a haunted one at night.
We visited many houses that are known
to be haunted while hearing the stories
by our tour guide Lisa. 
Ken her husband drove the mini bus, 
and we stopped at each location to hear the stories.
Our favorite part was when we went to the cemetery,
where we were given dousing rods and told 
that the energy in the cemetery
 would take us where we needed to go.
Lisa could not explain it, but she told us that we would 
be drawn to headstones that meant something to us.
She did not steer us wrong.
Bob used the rods as I manned the flashlight.
His first stop was a tombstone that bore the birth date
of his grandfather and the second was that of his
grandfather's girlfriend Hazel
who he dated after his wife passed.
Next the rods took Bob to other side of the cemetery.
The head stone revealed 
my grandfather's date of birth of 1899.
Right away Bob's rods moved to the left 
where lo and behold the name on that headstone was that
of my grandfather Charles. It was spooky and cool
all at the same time. 
We wanted to stay longer, but we had to leave.

If you like these type of tours, I suggest going.
It was fun, exciting and definitely dark.

The food in town was fabulous.
The folks friendly!
2 quilt shops which I bought fabric and wool.
Antique shops, which I found a small goodie.
Other shops and Mark Twain's
 boyhood home and museum.

Bob and I are fortunate to have been able to visit
this Midwestern town.

Hope you have the chance to do the same.

Hannibal Tour Blessings To All!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Lover's Leap

 Good evening everyone!
Today's post is the next stop of our recent trip.
After Bob and I left Kansas City,
we stopped in Hannibal, MO.

Today I am going to feature 
Lover's Leap.
Before I begin, I need to say that
Hannibal was the boyhood home of 
Samuel Clemens
known as Mark Twain.
The locals say that Orion Clemens,
Sam's older brother started this claim (legend). 

(You may double click on the pics to enlarge)

This high bluff which of exposed limestone
was where Orion
told the story in his newspaper.
His legend was of the Indian maiden 
who committed suicide
with her lover in order not to marry
the buck her father the chief wanted her to marry.

Its panoramic view is amazing!
Left of the river is Missouri and to the right Illinois.
But I have to admit, as Bob was driving up
I was yelling for him to stop all the way...
really YELLING
as I am deeply afraid of heights and
not knowing how we were going to get down the winding road to the top...made it even worse.
Did I mention I was yelling while holding 
on to my seat for dear life
all at the same time. Its true.
However once at the top, there was a very huge
parking lot and we were able to turn our cargo van
around with no problem.
My yelling was for naught as I was amazed once
at the top...
so sorry Bob for almost causing you a heart attack.

The city of Hannibal.
So sorry about my finger is getting in the way. 
The fence was there so you could not go off the cliff.
While up there, the beauty of it all surpassed my fear.

One of three islands near Hannibal.
Again I apologize for my fat fingers getting in the way.

Now I know there are several states that feature
a Lover's Leap legend,
however if you choose to visit Lover's Leap
in Hannibal, MO it is off of MO-79,
about 1 mile south of Hannibal.
Just don't be a scared-y-cat like I was.

Lover's Leap Blessings To All!