Monday, January 29, 2018

Red Is For Valentine

Well my weekend did not go as planned.
Laundry (one load left)
Cleaned house (nope)
Hooked rug (a bit on Saturday)
Made bunnies (nope)
Saturday afternoon it hit.
Chills and fever.
Fever and chills.
Stayed home from work today.
Not eating much...nothing seems to taste good.
Apples and oranges and lots of water.
My son got me a cheeseburger for lunch.
I only ate half of it. 

I started decorating for Valentine's...
before I got sick.

Bob bought this sweet teddy in front for me
as a Christmas present.
Although he is not as early as my others,
he is sweet all the same.

I decided to group most of my teddies together here.

I made these pillows a few years ago.

Red is for Valentine's.

Placed in front of our red cabinet,

My wagon filled with teddies.
Plus one in the basket above.

I think I spent too much time sitting up.
Off to the couch again I go.
Wishing everyone a great week.
Will get to your comments when I feel better.

Red Is For Valentine Blessings To All!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Prim Pillow Talk

Good morning all!
Hope everyone had a great week!
It snowed Tuesday and warmed up a bit,
which opened the river
and we are free of ice.

Now we just hope that when the 
Spring frost won't be so bad.

My last Valentine creation that I made
was this prim pillow.

I used wool and a lightweight ticking fabric.

Grubbied up fabric for the vase.

I also made fabric yo's for the berries,
but turned them over and then stitched them on.

Wool heart flowers 

with wool green stems and leaves.

I love my pillows to be rag stuffed,
so once again this prim pillow
 was stuffed in this fashion.

It looks prim perfect on my chair.
Don't you think?

I was going to make more to sell,
but time got away from me...
and Bob told me I needed 
to start working on Easter projects.
I usually throw away my patterns,
however I have saved this one and will 
make more next year.

Weekend plans will be to hook more of my rug,
clean house and do laundry,
and of course work on 

What will your weekend plans be?

Prim Pillow Talk Blessings To All!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Wishing For Snow

Yes you heard me right friends.
Maybe if it snowed, 
the rain would not bring any floods.
It was awfully foggy Sunday,
and then the rain came all day yesterday.
Because of the rain, the river is rising.
Last night the ice was level with our dock now.
Now you see why I am wishing for snow.

I did however see my first bald eagle for the year.
They always show up here in the Winter,
when the ducks are in the river.
Other times of the year their territory is in the lake.

Back to my snow post.

I purchased this cement snowman at a show 2 years ago.

I actually forgot I had purchased it.
Found it hiding in storage, 
so he is finally making an appearance.
I did add the blue wool scarf...
maybe next year he will sport a red one.

Added another tree.
This time I put the tree inside my glass button jar.

Added a few more bottle brush trees.

For a sweet hall winter display.

Now if it would snow again outside.

Wishing For Snow Blessings To All!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

January CupboardScape

Continuing with my Winter tree theme for January,
I decided to add a few trees
for my first CupboardScape of the year.

Starting with this tree cookie cutter.

Inside a burl bowl.
A burl bowl is much more grainy 
than normal wood bowls,
and has some imperfections.

My burl bowl sitting atop two pantry boxes.

The second tree with just lights.

Add a wreath.
Insert one fairly large snowman.

Oh, and add a blue and white
 check quilt for the background.

You have yourself a wintery display.

Don't forget to add some old pillows.

Now this display warms me up!

If you would like to see more of my monthly displays 
that you might have missed.
Click on my Pinterest Logo at the top right.
Scroll to see my Suitcase Displays.
You are also welcome to follow me if you like.

In other news,
please say a wee prayer for one of our friends.
She lost her store 2 blocks from ours due to a fire overnight.
Thank goodness the folks living
 above the store made it out safe.
They are still investigating on how it started.

We are also on flood watch this weekend.
With the possible rain coming in,
the river will only rise with the ice still there.
Not a good situation for us all.

Well off to do some grocery shopping,
then making some bunnies and pudgy carrots.
Enjoy your weekend!
What will be your plans?

First Year's CupboardScape Blessings To All!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Winter Trees

Happy Wednesday everyone.
The week is almost over already.
Valentine goodies are in the store.
I made lots of hearts this year,
and the few pillows I showed on my blog.
Now it's time for my favorite fellow.
Bob reminded me Monday that I better start working 
on bunnies for our show at the end of March.
So start making bunnies I did.
First I made pudgy carrots, then a funky bunny.
Will show more later.

Our ice situation is still the same.
No relief.
The Canadian Coast Guard has joined in the effort....
so hopefully the ice will go into the lake soon. 

Today I wanted to show you more of my Winter.
Just a few plain trees I kept up. 

A feather tree in a crock.

Another one in a basket.

More faux berries inside.

Then there is my other tree.
Lights still on.
This will be transformed 
into my Valentine tree this year.
Stay tuned. 

Unfortunately we are back to frigid weather.
The weekend we are being told,
will be back in the 40's.
Rollercoaster weather for sure this year.

Has the weather in your neck of the woods
been weird this year?

Winter Tree Blessings To All!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Winter Displays II

Before I bring on more of my Winter displays,
I want to thank everyone once again 
for your thoughts, concerns and prayers for us.
The river has not receded yet, nor has it risen anymore.
Bob told me last night he saw two freighters 
stuck in the ice now upriver from us.
He said the Coast Guard was out there trying to 
make a path to free them.
I just hope today once they are freed, that the river
does not raise up even more.

I so love my latest Teddy I purchased,
 that I had to keep him out a little longer.
 The snowman pillow on the right
was made for me by my mom years ago.
Another one that I will cherish forever.

A sweet lil display on my chair.
I took one of my faux holly garlands 
and draped it over the chair.

A Winter Hallway.

My cabin tucked in the woods.

Small display on my cupboard.

This is an early ice skate.

I opened a book, added a sprig of holly and jingle bells.
This picture is featured as part of my blog header. 

Today I have a day off from work, so I will be stitching.
I will also hook a few loops in my latest rug.
Catch up on my tv shows.
Victoria started last night, so I taped it for today.

What will you be doing today?

Stitchin Time Blessings To All!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Mother Nature At Her Worst

Yesterday morning as I was getting ready for work,
it started freezing rain;
so I decided to worked from home.
Glad I did because then
 it changed over to snow 
and we got 2 more inches of the white stuff.

Later in the afternoon,
Bob and I went to the grocery store 
and this is what we saw.
We had no idea the river had risen so much overnight.
{water is close to the pole}

Because of the frigid weather we have had,
the ice has come into our big river
sooner this year.

Usually we see major ice in February.
 {not this much though}
We have some ice in January
{last year we had no ice}
This is our dock in the background.
See at the end where the ice has raised it.

The ice is jamming up so much, 
that it has come up under our dock
and lifted the dock up precariously at the end. 
So much so that it will need to be replaced now.

The ice is raising the river and the water 
is almost at the top of the rest of our dock.
If this happens,
 more of our dock will need to be replaced.

The ice has almost reached the road
just south of our dock.
In the 16 years I have lived here,
I have never seen the ice this bad.
Folks I know have not seen it in over 30 years like this.
The U S Coast Guard ship pictured here
is trying to break the ice up, 
so it can move out of the river into the lake.

In some places the ice was higher than the road.
{not good at all}

We were watching the ship maneuver a bit...
going backwards and turning and trying to break it up.
We are all hoping he does it soon.
Lots of docks are being lost to the river.
Now we are currently under a flood warning.
Houses are being flooded.

We live in a community of 50 homes,
where we all enjoy our dock.
We each pay $50 per year for the upkeep of both the dock
and the cutting of the grass for our 3 acre park.
Looks like our fund this year will be going 
to repair our dock.

Up the river in the town where our store is,
the ice broke up the ferry dock
that runs between the U S and Canada.
Now we lost our Canadian friends
 who come over and shop. 

This is bad. Never imagined it could be like this.
This is MotherNature at her worse.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.
We will be watching our river.

Hoping To Thaw Out Blessings To All!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Red Hot Hearts

Mother Nature sure cannot 
make up her mind here in Eastern Michigan.
From frigid weather, to snow,
to Spring like weather and rain, back to freezing rain.
More snow to come and then back to frigid weather.
Its enough to make me wonder why I live here.

I am a homebody though.
My roots are here.
I could never leave my home state.
Love is everything.
{Did I do a good job of leading
 you into my latest project}  ;-)

I had these gray worms {wool strips}
So I decided to incorporate them into this.

Added a large fabric heart and a smaller wool one.

The back side fabric is the same red print fabric
as the heart on the other side.

I chose to hand stitch the word love in handwriting.
Can you believe my grandkids 
do not know how to write like this?
They are no longer being taught this in school.
All they know how to do is print...
or type on their phones or PC's.
This is going to be another lost art. 

Even though it looks wonderful here on my chair,
this one of a kind pillow is for sale.

This pillow measures approx. 12 1/2 inches square.
Kindly asking $30 plus shipping.
If interested, please email me at
US residents only.
Remember this one is OOAK.

As always I give my blogging friends first chance at 
my goodies before I take them to our store.

Well off to pack my stitching bag 
before heading to work.
I like to stitch during my lunch.

Do you live in your home state?
If not where do your roots lie?

Red Hot Heart Blessings To All!