Friday, February 28, 2020

A Four Season Room

Only 2 more days until our

Today I want to show you our 
four season room...
as we are calling it now.

We will change it four times a year.
For now it is
 Boho meets Eclectic meets Nautical.

I was so out of my element
in creating this room,
however we have been getting lots
of good compliments on it thus far.

We took our fireplace mantel
that we normally use for our
antique store display and placed it here now.
It will remain forever here 
for our displays.

I already have a plan for our 
Summer mantel display.
Since we live by the river,
it will be an all Nautical/ Beach theme.

Oh I forgot a bit of Industrial too.
The prim cabinets throughout
will also stay.
So I guess you can say Primitive too.

Oh heck...let's just say it is a 
Blended Style. LOL

With  Boho style pillows,
Round and Macrame ones.
{some already sold}

These throws are so very soft.
50 x 60 you can snuggle right up in them.
With us practically living at the new store,
Bob has threatened to use one 
lots of times for a nap.

It has a warm and inviting
feeling when you are in there.

Crosses and chalice candle holders,
with Bob's Angels Gather Here sign.
{more Boho theme}

Vases, wood medallion,
planter boxes that Bob made 
plus a macrame mirror.

Pedestal shelf and terra cotta vase on wall.

Bob's industrial desk made from 
a live edge piece of wood.

This black table 
was actually someone's workbench
with a red vice on the corner.
Will be our display table now.

A little area of nautical for now
by our bathroom door.
The bridge picture above,
is actually a photograph added to canvas.
This was done by my friend.
It is a photo of our Blue Water Bridge
that spans between Michigan and Canada
in Port Huron, MI & Sarnia, Ontario CA.
It is a 2 span bridge which goes one way
on each bridge.
We are known as the Blue Water area
here in our neck of the woods,
so our name is fitting.

A view looking back into the main room.
Sometimes Bob and I take turns
just sitting in the chair by the fireplace.
It is really homey in there....
just no tv. LOL

I had to really go out of my comfort zone
to create something not primitive...
but all in all it does look good...
it must if the customers who have come 
in already say so.  :-)
Plus already sold items out of here.

We have a small room in the back 
where we can store more inventory.
Also Bob made cabinets in the main room
under the windows where we also have
inventory one more
aea which I have not shown yet.

Off to work I go.
Looking forward to our grand opening.
Wish us luck.

Four Season Blessings To All!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

February CupboardScape

Hello my friends!
I know Valentine's Day is over with,
however I wanted to share 
my February CupboardScape.

Utilizing some of my antique
Valentine's and reds and whites.

This is what I came up with.

With me back to work
I feel that I am running ragged. 

Going from work to the new store...
I so wish I could retire tomorrow.

We had a soft opening this past weekend.

It was a success even though we still do not
have all of our inventory in yet.

Still waiting on the tea, potpourri 
and some more home decor items we purchased.

The awesome pretzels came in yesterday,
and we already sold a few bags.
I love the sandwich ones with the peanut butter
in between two mini pretzels,
and then coated with Belgium chocolate.

Sunday is our Grand Opening.
Working on what we will do for that day.

Hope you all enjoyed my CupboardScape.

Enjoy your day!

Post Valentine Blessings To All!

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Sweets Treats Repeat

Today's post is a sweet one.

The candy area of our new store.

I filled these adorable bunny boxes
with a pound of different candies in each one.
We have various vintage glass lidded jars,
so I filled them with candy too.
Purchase the jar and the candy is free.
We have others that are empty so you
are able to choose your own candy.

Next you see our candy jar logo.
I cut out the letters on adhesive vinyl.

Hard candy.

Toffee to die for.

Dum Dums priced right for the little kiddos.

Lookie here, not only were we interviewed
for our local paper...we made the front page,
and in COLOR! 

You can read our article by right clicking
the link above...scroll down to see
"this shop could open in Marine City March 1.

Next week we found out we will be once again
interviewed for the local tv show.

Candy galore!

More sweets!


And more! Repeat,

Bob hung our store signs yesterday.
We painted the building blue last Sunday,
and the it went from a brown to blue.
The awning went from Black to gray.
It sure is noticeable now!

I painted the store sign,
while a friend did the candy jar one.

Well hope you enjoyed this sweet treat. 
It is very hard to be at the store and not
try these every day.

Later today we will be headed to my daughters
for her house-warming party.

Fun will be had for sure!

Have a SWEET Weekend my friends!

Sweet Treats & Repeat Blessings To All!

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

All That Is Good Is Wood

Well there's a feeling of great accomplishment
when you are able to create things
with your own hands.
Whether you are a rug hooker,
cross stitcher, quilter,
or any other handmade,
there is always a sense of pride when you have
finished a creation you made.

I am so proud of what Bob has accomplished,
that I wanted to show you all.
When we first met 15 years ago,
he started creating these signs.
We did the craft show circuit here in Michigan.
We sold online.
Then we sold at our first antique booth.
Our antique store became our next venue.

Now he is making signs again for our new store.
The HOP scrabble tiles I stenciled.
Bob cut the wood.

Bob created this bunny and carrot, while I painted them.

Bob cut the wood and framed these in tobacco sticks.
I stenciled the word home.

Bob's sign.

Another one.

This one I have always loved. 

This one is new.
Bob created these planter boxes.
He stenciled all 4 sides, added the wood ball feet.

Same design, but in blue.

This sign is more intricate.

Finally his white cabinet.

I know I have said this before....
Bob is very talented and I am so
 very proud of his accomplishments.

I know many of you who follow me
are very talented as well.

Please share your talent or accomplishments.
Would love to hear them!

In other news one of the reporters
for  the local newspaper
contacted Bob yesterday from his Facebook
post of our new store.
She did an interview with us last night.
We will be featured soon.
We are really getting excited now
for our grand opening!
2 weeks away

Good Wood Blessings To All!