Sunday, February 28, 2021

Winter Blues

Happy Sunday all! 

With Spring around the corner,
I have the Winter blues.
So therefore an showing you my blues.
Hope you enjoy.

Well we had the plumber out yesterday.
He will be coming back to redo our pipes on Tuesday.
We have a drain that has been leaking 
for quite some time and now we have to replace
part of our wood floor in the kitchen.
So glad we kept some of the extra flooring.
Once that is done,
Bob will start ripping out all of the cabinets.
Dishwasher comes in March 5th.
Then he will start making the cabinets.
We will be keeping our other appliances.
Don't want to spend any more money,
if we do not have to.

Well off to the store.
Hope you all have a wonderful start to the week!

Winter Blues Blessings To All!

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

A Pop Of Red

Hello friends!

Thank you all for the wonderful comments on our bath.

We have one more room to do in our home.

The kitchen....which may come to fruition soon, as we went out last night to look at sinks, stove vents and counter tops.

I moved my prim angel here for this display.
I only had two Valentine displays this year.
My Cupboardscape was the first.
This is my second one.

This is my pop of red.
These faux amaryllis plants.
We offer these at our store.
Fits nicely in my gathering basket.

I have many bowls which are just stacked
in one of my cabinets.
Decided to add more to this display.

I so however always keep three in bowl rack.

My dads favorite color was red.

Valentines does not always
have to be hearts.

Utilizing colors of love will
make a statement too.

Pop Of Red Blessings To All!

Saturday, February 20, 2021

A Winter Bath Part 2

Happy Weekend my FRIENDS!

Today is the final part of my Winter bath tour.

I love our farmhouse bath.
It so reminds me of my gramma H's one.
Except for our floor.

Remember overlaying?
You can use this technique vertically too.
Adding the green garland over the clothes,
then this sprig of silver.

For those seeing our bath for the first time,
 Bob made our cabinet.
He painted it the same color as our other walls.
The shiplap (which he also did)  is a grayish green.

Many items this year came from what
we are selling at the gift shop.
Like these mittens and galvanized house.
It holds a tea light.

I chose silver and green for my Winter bath.

There are times when I mix in old with new.
Galvanized church is new.
Added a vintage bottle brush tree
 to this antique hurricane.

I believe I stole this idea of mirrors from Robin.
The Cranky Crow Blog.
In the antique business it is a known fact
you should NEVER face mirrors to each other.
It becomes a portal for ghosts.
These mirrors do not face my larger mirror in here.

I had this pretty buffalo check ribbon.
Just pinned it to the backs of my aunt's mittens.
Again overlaying garland.

Rule 5 in a locker basket.
(group of 5 items together for a display)

Icicle white is the color of the cabinet.
Benjamin Moore paint.

An antique egg basket holds our toilet paper. 

Our vanity is an antique dresser that Bob painted
from an olive green to black.
Even has the wooden wheels at the bottom of the legs.
He added the marble top and fitted the plumbing,
so that all of the drawers are accessible.

The mirror is also an antique wood one
which Bob painted black as well.

Our walk in shower complete with bench.
Not sure where this pink glow is coming from?
The shiplap is grayish green.
Bob and his cousin did all of the tile work.
I stayed with my mom for 2 weeks while in process.
We only have this bathroom.
Glad we did it because when mom broke her hip,
she stayed with us for 4 months.

This is one of the doors in our home
 that Bob salvaged from a 100 year 
old farmhouse that was being torn down.
Hopefully they can live another 100 more.
They don't make wood doors like this anymore.

Well that does it for the tour.
Hope you enjoyed it. 

Wintertime Bath Blessings To All!

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Winter Bath Part 1

Hello again friends.

Hope you are enjoying your week thus far.

Not only is today Tuesday,

but it is Paczki Day! 

Being Polish I grew up with these sweet treats

made by my maternal grandmother. A paczki is a filled donut. Traditionally filled with prune, but now filled with blueberry filling, strawberry, raspberry, lemon, chocolate and canolli.

I had a blueberry one for breakfast. 

This post is a tour of our Winter bath.

(pillow above my mom made)


I have so many pics that this will be done in 2 posts.

Paperwhites on this child's chair.
(we sell these in our gift shop)
Do you remember when I told you about
the 3 5 7 rule.
Well today I am letting you in on another 
design technique.

This one is called overlaying.
Florists do it all of the time.
Its when  you take different elements
and layer them.
Like in this display.
I first placed the greens in my pitchers.
Then I added (layered) in the hydrangeas.
Notice the 3 rule of having the three pitchers.

Here I first added the green garland.
Next the silver springs and finally the white flowers.

We sell these galvanized tree containers at our store.
They are suppose to be for pillar candles. 
I used it as a vessel for a flower arrangement.

Notice this antique?
Can you guess what I use it for?

Fits Q-tips perfectly.

I created this picture which is also for sale.

Another example of overlaying.
This time placing a wreath on my stool,
adding the chamber pot,
a green sprig and this ornament.
A customer was going to purchase this,
but when wrapping it up was
discovered it was broke on the side.
She bought a different one.
I brought this one home and placed it in here.
You cannot even see where it was broke.

Another example.

This time on our toilet paper holder.
Bob made this for us.

Well that does it for part 1.
See you next time for part 2.

7 inches of snow hit us overnight and expected to snow until noon today. Probably end up with 8-10 inches.

Winter Bath Blessings To All!


Friday, February 12, 2021

February CupboardScape

 Happy Friday my friends!

Getting closer to Spring!


Today's CupboardScape
is to appease my teddies.
They were simply irate that I did not bring
them out for Christmas. 

With many apologizes on my part,
I told them I would feature them in this
They also wanted their friend, so she is here too.

I hope they will be happy now.

They take center stage with only
a heart pillow, a smaller pillow and this blanket.

Plus my red and white quilt hanging.

Let's hope this did the trick 
and they will be happy with me
once again. :-)

February Blessings To All!

Monday, February 8, 2021

Love And Snowflakes

 Monday morning blues.

Under a deep freeze with ice still jammed pack.

No end in near.

I decided for my after Christmas window
to mix Valentines with Winter.
After all it is still Winter in February.

I had fun creating this window display.
Lots of customers even commented how pretty it was.
This mug is a hit!
I'm Yours
 No Refunds

We are selling these fun gift baskets
perfect your your sweetie!
Even includes a Hershey's candy bar.

Two different styles to choose from.

We also sell these fun candy boxes.
You can purchase for $1.99
and add your own candy,
or we sell filled ones for $5.00.

I kept a small Christmas tree up.
Decorated with paper hearts and snow
related items.

Just the right touch.
It really is pretty with the pink fleece underneath,
and the pink lights in the window.

Pink and green is not a color I would
choose for my primitive home...
but really does make a statement.

Bob hung the snowflakes for me.
I made the large hearts from cardstock.

Will be setting up for Spring soon.
Stay warm my friends.

Love And Snowflake Blessings To All!