Tuesday, April 30, 2019

To Err Is Humam

Well it looks like another rainy day
on tap for us here in Michigan.
Driving by the marsh last night 
the water was getting higher.
The coots were enjoying the rain
while the muskrats were foraging for food.
No sign of our egrets and herons
who come back from the South though.
It is nice to hear the frogs too! 
Spring is in the air.

Spring cleaning in our humble abode too.
We purchased this cabinet many years ago.
When I decided to go lighter in my kitchen....
I thought this cabinet would fit the bill.

I parted with my hanging blue cabinet.

Also my blue bucket bench.

This cabinet has been in our laundry room,
for storage of Bob's tools.
He agreed we should move it.
He was a sweetheart and cleaned it out.
He even moved it to where I wanted in.
I measured and it would be a perfect fit.
What is the old saying.
Measure twice....cut once.

I love the white color.
Well in my case I should have
 measured width.

U  G H
Now mind you Bob likes it here.
I think it is too wide.
It will stay here for now.
Have my feelers out for another white cabinet.
Hopefully I can find one soon.

Have you ever blundered on a piece of furniture?

To Err Is Human Blessings To All!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Spring Post Easter Display

Happy weekend to all!
We stayed at the new store last night
until 9:00pm pricing.
Trying to get things finalized for our
May 1st opening.
Will work there tomorrow again.
New computer- check
New Open sign- check
Floor mats for the doors- check
Cash register- check
Credit card machine- nope
Phone- nope
Business hours on door- nope
Inventory entered- nope
(Some of the things we still need to do)

For now one last Easter display.

Another simple one.

I have one little cabinet where I keep
a few Easter goodes in.

No time to get up in the attic...
so glad for this minimal stash.

Well off to the grocery store.
Afterwards to TUG
(The Urban Garage)
The new nickname we gave our new store.

What are your plans for this last weekend
of April?

Can you believe we may get snow tonight?

Post Easter Blessings To All!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

April CupboardScape

Happy Wednesday friends and folks.
Yesterday we had some showers and a thunderstorm....
which we all know around here brings 
May flowers.

My April CupboardScape was a very simple one.
I had every intention of getting out more....
but alas being sick and working at the new store;
well plans changed.
I grabbed my gathering basket here
and added some white eggs.
Placed a few of my bunnies and faux lavender.

The display from my last post.

Another bunny and this tulip plant
which I gifted to my mom.
The wood egg carrier was my gramma B's.

Very simple indeed.

Even above only three of my wire egg baskets.

Well our foremothers and forefathers 
were simple folk.
So today I am reminded that I can be simple too!

Simple April Blessings To All!

Sunday, April 21, 2019

A Spring Tutorial

Happy Easter my friends!
I hosted Easter today with my family.
Bob's dad came over too!
We had a glazed ham with all of the fixins.
I made a strawberry rhubarb pie for dessert
and Easter cupcakes. 
(vanilla and chocolate with festive frosting)

We eat early in my family.
It is because our family were farmers.
Farmers eat their big meal (supper) early.
Since everyone has left now,
I thought this would be a good chance to
give a Spring tutorial.

I started with this vintage egg carton.

I love how compact this one is.

Start with adding styrofoam circles.

Add a faux mini flower and place green moss
around to cover the styrofoam.
Place a styrofoam circle wherever you want a flower.

I added both purple mini flowers and
a mini daffodil bunch to my display.
I chose brown eggs.
The eggs were boiled and hand dried
before adding to my display...
so they will last a few days.

A small fun sweet Eastery Spring display.
This will be part of my simple April
CupboardScape display which I will feature
in my next post.

Hope everyone is having a blessed Easter!

Easter Blessings To All!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

What A Big Impact

A little Spring and Easter
can bring to one's home.
A little under the weather today,
so I stayed home from work.

Last Sunday I did manage to bring out
a bit more Spring and Easter.

Have always loved this large bunny from 
Jane Wallace.

This one I made.

Spring flowers on the cabinet.

With my faux boxwood on top.

Do you notice the card Winnie?
Winnie gifted me this postcard.
I had to place it here. 
Fits perfectly don't you think.

Plus this sweet bunny!
Just to let you know,
your card and gift filled my
rainy day with sunshine when I received it. 

Last year Winnie gifted me with this card.

Another sweet bun bun holding flowers.
Still makes me smile!

Thank you Winnie!!!

Well friends, I need to go back and lay down.
Until next time.

Big Little Impact Blessings To All!

Monday, April 15, 2019

A Spring In My Step

Good Monday morning to you!
Yesterday was a dreary rainy day.
I should have been stitching the day away,
but alas all I did was laundry and cleaning.
The dust bunnies were none too happy with me.

I don't have much Easter decor,
but I managed to put a bit
of Spring in my step. 

I grabbed by bunnies and eggs to create this.

I used my vintage egg carton bunnies.

Pulled out my blue enamelware.

For this little Easter display.

The colors are bright and springlike.

Do you decorate for Easter?

On another note,
I want to thank you all for your
It means the world to both Bob and I
how you feel about our new adventure.

A Spring In My Step Blessings To All!

Friday, April 12, 2019

More Urban Garage

TGIF Friends!
Once again am taking a vacation day
to work on painting more tiles for the new store.
Here are a few more pics.

This is our laundry area.

Bob made this shelf using a galvanized tub.
I stenciled the word laundry on a piece of wood.
Sorry I must have took the pic
 at an angle and it looks crooked.
Bob also made the ladder.

Another light Bob made.

Another one he made from this key globe.

This is the bottom of another floor lamp.
The base was from an old wood desk chair.
The chair was broke, but the base was still good.

This metal file cabinet is holding my tiles.

The Scrabble tiles I have been painting.
On letter "T".
Almost done with the alphabet.

Do you remember these,
For those who don't...it was a pay phone.

More of our Nautical room.

Another corner of it.
Bob added another picture above the chair
after I took this pic.
It is a picture of a another boat.

This ship is a clock and lights up red when turned on.
Bob made this table from the metal form he had.

Bob made our counter out of this 
awesome red barnwood.

The cabinet in the back.
He made this to hide the pipes.

This cabinet is HUGE.
It took me an entire day to clean it.
Came out of a barn...
and fits perfectly by the front door.
Bob decided this was to be his soda pop area.

Well off to paint I go.
Our inspection is next Tuesday.
If all goes well, we intend to have
 a soft opening May 1st.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Urban Garage II Blessings To All!