Saturday, March 31, 2018

Easter Blessings

Today is a rainy day
here in Michigan.
Yesterday the sun was shining and the birds
were singing away.

I have been getting ready for the family to come over. 
I made carrot cupcakes for dessert.
My mom made a cherry pie.
I also made this fancy veggie dip,
that I will have to share later on.
Currently it is in the fridge.
Bean salad also in the fridge.
Broccoli rice cheese casserole also in the fridge
ready for the oven tomorrow.
Not to mention all of the other veggies
I will be cooking tomorrow.
{Easter Bunny is very welcome}  

My mom is here already and tonight's dinner
 will be chicken stew with bisquits. 

Tonight the men will be watching 
the NCAA basketball game
 as our mighty Michigan team is playing.
Mom and I will most likely be watching
Hallmark movies. 
She doesn't get that channel,
 so she likes watching it over here.

I am making progress on my kitty rug.
Will show that soon too.

For now I would like to wish
each and every one of you 
a Blessed Happy Easter!

Easter Blessings To All!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Pre Easter Hopping

4 Days until Easter.
I am hosting my family and Bob's dad.
There will be ham for dinner of course.

With so many varieties of vegetables;
that even the Easter Bunny himself may
stop in for dinner.

I had to move our settle bench
aka table back into our kitchen.
So I replaced it with this display.

I used the same paper bunnies and carrots swag.
The rest of the fireplace display is new.
My newest piece de resistance
 is this awesome tobacco basket. 

Some of the bunnies made it out of the attic.

More bunnies.

This bunny was going to be a new design
 for the Holly show we just went to.
I created the model...but the others are now 
WIP's (work in progress) for next year.
Along with pillows and more bunnies
 that never got finished.

Now that you have seen my Easter displays,
what displays have you created for your home.

Also what will your plans be for Easter?
Will the Easter Bunny be making an appearance?

Spring is officially here in our neck of the woods.
I saw the first Heron in the marsh near us.
When the Herons come back we know Spring is here.
Another WOO HOO!

Do you have an animal or flower that you see,
where you know Spring has Sprung 
in your neck of the woods?

Pre Easter Hopping Blessings To All!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Holly Show Pics

Happy Sunday to you all!
What a whirlwind of a show we had!
We had fun Friday catching up with fellow vendors.
Lots and lots of wonderful prims.
Below are a pics of few of the many booths. 

Did you see any you would have liked to take home?

I fell in love with these soldier men.

I decided this July 4th to make one for myself.

The wool lady from Kansas City, MO
was right across from us....
looking at all of that yummy wool got me in trouble.
I only took a pick of one of her many many racks of wool.
Yards of browns, grays, whites, orange, black & blues,
came home with me.
I have a pattern drawn that I want to work on.
It will be a tribute to our Peepers kitty.
Bob even helped me pick out the wool.

Now for pics of our booth. 

This table of pewter sold with five minutes of the show.
Bob and I were bombarded with customers grabbing
up all of the pewter. It was very unexpected,
but we were quite appreciative of the wonderful 
folks who took our goodies home with them. 

Well I smell my warm cinnamon rolls in the oven now.
Time grab a few and get busy washing and cleaniing.
Plus draw out the pattern onto linen for my rug.
Stay tuned for that one.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Winnie, so sorry that my phone died.
I sent you the information on that vendor in an email
last night. Let me know if you received it.

Weekend Blessings To All!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

March CupboardScape

It's almost Friday friends!
Tomorrow Bob and I head out to Holly,
for a fabulous prim show  there Saturday.
Hope to see some of you there.
Will take pics
{remember to take camera this time Janice}

Today I feature my March CupboardScape.
To some this might be a bland display,
but if you are like me...I love wood!
Sometimes called treen.

I love TREEN!

Pie Peels
Dough Box

I love the patina old wood has.

I love the different sizes and shapes.

I love how each tells a different story.
This big bowl has a rough edge on it.
My guess is someone held it in the same spot each time.
Any thoughts?

I love how pretty wood looks.

I love being a primitive collector

What prims do you like to collect?

Treen Blessings To All!

Monday, March 19, 2018

The Candy Jar

Well it's Monday.
I know it gets a bad rap.
However today is a vacation day for me.
Plus I was able to slept in.
That's a double YAY.

So today I am unveiling our new venture.
We are calling our new candy store.
The Candy Jar.

Bob worked very hard getting it this far.
Laying down the 140 old wood floor
from another store in town 
that no longer wanted.
Drywall, paint and building the new counter.

I worked most of the day Saturday
hand sewing the awning.
This view is the new window 
Bob created inside the store
looking at from our other counter.

Bob and I decided on a striped pattern
for our new awning.
He also made the flower box below the window.
Added blue ball jars.
More jars on each shelf.
Inside each jar will have old fashioned sticks.
Those jars inside the flower box 
will have large whirly suckers.
(to look like flowers)
Bob is also putting a wood back on behind the window,
so that the jars will show off more.
We originally wanted to put a real window in there,
however we have a vendor on the other side...
so we decided it should be closed off.

Bob also made this little porch area.
With antique columns and a tin roof.
A prim table and bench on top completes this niche.
This area will hold my sister's homemade chocolates.
She has been making candy for 30 years;
and it is awesome!
The antique bakers rack will hold other candies.
I so love the gooseneck lights Bob bought for this area.

Our counter.
Old wood clear coated on top.
The slat board will hold our bags.
Notice the industrial lights above.
We wanted an old timey feel for this area,
with a modern twist.

Shelves below to hold more candy.

New lights above.
The counter will hold 16 one gallon candy jars.
We ordered those yesterday.
More candy will be on the back shelves.

Antique jars we purchased last year,
will also have candy inside.
All of the black and white pics 
are candy and ice cream related.

We also have a popcorn machine.
Bagged popcorn will be available too.

Today I have the day off  but my job will be 
to price out which candies we want right now.
We will go over how much to order later today.
We believe the candy will be a big hit
 with kids of all ages...
including the big kids (adults)

I know I have asked before,
but if you would like to share your favorite candy,
it would be greatly appreciated!

The Candy Jar Blessings To All!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Flashback Friday

TGIF sweet friends.
Thank you for all of your sweet comments 
for the loss of our precious Peeps.
I could not comment to everyone separately...
it was too hard at the time.
Again I just want you to know how  much
I appreciated your kind words.

Today my post features some
Flashback Friday pics with a bit of green in each.

Hope you enjoy. 

On another note,
we are moving forward now 
with our candy store.
We decided to have it inside our antique store,
since we are still on hold with the other building.
Bob has been working long hours for the 
past two weeks building it out.
I will show pics soon...
and soon we will be ordering the candy.
We are both nervous and excited.

This weekend will be spent pricing items 
for our prim show next Saturday.
Also I will be sewing an awning out of fabric
for the candy store.
Wait til you see what we came up with.

Any big plans for your weekend?

Weekend Blessings To All!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Kitty Kapers

Good evening sweet friends.
I almost decided not to finish this post.
I started writing it last night...
but decided to move forward as hard as it is right now.

Aaww aren't they sweet sleeping together.

Usually on our bed.

Ace likes to show off.

Shadow looking like a little gray lion.

Sometimes they choose to sleep in my sewing chair.
Shadow and Peepers.

Ace's turn.

Shadow was watching Kitten bowl with me.

All three take turns on this cabinet.

They sure do sleep a lot. LOL

Bob snuggled Ace in for a Winter nap.

When I started writing this post Monday night, 
it was with joy....
now I finish with sadness.

Peepers is a silver tabby.
I had to take him to the vet last Friday.
He was limping and I was not sure why.
He would be 15 in August and I was worried.
Bob said he jumped off the bed wrong.
Dr Robyn said there was no swelling.
His nails and teeth were strong for his age.
His coat was good.
No swelling or broken bones.

I took him home...thinking everything would be alright. unfortunately
his limping ended up being much more.
His back legs gave out and when he walked
it looked like he was swimming 
like a seal with his back legs.
Today my sweet Peeps is now an angel kitty
in heaven with Tanner and his litter mate Riley.
I took him back to vet and made the difficult
decision most pet parents have to deal with.
I did not want him suffering anymore.

You will be missed my sweet Peeps!

Ace and Shadow know something is wrong.
Especially Shadow.
Shadow got his name
 because he was always following Peeps.
My granddaughter said he was like Peeps shadow,
The name stuck.

So now I am sad, 
but will need to be strong for my other kitties.
They will once again hopefully get their mojo back.

Hopeful For More Kitty Kapers.
Blessings To Peeps!
You will forever remain in our hearts.

 Pet Blessings To All!