Thursday, December 24, 2020

December CupbpardScape

Christmas Eve is here!

                              Today is my December CupboardScape. 

Not sure how old this Santa poster is.

Julia it was framed with a tobacco stick
both at the top and bottom.

The next few pics is our kitchen table,
where I did this final display.

Hope Santa is good to everyone.
Let's also remember the reason for the season too.

Wishing all of my dear sweet blogging friends
a very Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!
Let's hope 2021 will be better.

I will be taking some time off from blogging
for a few weeks....will keep up on my other
blogging buddies though.

Christmas and New Year Blessings To All!


Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Will The Real Santa


Please stand up.

Christmas countdown.
3 days left.
Christmas cards were hand delivered to my kids
I dont like to give money...but this year I did. 

      Santa was pulling double duty at our house.
He is everywhere.

I apologize for the wonky lamp.
Did not realize the shade was off kilter.

More Santa's.

Back in the 90'smy friend had a primitive
craft party where these ladies came into
her home with handmades to dash and carry.
This was what went home with me and I still love him.

This one was a pattern from the magazine
Create and Decorate.

Our corner with my dads Santa/Rudolf on top.

The star of the show.
White and red lights,
with stockings as the tree trimmer. 

Our shelves above the couch.

Still could not find that red egg carton Santa.

An Arnett Santa.

Wide shot.

Antique Santa coat and hat.

The star of this show and tell.

My only large tree this year.
I usually do three.

Will do one more post before Christmas.
May Santa bring you want you want this Christmas.

Santa Blessings To All!

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Christmas Elves

 The countdown begins.

Hello friends!

Today I am featuring my elves.

Mom made the runner,
whilst my now deceased aunt knitted the mittens.

It was a game we played when the grands came over.
I would hide these elves all around the house,
and they would look for them.

Each day they spent here at Christmas time,
they would be moved to a new location.

Since that will not be happening this year,
just decided to leave them out in the open.

All 4 of them.

I so love my new amaryllis plants.

I sold these faux beauties in the store,

and decided to keep 2 for myself.

Well off to the store.

Continued prayers for SIL much appreciated.

My brother is doing better.

Christmas Elf Blessings To All!


Friday, December 18, 2020

St Nicholas


TGIF friends!

Can you believe only a week until Christmas. 

Today's post are all about

 my vintage and antique Santa's.

Lovingly referred to as St Nicholas.

I was hoping to add one or two more

to my collection, however did not score any.

If I knew where Lauren lived
from Rugs and Pugs,
she might be missing some. LOL

Paired nicely with my stone fruit and a poinsettia.

Another fake feather tree.
This one a bit wonky and not straight.

Never did put my dead rabbit away.

Wall by our front door
where no one will come in this Christmas.
Me is a sad daughter, mom and gramma.

Last year this time mom and I made
18 dozen potato and cheese pierogis.
A dozen for everyone was given as a present
from us.

This year just the memories of the last one.

Today I am off to take Ace kitty for a vet checkup.

Then off to the grocery store to buy food for Christmas

and New Year's. Will also make a few dozen

Christmas cookies for Bob and I.

St Nicholas Blessings To All!


Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Holiday Pillows

Looking ay my various holiday pillows

around my home, I decided to share. 

This one I made from vintage fabric.

This one was a Christmas gift.

My mom made this one for me.
I so love it still!

I cross stitched this one and rag stuffed.
Just used freebie deer patterns and made up
 my own tree designs.

This lil needlepoint one was purchased
many moons ago.
It is still a favorite. 

Finally another one my mom made,
which will also be cherished forever.

Please continue prayers for SIL.
She was moved to a private room and is
now on oxygen.

Holiday Pillow Blessings To All!

Monday, December 14, 2020

Angels We Have Heard On High


Hello friends!

 Well Friday afternoon our computer crashed.
If you are a business person you know
this is NOT a good thing.
Even for others having your computer crash is bad.
Bob took it in to get looked at Saturday morning,
and I had to run the store the old fashion way.
Thankfully our credit card machine still worked,
and my customers were patient with me.

We were able to get most of our files back....
but not all.
Thank goodness I keep my inventory
 in check weekly, and
saved it to an Excel file.
We had to purchase a new POS system.
(Point of Sale)

This was our angel nativity area
after I moved it from the window,
Not much left, but still a good selection.

Finally I had to take this picture of Tundra
with Grandpa Ed.
They are best buddies!

Sorry I could not answer your comments this time.
Too much chaos at the store this weekend.
Computer and files, not customers.

I did want to answer Julia on the tobacco sticks.
They would hang fresh tobacco leaves
on these sticks and then the sticks
would be hung in the rafters of tobacco barns.
The sticks were used as part of the drying process
for the tobacco before it would be made
into cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco.
If I can find one that Bob has not cut up,
I will take a picture of it and post later.

Also please say a wee prayer for both 
my brother and SIL.
They both have covid and SIL is in the hospital.
Thank you.

Angel Blessings To All!