Sunday, April 30, 2017

Shades Of White

My gramma H always told me
Never change the bed.
Until April is dead.

Meaning keep the flannels on your bed.
This weekend was so correct, 
with temps only in the high 40's.

It's a dreary cold rainy day here in Michigan today.
So I decided to bring in a bit of white to this post.
Hope you enjoy some of my fav whites
both inside and out.

Faux apple blossoms.

Money plant.

Bridal Bush.


Flowering Pear Tree.

Lily of The Valley.

Shades Of White Blessings to All!

Friday, April 28, 2017

A First Look

A full two weeks have past,
with my shoulder being at the 90 degree mark...
so we are halfway to getting better.
I faithfully have been doing my exercises
as I so want to get better...but these getting up
at 4:30am mornings are killing me.
This old body is not use to getting up before the roosters.

So this weekend I plan on staying home, resting and
will try to make more goodies.

Here is a first look at my black kitty.

Did you know that black dogs and kitties usually
don't get adopted. It's a darn shame as they need love too.
Ace agrees.
Growing up we always had black cats and dogs.

Every black dog we had, my sister named Blackie.
It became an inside joke with my family.
I hope you are not calling this sweet kitty
Blackie mom says Shadow.
No Shadow.

His name will be Ashes.

Since my kitties are always doing what they do best....
laying around and sleeping,
 I thought this would be a great
design for a kitty.
If you click on the pictures to enlarge,
you can see where I hand stitched his paws.
He has been stained with my coffee cinnamon mixture,
while sporting an orange collar and rusty bell.
{so he won't get lost}
BTW ~ his muzzle and nose are made from wool.
{in case you might be allergic like my mom}

If you would like to adopt your own black kitty,
I only have 6 made in this fabric of black...
and I cannot find any more.
Ashes adoption fee is $25.00 which includes shipping
to the US only.
Each kitty is approx 9 inches across x 7 1/2 tall.

I do plan on making some brothers for him at some point.
Cinder will be a gray kitty.
While Embers will be an orange one.

Well off to make an ice cream float for myself.
Then sittin back to read my new issue of 
Simple Life magazine.

What will be on your agenda this weekend?

First Look Blessings To All!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Pillow Talk

Hello all!
Went to therapy this morning
before work at 6am...and the process
of un-thawing my frozen shoulder continues.
One good thing I keep hearing about my shoulder,
is everyone has seen worse.

Today I am feeling a bit tired,
so before I grab my own pillow and lay down,
I want to discuss some pillow talk with you all.

(feathers in this pillow came from my gramma B's)

Did you know that Ticking fabric is used to make
both featherbeds and pillows because it is closely woven 
so that the feathers cannot come out of it?

Featherbeds and pillows were only for the rich
 between the 14th century and up until the 19th century.
Ordinary folks could not afford them,
 unless you owned your own farm where you raised
ducks and geese.

Servant girls were sometimes allowed
 to take the feathers which
were plucked for their master's suppers
 to save for their own beds and pillows
for when they were married. It was one of the perks
of being a servant to certain rich households.

Featherbeds and pillows were so valuable,
that many families added these items into their wills.
(my mom has my gramma's, but it was not in her will)

 Did you know it takes approximately 50 lbs
of feathers to make a featherbed....and that was before
a queen or king bed came into fashion.

Chicken feathers are too sharp to use and they do not
have enough down (belly feathers)
Since down feathers are smaller and softer,
they are primarily used for pillows.
Ducks and geese feathers are used.

Early pioneer settlers used featherbeds as insulation
in the Winter. They would sandwich themselves in bed,
 and have one on the bottom and one on top.
(gramma B did this for my sister and I in her farmhouse)

Feather beds and pillows would need
 to be re-arranged each day,
or fluffed out as Gramma H would say.

Even though both my gramma's had many beds and pillows,
they continued to save feathers to add more feathers
to the ones they had every 2 or 3 years.

My mom re-ticked my gramma B's pillow 
and gifted it to me a few years back.
The old blue tick was getting to many holes,
and my mom could not save it any longer. 
She did complain that the new ticking fabric is not
like the old kind, so I will be on the hunt now for 
some of the older fabric.

Do you have feather pillows or beds in your home?
If so, how do you like them?
I prefer feather pillows over the foam ones.

Pillow Talk Blessings To All!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Visit To The Detroit Zoo

Happy Sunday friends!
Thank you for all of the well wishes.
I have therapy 3 days a week for now.
Hopefully my shoulder will unthaw as Lauren stated.
Thanks Lauren for the laugh.

Yesterday we had a fun day at our local zoo
with the grands.

Mikayla sitting on a butterfly bench.
I cannot believe she will be 11 next month.
Where has the time gone?

The grizzly bear seriously looked like he
wanted us for lunch.

The tiger was sleeping in his den.

However the red Panda was active in the tree.

The lil monkey was so hilarious.
Doing acrobatic moves and jumping on his mom
and doing a black flip off of her.
He was a joy to watch.

The flamingos were gorgeous.
Plus we did not have to go to Florida to see them.
However we do like going to Florida.

These orange birds were lovely.

The weather was just right and the grands enjoyed
spending time with us.
We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant afterwards.
Breakfast this morning was waffles and sausage links.
We usually don't eat breakfast, so it was nice for a change.

I wanted to show you my Easter table.

The pink tulips were both my centerpiece,
and my gift to my mom.

My sister ended up gifted both my mom and I with 
the same color tulips.
Thanks Teresa. I know just where to plant mine.

I chose a flowery tablecloth for Spring.

With my white dishes.
The bowls were for salad.
The little square plates were for the dinner rolls.

I usually have two tables, but my brother did not come,
nor did my daughter. 
I was one table setting short....cannot add.
It was the joke for the day, as I had 7 people,
and the table was set for 6.
My son decided to sit and watch tv in the other room.
I was such a dufuss.

Off to catch up on blogs,
as the kids went home now.
Made a macaroni salad for later,
and Bob is going to fire up the grill for the first time
this season. BBQ pork chops. Cannot wait!

Did you have a fun Weekend?

Detroit Zoo Blessings To All!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Egg-Stra Goodness

Happy Hump Day my friends.
I hope each of you had a wonderful Easter!
Had great time with my family.
My mom's dinner rolls are still the best.
Monday morning Bob and I took my mom out
for breakfast at one of our local restaurants.
She went home afterwards.

Then yesterday I had a doctor's appt
as my shoulder has been bothering me for a bit.
Unfortunately I have what is called a 
frozen shoulder and will need 
to start therapy tomorrow. 
Then 3 days a week for a month.

It is my left shoulder...and because I am left-handed,
this means no more crafting for awhile.

So much for getting a jump start on Halloween.

I did manage to get 6 new kitties done and
one pumpkin doll completed.
Now I am done for now.

My doctor did not want me using my left hand at all.
Don't tell him that I still did.
I would have went stir crazy....
but now my arm hurts more.
Guess I will have to listen to him now.

Will show off pics later on of the kitties and dollie.

Well, I must close now, because my arm is
really hurting now trying to even type this post.

I may not be able to blog as often as I did for now.
Will still visit you all, but may not be able to comment.
Just want to let you know.

Hope you enjoyed my egg displays.

Egg-Stra Goodness Blessings To All!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

April CupboardScape

Good morning friends.
Thank God It's Thursday.
Then tomorrow TGIF.
What I am trying to say is...
two more work days
and I am on a mini vacation.
Going to be spending some time creating
for Halloween and hooking on my rug.
Yes you did hear correctly.
Getting started early.
For now I would like to share my
April CupbpardScape.

I love bunnies!

This big fellow was purchased at the breckenridge show.
He is just full of personality.

With Spring flowers and egg baskets,

Yellow wool tulip mat over the suitcase.
Fits perfectly here for Spring!

The bunny is holding a burlap bag of sticks and greens.
{he was doing Spring garden cleaning}

Once completed with his chores,
he grabbed himself a carrot.

I think our Sprouting Moon has finally brought 
Spring to our neck of the woods.
I am seeing sprouts in my garden now too.
Hope everyone enjoys their Easter Weekend.
Let's remember though it is not just about bunnies.

Sprouting Spring CupboardScape Blessings To All!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Bunnies On Duty For The Full Moon

Good evening everyone.
We currently have some thunderstorms rolling in.
Our kitties are in their catio 
watching the storm come in. 
Once it starts raining, 
I am sure they will be running inside. LOL

Tonight I would like to talk about the April moon
whilst showing pics of some of my bunnies.

Tomorrow night is the April full moon.
Did you know it has several names?
Our native Americans depending on the region they lived,
called this moon by different names. 

It is called the Pink Moon,
because the wild pink phlox starts blooming this month.

Then there is the Sprouting Grass Moon.
This is where rivers and streams and marshes are.
It was called the sprouting grass moon as the grasses
begin to sprout out this month just in time for the
migratory ducks, herons and egrets 
 returning to their Summer grounds. 

The Egg Moon is for those migratory birds
who make their nests in trees and lay their eggs.

Finally the Fish Moon is where the Shad spawn.

Where we live it would be the Sprouting Grass Moon.
We have lots of ducks, herons and swans returning
from their Winter homes.
It is nice to see these birds back.
Also nice to see the cattails sprouting up.

What moon do you think you might have in your 
neck of the woods?

April Full Moon Blessings To All!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Table Centerpiece

Good morning all!
Hope this weekend finds you doing something
that you want to do, and not what you have to do.

We will be heading out soon to do what Bob and I had intended on doing yesterday, 
as our store worker called in and
Bob then had to work the store.
It turned out better though,
as Bob's daughter is now down from Alpena, MI,
so we are going to do lunch with her,
which will be fun!

My table centerpiece for Easter this year,
was another Pinterest inspired idea.

The colored eggs are glass from Hobby Lobby.

I found these cute mini glass antique jars in our store
from another vendor who was selling them.
Added some votive lights from the Dollar Store.

The 3 tiered tray was also a buy from Hobby Lobby.
It was on clearance for $20.

Mixed in some green moss for each layer.
Added the eggs and re-purposed candle holders.

Now I am ready for Easter on our table.

Do you have an Easter centerpiece for your table?

Table Centerpiece Blessings To All!