Friday, July 31, 2020

Taking A Wide View

Why does Blogger always have to change things up?
I finally figured out how to do a new post.
Not fun.

I don't normally show wide shots of my rooms.

Today I did just that.

Soon the patriotic displays will
be put away for another year.
Out will come the Autumn decor.

Hope everyone enjoys this last day of July.
It is both my son Matt's birthday and his girlfriends.
Happy Birthday to the both of them!

Wide View Blessings To All!


Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Fun With Paper

Hello in Halloween. :=)

So for the past few weekends I put down
my needle and started creating these
Halloween pictures to sell in our store.

The frames were purchased at an estate sale
Bob and I went to recently.

Some of these images I printed
right onto pages from a book.

Others on card stock.

I tried to capture images that would
appeal to everyone.

I have a friend who loves anything funeral related.
I am assuming there are others like her.

Most of the images I found
from the Graphics Fairy.
This website has images of almost everything.

Others I found free on the internet.
This one I printed on orange cardstock.
Creepy pumpkin kids.

Do you have a favorite?

Now I have picked up my crochet hook.
More Halloween colors.

Fun With Paper Blessings To All!

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Our Entrance

Hello friends.
Cannot believe it is Saturday already.
This week went by so fast.....
I did finish my flag banners.
I almost finished my fabric goodes.
Finished some other store projects.
Spent more nights checking in inventory.
I know that I am rushing the season...
but cannot wait to decorate our store
for Halloween.

Today are the pics by our front door.

I moved the red dry sink to a different wall.
(will show in a different post)

I recently purchased the leather book
on the right from Ebay.
These are so hard to find in the size I want.
Depth are 3 inches for both.
The one on the left is 5 inches high.

Added my linsey woolsey blanket
to one of my many baskets.

Notice my fabric dead bunny.
This red cabinet was on the wall
where my drysink is now.
Thanks again to Bob for bringing
in the dollie to move things!

Speaking of Bob,
today is our 11th wedding anniversary.
We are going out for Sushi
after I close the store.

I moved my side table by our couch
and moved it back here.

Moved my windsor chair from the bedroom.
This piece is from the 1700's.
Although it is still sturdy,
no one is allowed to sit in it.

Added a coverlet piece and a hooked chair rug.

Our front door is on the left.

Am loving the change!

Plus added my pie peel above the chair.
Oh yeah, the sampler is from 1897
and is framed in original glass.
Someone from high society 
must have stitched this.
A gorgeous piece!

Well off to Tim Hortons and then the store.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Entrance Blessings To All!

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Winky Blinky and Nod

Oh boy.
What did I get myself into?
I decided to make Halloween banners
for the gift shop.
I saw them for sale at $25 for a 5 foot one.
We have 20 feet for the space I wanted.
Plus I want two rows....
so I figured I could make them myself.
Have been working on them for the last 2 days.
I want our store to be so cool for Halloween.
It took me 2 hours to just draw and cut 
out the flags from the fabric.
2 yards each of orange, yellow and two blacks.
Will show once completed.
Glad I took the week off to get these finished.
I have one row done now.
One more to go.
I made mine 26 feet long so it will drape.

Today I want to show you my latest
pumpkin brothers.

Meet Winky.
He is the outgoing brother.
Winks constantly at others and very social.

Blinky squints all of the time.
He refuses to go to the eye doctor,
because he thinks glasses will not look good.

Nod stays up all night
so he nods off all of the time during the day.

These pumpkin pillows
were made from wool.

Their colors are more true in this picture.

Well of to finish banner number two.
Then onto other projects.

Pumkin Brother Blessings To All!

Sunday, July 19, 2020

A Hall Red

Can it be Sunday already?
First off I want to thank you all for 
the sweet comments regarding 
my sugar skull.
With me working during the day
and Bob and I checking in
 Halloween inventory nightly,
I dont have much time for anything else.

However we sure do have some
unique Halloween items.
I am busting at the seams for the end
of we can start to decorate.
I know, I know Janice,
don't rush the season already.

I am taking this week off for vacation
to finish up my fabric and wool goodes for the store.

Today I want to show you the after pics
of our hall redo...with the help of Bob.
He moved our red hanging cabinet from
our bedroom and hung it here in the hall.
When it was in the bedroom 
the red looked more brown.

I also moved the bucket bench from the bedroom
and placed here too.
I took this picture with the light on so you
can see our hickory hardwood floor.

Without the light.

Also moved our drysink to the hall.

Moved my my man picture above
the drysink.

More of a simple look now.

This was the before picture.
The brown hanging cabinet was moved
back to our bedroom.

I like it better here now.

I matches better with our cabinet here.

Well off to the store to work today.
Bob and I will be digging out some
of our stash of brown bottles at 
our antique store before we open.
He will work the antique store,
me the gift shop.

Hopefully the bottles will work with what
I want to do for Halloween.
Fingers crossed.
(if my plan works, will show in a future post)

Hall Redo Blessings To All!

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Day Of The Dead

Hope this post finds everyone safe and sound.
Be very afraid though....

It has an eye.

Two eyes and a nose.

Even teeth.
Oh my!

It's my latest creation.
A Sugar Skull.
Or as they are also called
Day Of The Dead.

Day of the dead is celebrated
yearly on November 2nd.
In Latin America,
folks dress like skulls
and parade around.

It is a day of feasting and praying 
for those loved ones whom have past.
Us Catholics also call this day
All Soul's Day.

Sugar Skulls have gained popularity,
so decided to create a pillow
to be sold at our gift shop for Halloween.

Sugar Skull Blessings To All!

Monday, July 13, 2020

Tea Time

Monday morning blues.
Have to work this morning.
Took Friday off to get more fabric
and ended up driving to my mom's.
She received food from their food bank
for seniors and she had way to much for herself.
I drove up and gave it to Bob's dad.

Both stores did awesome business 
over the weekend too!
We are so very thankful for great customers!

OK so today is my feeble attempt
to show you what our garden tea party
themed window looks like.
We set up a small outdoor table
with two chairs.
I added an embroidered vintage
dresser scarf to the top.

Our store is on the wrong side of the street,
Too much sun in the windows.


I tried several times to take pics.
Always seem to get the houses across the street.

I added our chalkboard sign
which I added 
"tea party"

Yesterday I printed these fun Halloween
witch tags onto brown cardstock.
6 styles.

We sell tea in our gift shop,
so thought it would be a fun idea
to add these tags for Halloween.

All of the tags have witch images
of brewing something in her cauldron.

Since you brew tea.....
I packed our loose tea into these fun bags,

Added the bags to this vintage glass jar,
and next month they will be ready
when we introduce our Halloween
themed gift shop.

Black Tea
Vanilla Almond Coconut
Watermelon Basil
are the three flavors we have.
The bags are weighed at 30 ounces
using our candy scale.
Enough for 2 cups.

I will be taking a week off for vacation
soon to work what I can
to finish my creations.
We want to start decorating the 3rd week of August.

Hope you all have a wonderful
start to  your week.

Tea Time Blessings To All!