Friday, January 18, 2019

Let It Snow


So whilst I reveal my Christmas tree
turned into a Winter tree,
I have yet another story to tell.

Before I tell it though,
I wanted to let you know that this tree
was where I once again
used paper ornament, 
along with snowflakes and my bonnets. 

Now for the story.

In the rural county where my grandparents
lived there were iron bridges that were in place
to cross the Black River as it meandered through 
the county.

These bridges consisted
of long boards on each side,
enough board for one car
 to go over at a time.
Now you had to get you car tires
exactly on these boards
to drive over, else you were in trouble.
Big trouble.
Even I had to drive over them
before they were replaced...
and they were not fun.

Today's story happened in the 1940's.
My dad was born in 1929, 
so he was almost a teen.

 Grampa H finally purchased his first car.
No more horse and buggy for him...
or sleigh in the Winter.

One Winter day he decided to take his family
out for a drive and gramma
wanted to add some grave blankets
at the cemetery for her parents.

The cemetery was past the river
in a grove of trees.
Grampa took it slow and eased up to the bridge,
making sure the tires were on the boards.
The cemetery bridge was on a hill,
so grampa had to rev the engine
 a bit to cross over.
The family spent some time at the cemetery,
and once they were ready to go,
the temperature dropped & it began to snow.

Once again grampa approached
 the bridge slowly,
however this time he was going downhill.
Now you know what they say about bridges.
For those who don't live in the Snowbelt,
bridges ice up before the road does.
This was the case this time.
Grampa was halfway on that bridge
when the car hit the ice and there they were
sideways on that bridge.
Grampa managed to get out of the car
and told gramma to stay with the kids.
My dad said that was the scariest moment
in his life before going to the Korean War

Grampa walked to the nearest farm
and came back with the farmer and his tractor.
They used a chain to get the car back on the boards.
Then towed it off.

If they had ended up in the river,
I would not be here today to tell this story.

Yes, this is a true story.
My family has lived a very colorful life.
Many many stories were passed on.

Dear Sandy suggested that I should write
 a book and add my pictures.
Maybe when I am retired, I may do that.

For now, I just share them with you.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
We are going to get some snow.
Glad I do not have to cross
any iron bridges anymore.

Let It Snow Blessings To All!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Working By Candle Light

It might be cold outside,
but it warms my heart 
with all of the sweet comments
you share with me.
You are the best friends one can have!
The majority of you 
liked my hooked house straight up.
It must be the artsy fartsy in me,
because I liked it on the angle.
Bob liked it straight up too.
I am the weird one. LOL

Today's story was one my dad often told me.

His gramma & grampa H
had a fine farmhouse.
They worked hard as dairy farmers.
When my dad was growing up though,
the farmhouse did not have electricity.

Dad and his siblings would have to do their
morning chores before school.
They actually did have to walk 
a mile each way to school and back.
The one room schoolhouse still stands today.
It was turned into a home now.

Any way, after nightly chores and dinner,
it was time for homework.

The kitchen was the heart of the farmhouse.

Dad and his siblings would gather around the table,
either by candlelight or lantern.

Dad blamed his bad eyes on doing
his homework at night.

I love my lit candle at night.
I do take for granted the convenience
of being able to have lights on.

Candle light is pure enjoyment,
not a necessity as it was for my dad.

Since my post on my shoes pertained to my mom,
so this story pertains to my dad.

This display is all that is school,
and doing homework,with a bit of Winter pulled in.

Now you might ask...
Janice what does this blue sock have to do
with your story.

Well it was another story my dad told me.
Gramma H always made a homemade
 cake for everyone on their birthday.
One year, one of my dad's brother's
wanted to bring the cake out to the table.
He had taken his shoes off but left
 his socks on.
Dad said he was being a showoff.
Uncle Ken came came out of the kitchen
rather ran out of the kitchen....
Do you know where this story is going?
Anyway Uncle Ken ran out of the kitchen
holding the birthday cake...
his birthday cake I have to add.
Holding it up in the air with one hand.
Of course he slipped and the cake 
ended up on him and the floor.
It seems funny now thinking about it...
but I know dad and the rest of the family
were not happy one bit.
Uncle Ken did not have a birthday cake that year.

It was one story my uncle could never live down.

For those new to my blog,
this portrait is of my dad's grandparents.
My paternal great grandparents 
Effie and Robert Wagner. 
Parents of my Gramma H.

Since today's stories were about my dad,
it was fitting to have this display
under my great grandparents portrait.

Oh yeah...the flowers you see I added
because gramma H was very fond of her flowers.

The jingle bells were just there because it reminded
me of the sleigh bells grampa H had in the barn.

In other news:
Today I took a personal day from work.
Bob and I are headed out on a pick.
A gentlemen called us to go through his mom's home.
We were told she was a hoarder.
The van is empty.
Hope to purchase some goodies for our store.

Candle Light Blessings To All!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Hunkering Down At Home

for the

It is supposed to be a cold one on tap. 
So after I do my grocery shopping,
I am staying home
and hunkering down for the weekend.

What will be your plans?

There was an antique rug that I saw
which was completely hooked in off white
with all of the shapes outlined in red.
I really liked it, 
so I created this hooked house
with that rugs color as my inspiration.

Today I hope to finish hooking 
the second house I drew out.

I hung this one on top of my wreath.
It has a rusty wire loop for hanging.
 Not sure if I like it hung at an angle...

or straight like it is in this pic.
Which do you prefer?

I kept my white lights up
for January.

I enjoy the twinkle in this cold
dreary month.

This wall is in our living room.
Our front door is to the left
of the dry sink with my shoe tree display
from my last post. 

Apparently I took this pic at an angle too.

Well off to shop I go.

Hunkering Down Blessings To All!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Take Your Shoes

Off at the door.
These were my mom's words to us
when we came inside during the Winter months.

Then she would always tell us to hang up our coats.
We had a small foyer in our house with a closet
where we took our shoes off and hung our coats. 

we put our mittens and hats
on the heat register.
She knew how we played...rolled in the snow.

At gramma H's farmhouse,
we had to take off our shoes and coats
in a small area between the back porch and kitchen.

At gramma B's farmhouse
we had to take off our shoes and coats
in the dining room.
Her back porch consisted of 4 steps up
to the dining room from the outside door.
She had a shelf on the one side
where she kept the dog and cat food.
Nothing else.

I decided to transition my Christmas decor
to a Winter one now. 
With this post I have included both
day and night photos.
This display reminds me of always taking 
your shoes off at the door.

So of course I had to include 
a few pairs of antique shoes. 

My cement snowman and a pair of
 mens Winter White socks...
er... more on the light gray side.

While working the store one day,
I also decided to create more
 book page ornaments.

They were so fun to make
that I even made some 
for our small tree at the store.

My sister Teresa and I always tried to bring
some snow inside...only to have it melt.
We tried every container we could think of.
The snow still melted.

As kids we did not know it needed to be kept cold.
For my glass apothecary bottle,
I added artificial snow to remind me of 
our failed attempts at keeping snow inside. LOL

I kept the paper trees I made for Christmas
 and added mittens and hats.

I used the same book that was used for
my paper Christmas ornaments.

I love the simplicity.

Although I no longer put my
hat and gloves on the heater anymore,

mom would be proud that I still take off my shoes
at the door during the Winter months. 

Did you take your shoes off at the door? 

Take Your Shoes Off Blessings To All!

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Cheese Mold

Or a bread mold?

Good morning friends and
I got called in to work our store yesterday.
Bob called me at noon saying he was not
feeling good and needed to lay down.
So the good wife I am went in....
and boy was I busy.
It was a good thing, because I found out my
leg pain is due to a sciatic nerve...
and walking sure did help.

Well today I need your help. I had always thought these were cheese molds,
however a friend of mine in the antique business
said it was for bread.

So I am asking my blogging friends
if they know what it is?

Although I will never use it for what it was intended,

I decided to add a mixture of nuts to each end.
So what to add in the middle?
It needed some color.

I grabbed my whole cloves and some oranges
out of the fridge.
[shhh...don't tell Bob] 
He already saw it the other day when he came home.
Besides there were more where those came from.

Added a faux green wreath and placed 
the oranges on top.

Blue and orange compliment each other.

A perfect Winter display!

I only had to sacrifice 3 oranges.
Plus the orange scent is wonderful!

Well not sure if I will be working 
the store again today.
Waiting for Bob to get up.

Off to make us some breakfast.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

First 2019 Sunday Blessings To All!

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Our New Couch

Hello my friends!
I realized with all of the Christmas festivities
and goings on, that I neglected to show you
our new couch.
It's actually part couch,
part lounge chair.
The best thing about it, is we can
change the lounge part to the other side
because there is a movable ottoman underneath it.

We chose a neutral off white color,
with a herringbone pattern.

The blue pillows also came with the deal.

I so love the blue and off whites
for a Winter look!
Including my blue striped linsey woolsey blanket.

I added this crocheted afghan that my sister
bought me 20 years ago as a Christmas present.

We have had this couch for about 3 months.
The kitties still avoid it.
I added the afghan thinking the kitties would
warm up to the couch.
Ace will lay on the afghan sometimes.
He jumps from the floor, to the pillows,
then to the couch,
It is so funny to watch.

Here he is sleeping on the afghan.
Too cute!

Last night I drove home from work
in freezing rain.
Winter is finally here in Michigan.

I have also been dealing with some pain issues.
Constant pain up and down my left leg.
It works itself out by midday,
but in the early hours of the morning....
it's back with a vengeance.
Going to the doctor before work today.
Wish me luck.

Winter Blessings To All!