Saturday, December 30, 2017

My New Years Wish

So the night I went to pick up Bob at the store,
and head up to my mom's for my uncle's funeral...
as I neared the store, my brake light,
traction light, and some other light came on.
Oh and my windshield washers stopped working.
Major electrical problems.
I was so worried about breaking down that
we ended up taking our cargo van to my mom's.
Thursday afternoon, I ended up purchasing a new vehicle.
Bob sold my car to someone who can fix it.
He did not want me to be stranded in a 10 year old car.
Now I have a spanking new Chevy Equinox.
It is AWD (all wheel drive)
It has snowed each day I have had it now,
and it drives wonderful.
It is a Silver Ice color and even came with a pinstripe.
I feel classy now.

Since our candy store is on hold now, we used the money
that we saved for that as a down payment on the car.
I always say there is a reason for everything,
so maybe we were suppose to have a car before candy. 
Hopefully once the issue with the building is fixed...
we will have enough money to pursue the candy store again.
I will keep you posted.

As the year 2017 comes to an end,
I would like to extend my
New Year's Wish to you all.
More like wishes.

I am blessed to have friends like you.
Friends who make me laugh, giggle and smile.
My wish for you is that you do the same.
Remember to turn that frown upside down and smile.

My wish is that we can all live in peace and harmony. 
Let's end the negativity and difficulties and 
rejoice in our accomplishments and prosperity.

My wish is that we remain hopeful in our future.
Forget the past and revel in many greater tomorrows.

Remembering the simplistic life of my 
forefathers and foremothers...
my wish is that we all take the time to smell the roses.

Thank you for following along on my journey.
You are the best friends!!!
More to come in the new year.

My final wish is that you all have a fantastic
Let the celebration begin!

New Years Wishes Blessings To All!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

A Hooking Accomplishment

We are in the deep freeze here in Michigan.
Actual temp this morning was -4

I wanted to show you my most recent finished rug.

Flowers in blue and tan.

Vase in red with a strip of fabric hooked in the ditch.
{hooked in between two other rows}

Corners hooked in the diagonal.
All four corners.

I spent a long time hooking this huge rug.

My goal was to finish by Christmas.
Finish I did!

This was my inspiration piece.
An antique rug I saw on Pinterest.
I chose colors that were more fitting for our room.

Proudly up on the wall.

Above our bed.
The large quilt rack below is our headboard. 

Early red hanging cabinet to the left.
I did not show the bed as I forgot to make the bed...
and the kitties took over.
Happens all of the time 
when the bed does not get made
right when we get out of bed.
They take over. LOL

On to the next project.

A smaller more manageable rug.
Would all my rug hooking friends let me know
where you purchase your linen?
The place I use to purchase mine, no longer carries it.

Can you guess what this will be?

This is what happens when I also leave my chair.
One or two kitties take over...
because I kept it warm for them. LOL
This is Shadow kitty.

Do you have anything you are working feverishly on?

Hooking Accomplishment Blessings To All!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas Bath

Good morning all.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.
Christmas eve over here brought in another 7 inches of snow.
Christmas Day we had another inch...
so we truly had a 
White Christmas!

Christmas Eve at our house was warm and cozy inside,
while it was snowing big time outside.
We hosted Bob's dad, daughter, his cousin and wife,
and my son. 

Christmas was at my brother's.
It was the first time in 4 years,
that we had the entire family in town.
It was so nice to see all of the nephews in town.
I know it meant a lot to my mom having all of her grandchildren together again.

Later today Bob and I will head up to my mom's
for my uncle's funeral tomorrow.
Matt my son will hold down the fort here at home.
I also want to thank you all
for your heartfelt prayers for my mom. 
You are the best!!!

Before I leave, I wanted to show our bath
all decked out in Christmas cheer.

A small portion of my soap collection.

I put out the red, white and blue ones.

My dad made the sleigh and reindeer.
I will cherish it forever.

I found where I hid my mirrors.

Small arrangement on the dresser.

Another one to the right.

Added a little wreath here.

Child's chair.

Added some black boots.

Our wire basket for towels.


Looking in from the hall.

Our glass shower door.

I was so proud to show this off to family and friends.
Cousin Jimmy who came over for Christmas Eve
was beaming with joy as I was complimenting him
on a fantastic job.

Working on some Valentine hearts now
and hooking a small snowman.
Will show my progress in a future post(s)

Christmas Bath Blessings To All!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

December CupbordScape

Twas The Night 

Before Christmas

And all through the house

Not a creature was stirring.

Not even a mouse.

The stockings were hung

By the chimney with care

In hopes that St. Nicholas would soon be there.

Before I sign off for Christmas,
please say a wee prayer for my mom.
My uncle Gene, her brother passed away on Dec. 21st.
What makes it even worse, this is the same date
my dad passed away.
My mom is a wreck and this was her younger brother.

I will miss your hearty laugh uncle.
May you be partying up there with my dad this Christmas.

Merry Christmas Blessings To All.
And To all a 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Hark The Herald

Angels Sing

Glory to the newborn King.

Peace on earth and mercy Mild

God and sinners Reconciled.

Joyful, all ye nations Rise.

Join the triumph of the Skies.

With angelic host Proclaim.

Christ is born in Bethlehem.
Hark the herald angels Sing.
Glory to the newborn

The countdown begins...
Today is the first day of Winter and
4 days to a Merry Christmas.

My last pre christmas post will be on

A Carol Blessing To All!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Santa Taking Center Stage

Good morning everyone!
I cannot believe that Christmas is in

With Santa watching me everywhere,

I have been on my best behavior.

Still need to wrap my presents.

Still need to make a few more batches of cookies.

Making my grocery list.

As we are having Bob's family over Christmas Eve.

Then heading to my brother's Christmas Day.

I have 2 more posts before Christmas for you,
so today I leave you with 

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Blessings To All!