Sunday, March 28, 2021

Sleepy Bunny

Hello my friends! 

Spring is officially here with the freighter season opening.

I saw one of my favorites docking yesterday morning bringing coal to our energy plant.

The Paul Tregurtha (Queen of the Lakes)

largest freighter 1013 feet long.

I created this OOAK bunny,
which I fondly named Sleepy Bunny.

He was taking his peeps bunny to bed with him.
Even though his mama told him not to eat in bed.
Well at least no crumbs would be left...
but maybe a sticky marshmallow piece.

In his nightgown with one of his ears
sticking out of his nightcap.
He was whisked off to his new home
the first day I brought him to the store.
So glad I remembered to take a pic
of him before I opened that day.

Not much Easter decorating here.
Farmhouse sink is here now.
Waiting on the stove vent.
Once that comes in, Bob will be destroying
the kitchen and drywall dust will be everywhere.

Will enjoy all of my blogging buddies decor.

Sleepy Bunny Blessings to All!

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Henny Penny

Hello friends!

Although the sky is not falling as Henny Penny thought.

                        This post is about all that is chicken related.

Like this wood egg crate and chicken door stop.

Spring on the farms reminded me of baby chicks.

Gramma B would bring the chicks inside
if the weather was nasty outside.
I so loved their peeping sound.
Not to mention they were so soft.
This egg scale was my gramma B's.
In the gathering basket are an egg beater,
and paper egg carton.

I have a small collection of wire egg baskets.

Like this round one.

Plus this chicken one.

Another gathering basket for eggs if course.

Spring is here now!
Notice the lil chicks?

This was an after thought after
I had already started my display.
Been working on the penny rug for years.

It is an adaptation of a real one my friend once owned.

Hence the real reason I chose this blog post title.

Henny Penny Blessings To All!

Saturday, March 20, 2021

I Have OBD


What is OBD?

Obsessive Bunny Disorder.

I blame my gramma H.
She loved bunnies too!
She had 24 windows 
in her two story farmhouse.
Only one window faced the East.
That included the two covered porches.
Lots of windows to clean. 
Out of that kitchen window was where
 she would watch  the bunnies.

Her farmhouse was on top of a hill,
so she had a nice view on that side of her home.
It's where she spent most of her time as well
cooking meals for the family.

When I originally planned out this rug,
I wanted all of my animals to be black,
white, or a mixture of both.
This bunny was supposed to be black and white.

After hooking my skunk
I decided I wanted to change up the rest
of my animals.

I intended this fellow to be brown.
I grabbed some of the many worms
I got from Lauren
(Rugs and Pugs)
I outlined in what I thought was brown worms....
really turned out to be more of an olive green
once I put it in the sun.
No worries though.
I just added more of my blue/ olive green wool,
and more olive green.
I love the color.

Now every bunny needs a carrot.
Added this as an afterthought as well.
Did not want an orange carrot,
so opted for dirty white.
Using up lots of Lauren's worms.
Thanks Lauren!

Looking at the carrot now in this photo,
I may change the carrot top.
Not sure if I like it now.
Time will tell.

Always cooking meals in her kitchen,
gramma enjoyed watching her bunnies.
They would be out there most of the day
eating the clover in the yard.
She sure liked her bunnies,
but look out birds when her strawberries
were starting to ripen.
She was not a happy camper then. 

I have been hooking a bit more lately,
so more to show in future posts.

Do you have an obsession?

Bunny Obsession Blessings To All!

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Clover Leaf Hunting

Hello friends!

Well with St Patty's Day tomorrow,
I found a few clovers to share around my home,
even though they are not the real ones.

One being this clover blue slip crock.

One of my glass coffee jars.
This one from the 1940's.

Finally a clover leaf ginger beer bottle.

When I was a pre-teen,
I once spent the entire day in a clover patch 
on gramma B's farm.
I tried my best to find a four leaf clover.
Never did find one try as I may though.

Did you ever try to find one and succeed?

Hope everyone has a
Happy St Patrick's Day tomorrow.

Clover Leaf Blessings To All!

Friday, March 12, 2021

Maerh CupboardScape

Hello all!

Whenever I think of the month of March, 

the color that comes to mind is green.

Although there are primitives in green,

I have never been a fan of them.

Therefore the green I added for this month's
CupboardScape is just the plants.
Took this pic in the sunshine.

I so love this new cement bunny planter.
These are for sale in our shoppe.
You know me and bunnies!

This wall hanging is on linen.
Green plants once again.

Do you own any green prims or antiques?
Or do you just use green plants like I do?

A Promise Of Spring Blessings To All!

Monday, March 8, 2021

Hooked Carrots

 Howdy do all!

Well I managed to get me hook out for a bit.

When I hooked my Indian corn back in the Fall,
I knew then I wanted to hook some carrots
for Spring.

I used up what orange I had left.

Only made nine of these.

Each carrot is backed with the color wool I used.

Then before I stitched and stuffed them,
I painted up some jute, and coffee stained it
for the greens.

I had fun hooking these up!

Not sure why I only photographed seven,
as I did make nine.
Oh well.
Currently for sale in our gift shop.
Our back room is decorated for Spring now.
Waiting on my big order though to arrive....
hopefully will come soon.

For those in the neighborhood,
Bob and I decided to close the store
Monday and Tuesday now until May 1st.
Wed thru Sunday we are still open
11:00am until 5:00pm.
Tundra and I still work weekends.
Hope to see you soon!

Most are already spoken for.

Carrot Blessings To All!

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Peek A Boo

Day 4 of March.

16 days until Spring!

Hello my friends!

My new lil bunny says

Made from this fun linen and blue flowered fabric.
I primmed up the fabric, but wanted to leave 
the linen as is.
Whiskers can be moved to how one likes.
(I forgot to move these above)

I actually purchased this fabric to match
the two  yarns I already had.
I used this yarn to crochet these scarfs.
Some in white.

Others on pink.

Perfect pairing for both.

A great Spring bunny ready for sale at the store.

Peek A Boo Blessings To All!