Sunday, March 31, 2024

Sunday Starts

Hello all of my dear friends!
This latest project
started back on February 4th.

This one is called Patriotic Pinwheel Parade.
A perfect stitch for July 4th decor.
Perfect also for a bunny lover like me!
I plan on doing this one the 4th of each month.
Hopefully it will be completed by July 4th.

My first day progress.
February 4th.
Almost completed a quarter of the flag banner
at the top.

March 4th flag progress.
Its gonna be a long one...

Once I get to the bunnies it will be 
fun stitching on this one,
since I so love bunnies.
Stitching this one on 36 ct Cream & Sugar
from Fiber on a Whim.
Using most of the called for colors.
Swapped out the orangey red for Red Licorice.
Who wants orange for July 4th?
Not me.
Also changed the white to White Lighting.
Both Weeks Dye Works.
The other colors are DMC.

My next attempt is this one.
This is my next sampler for my heritage wall.

It's called 
"A Little Quakeresque"
but for me it has been nothing but
"A Big Headache"

I think I told Lauren there were 4 motifs stitched.
I lied. Only 3.
I thought this would be a fun pattern.
A no brainer with only one color floss.
These little motifs seem easy, but are a pain to me.
Every one thus far I have had to frog. Grrr
I really have to count these motifs.
There are 81 of them....this is going to be a long stitch.
Even though I love blue, may get bored with one color.
I will not be stitching the four corner border.

When finished this will have all four
of my great grand fathers names/ dates.
Hopefully it will look as nice once completed
as my other family sampler.

Using only one color of floss.
Classic Colorworks Blue Corn.
Again this should be easy because there are 
no color changes to deal with.
Again GRRR.

In other news,
my mom loved the tribute sampler I stitched
in memory of her parents & grandparents.
Her eyes lit up when she looked at it.
I was so glad my first one was for her family. 
She even wondered what glass it was.
She also told me she now found out her
paternal grandfathers birth year.
All we had was his death year.
We now know he passed 
when he was just 34 years old.
Other than he died from pneumonia,
we know nothing else about him.
I will include his birth date
in this current sampler.

Larry's 100th birthday party was a success,
even though it was a rainy day.
He told us the story of him going into the army
at 18 years old in World War II.
He was wounded in the leg and spent 4 months
in a Paris hospital before returning back to his
regiment in Germany.
In the final days of the war, many gathered
in the arena that Hitler used for his speeches.
There remained a Nazi swastika hanging.
At the beginning of the celebration,
they covered the swastika with the American flag,
amid heavy cheers from the crowd.
It was here that Audie Murphy (the actor)
was honored for his bravery.
At this time we thanked Larry for his service
with a round of applause by all.
He spent 27 months fighting for our country.
Thank you again Larry for your service.
Thank you again to those who sent in cards.

Well I best get ready for Easter Brunch.
We always have our dinner at noon.
Ham and fixins.
Cannoli and strawberry rhubarb pies for dessert.
Hope everyone enjoys their Easter who celebrate.

Sunday Start Blessings To All!


Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Whippy Wednesday

Hello my friends.
Today I have a few WIP's to share.
First up is Love Always.
This is my daily lunch project now.
I really would like to get this one finished,
even though it will be put away until next
Valentine's Day.
I sure do need to get some projects completed. LOL

As you know am not a fan of pink,
but the rosy pinks in this piece I am loving.
I hate putting it down every day.
I thought there would be lots of frogging
in this one with the right side of the house,
but surprisingly I had none.
Was debating on whether to keep the kitty
gray or change to brown.
Bob said keep it gray for our Shadow kitty.
Not finished though.

Here is pattern cover.
So glad the called for floss colors are more muted.

Next up is Spring Gathering.
I decided to stay with the called for floss
for the bunny.
Sometimes you just have to trust the designer.
I may do an outline around his tail though,
since it is hard to see with my linen choice.
Alas this one did not get done in time for 
my Spring displays.
I worked on this one for a few hours last Saturday.
So many projects I want to do...
so little time to do them all.

Here is the Spring Gathering pattern.
Using all the called for floss,
even though my eggs are not pink.
Also the bunny's chest is white in the pic too,
whereas more of a cream in the called for floss
This is also fine by me.
Sometimes these patterns pics are not the colors at all.

Finally Block 5 of
Halloween at Hawk Run Hollow.
This baby was almost a full coverage block.
It took me 16 evenings and 2 Saturdays to complete.
Was not a fan of this one from the get go.
To me this did not SCREAM Halloween.
If not for the 2 bats and 2 skulls in the water,
to me this was just an under water scene.
Also the larger necklace above the skull was suppose
to be completed in all French knots.
I chose to do cross stitches....
did not want to do that many knots.

The next block will actually be 2 blocks in 1.
I will start on the left side first.
Do you want me to show you 
my progress next month?
Or should I wait & show in 2 months?
Hopefully I will finish by then...
Let me know.
At least I will enjoy doing this next one.
Yaya will love it too!

Blocks 1, 2 and 5.

Blocks 3 and 4.

Smell my feet and little pear were kept
in the cabinet this month.
Too much time spent on this big project.

In other news,
The workers who took out my daughters dishwasher,
did something with the waterline.
Now she has a leak....
She is running on empty.
She works full time.
She has to take my granddaughter 
to school and back since she cannot walk now.
She continues to go to the house for inspections.
She continues with her back therapy.
She still has her charity planning event weekly.
She was so tired the other day, she fell asleep
at her jobs parking lot when she arrived for work.
So glad she did not fall asleep at the wheel. 

My mom will be coming on Thursday.
I will see if she can bring her roll recipe.
Will share for those who wanted it.

Also thank you to those who sent cards for Larry.
You know who you are.
I will give them to him on Saturday.

Whippy Wednesday Blessings To All!

Saturday, March 23, 2024

March CupboardScape

Hello friends.
Mother Nature got mad at us.
We had almost 5 inches of snow yesterday.
The Robins are flying back South....
at least I would if I was them.

Today's cupboardscape is all about bunnies,
mixed in with a few other items.
Most of the bun buns I made. 

I did hook the egg, just like I hooked the mat from
my last post.

This wood bunny basket is special
because my dad made this one.
He made tons of these in all colors and sold them
 at craft shows in the late 80's.

This is a very old wood egg crate.

The crocks are both cake crocks.
These would have been placed in the coals
to make your cake.

Not much going on right now.
Will spend my weekend doing
the normal chores and getting in some stitching.
We will go to the grocery store 
for all of  the Easter fixins.
I am hosting.

What will you be doing this weekend?

March CupBoardScape Blessings To All!

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Spring Is Here

Spring is here,
although we had snow off and on yesterday.
Here are some snippets of my Spring displays.
I know Robin will be drooling at the last pic.
Saundra and Lauren may like my mat.
For those who like bunnies like me, will like this too.

So this bunny mold was something Bob brought
home a few weeks ago.
A customer came to the store and just gave it to him.
She would not take any money for it...
and because Bob still has short term memory loss,
he does not remember who gave it to him.
When he showed it to me, I was in shock.
This is a $500 antique mold.
This treasure will be loved forever by me.
I could never imagine spending 
this kind of money for this piece. 
(which is why I never had one)
There was a lady from Germany whose blog I followed.
She stopped blogging now.
Each Easter she showed her antique bunny molds.
I always drooled looking at them all.
Thank you, thank you to the customer
who gave this to Bob.
You have no idea what this means to me.

In other news,
Chatty Crone asked me what museum glass is.
It is a glass that is non- reflective while being
super clear. 
In other words, 
it will not have a glare like normal glass.

My daughter and kiddos stayed at a hotel
over the weekend, and now will be temporarily
housed in an apartment near them until
the house is fully cleaned..
It will take approximately three months.
They will need to remove everything from
her house, then determine what can be saved
or what needs to replaced.
She took what she wanted and also took pics
of everything just in case something comes
up missing.

One of my co-workers who had fought cancer,
has passed away the other day at only 46.
She has 4 school aged children.
She went on disability about seven years
 ago to spend more quality time with 
her family.
At that time she was only given a year to live.
She frequented the University of Michigan
hospital for all of her treatments.
Which is hard, because it is almost a three
hour drive from us here.
Please say a wee prayer for her family.
Her husband's father and my father were cousins.
It is a small world out there. 

Well have to get my butt in gear to drive to work.
Hope everyone enjoys their first day of Spring.
Stop and smell the flowers.
Or in my case, stop and count the robins.
There were over 25 robins on the lawn 
yesterday at work. I did stop to count them.
The most in one area I have ever seen.

Spring Has Arrived Blessings To All!
(at least on paper now)


Friday, March 15, 2024

A Friday Finish

 Hello dear friends.
Well today I am proud to say I have
my first finish.

I started this sampler in October of last year.
Finished in late February this year.
This will be my first in a series of samplers
where I want to add my ancestors names to.
This one is homage to my maternal
 grandparents and their parents (my great grandparents)

I chose this black frame.
Although it does not really show here,
it does have some red in it.
It compliments the red in the sampler.

We do not have any local framers in our small town,
so I travelled a half hour to or nearest
Hobby Lobby to have this framed.
I was a bit hesitant on taking it to them.
After all it took me 4 months to complete this.
However the lady who waited on me was very patient.
She even told me I did not have to pay for it
until I absolutely loved it.
Well I loved it at first sight. 

I did choose also to have museum glass. 
It was a bit more, but well worth it.
When I got it home,
I added my index card to the back
with all of pertinent information;
ie: pattern name, linen color, floss used,
date I started and finished, plus
all of the information 0n 
my grandparents and great-grandparents
on the back side.

Using the same letters  and numbers
in the sampler pattern,
I took graph paper and added my names
and dates for placement on this piece.
Stitched these using a green and red floss 
for my grandmother and her parents, 
while using gold/ brown
for my grandfather and his parents. 
We could not find a birthdate 
for my one great grandfather,
so the one on the bottom just has the date
he passed way.
He died very young of pneumonia,
and my mom never knew him.

Back in September when I first told my mom
 I wanted to do this,
she was tickled to help me in the research.
We travelled to all of the cemeteries all over the area
 so I could get the pertinent info I needed.

She will be here for Easter and I cannot wait
to show her...and I know she will be pleased.

Eventually this will be hung on one of my blank walls
in our keeping room.
I am going to call this my Heritage wall.
For now it will reside on my cabinet
until I get more samplers completed.

I already have my next one 
planned and started.
This next one will probably take me longer
than 4 months. 
It already is giving me problems....grrr,
but I am bound and determined to get this done.

In other news,
my daughter will be checking into a hotel
so that her house can be cleaned.
She did put in a claim for the fire.
We offered for her to come stay with us,
but she chose the hotel as it is closer to
her work and Mikayla's.

We had a few thunderstorms roll in yesterday,
but mostly it rained all day.
Cold and damp though.

It's Friday.
Hope everyone has a great weekend.
More cleaning for me...
what will you be doing?

Friday Blessings To All!

Monday, March 11, 2024

Spring Fling

Today's post is all about Spring.
Don't know about you,
but I am ready for it.
So is our store.
Without further ado,
lots of store pics for you viewing pleasure.

Bob had a much larger fireplace mantle
stuffed away somewhere.
He always amazes me.
He placed it in the middle.
Painted it an off white with a black insert,
like our keeping room.
Then he built bookcases on either side.
Slat board on top.
It fits our new space well.

Hope you enjoyed my first pics of Spring.

In other news,
Saturday I did more Spring cleaning.
This time the living room.
Also did laundry, swept the floors,
and found 2 more dogs. (dog hair) LOL
Then stitched a bit.
Made dinner which was a stuffed pepper casserole.
Had it again last night as I made too much,
but still good.

Counting the days until the Soo Locks open.
Which is March 22nd this year.
The St Lawrence Seaway also opens same day.
Then we will see the freighters more.
Not many coming through this Winter,
even though there was no ice this year.
Guess the economy is hitting them as well.

We had an inch of snow overnight into the morning,
but by evening was gone.

Take care everyone.
Off to work.

Spring Fling Blessings To All!