Friday, November 30, 2018

Its A Corncob Christmas

Good happy TGIF my friends.
I am not sure what I will expect when I walk 
out the door this morning.
Suppose to have snow or freezing rain, or both.
Not looking forward to my drive 
into work today in the dark.
Sometimes driving along the river
 can be a bit dicey this time of year.

For my next display 
I added this strip of fabric
to my picture frame.
Then I added silver ornaments 
with more of the strips of fabric.

I had this piece of fabric 
that was originally a dried meat bag.
I ripped the edges where you see the red stripe.

I love the simplicity of the ornaments
hanging above our man picture.
I was drawn to him at an antique store,
so I bought it.
My cousin came over this Summer and said
"He looks just like your brother".
OMG he does I exclaimed.
I never realized it at the time, 
but he does look like my brother.

Next I hung this stocking to the left.

Pantry boxes and firkin.

Chestnuts in an early bowl.

A few candy canes with a die cut santa.

So then I found this Santa coloring page.
 I drew it up and traced it on pages
from an old book.

I did the same with these trees.

Now when Julie from
My Primitive Heartstrings
blog posted some similar to these
for her Christmas goodes sale....
I was stunned.
Her's which were from a pattern
from Cinnamon Creek were almost like mine.
So if you would like to purchase some,
please visit Julie's blog.
Or you can also purchase the pattern from
Cinnamon Creek's Etsy site.
I made mine just for personal use.

I strung my cranberry garland.
I love how it dries up with age.

I also hung these die cut Happy Holidays tags.

My friend Ruth mailed me more of these
candle lights that I lost in our van mishap.
Are they not the cutest!

She also made these prim graters 
from tobacco sticks and bent old grater pieces.
Thank you Ruth for shipping more to me.
I love them so.

My latest rug in red and white.
If you notice I placed my cheese ladder
on top of the red grain measure.
Also added these fuzzy candy canes 
I purchased at the show.

Night time view.

I think my man gave his stamp of approval.
I need to give him a name.
Any ideas on what his name should be?
For my new followers,
I truly believe this man saved
 our home from burning down.
It's a long story,
but he holds a place of distinction
now in our home. 
Wow he sure does look like my brother Tom.

In other news,
starting today my posts will be every other day
now until Christmas.
I have so much to share with you all.

Remember my next post will be on Sunday.
Hope you enjoy the first part of the weekend.

Corncob Tree Blessings To All!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Socks Santa And A Shetland Sheep

Happy snowy, rainy sunshine of a day folks!
Yep here in Michigan we can expect all three
of these weather phenoms in one day.

Did you know that Christmas was not legal
until 1836 and Alabama was the first state
to adopt Christmas?

Before that it was thought to be a Pagan holiday,
which was passed down by England's Puritans
in the 1600's and then by those Puritans
who came to America.

The law stuck throughout the New England colonies.

Eventually we came to our senses,
as each state began to adopt Christmas.
However, the last state to adopt our holiday
was Oklahoma in 1907.  

Today start the reveal of my 2018
Christmas present.

With this post I bring you this pretty 
red/ blue plaid fabric.
Who cares about this fabric Janice?
Well this is what I made from it.

Keep scrolling down.

I made lil (socks) stockings.

Are they not the cat's PAJAMAS.

I only made enough for this lil tree.
Lil stockings for a lil tree.
I did remove the bunny and collar box
once my present arrived.

You have more?
Why yes I do.

Now this Santa is the Cat's MEOW!

My very first Arnett Santa.
A birthday present to myself.
Which BTW is Sunday.
Bob approved. LOL

I love how he is holding this prim candle.

A good grouping don't you think?
Well, it needed a lil punch.
Remember my 1 3 5 rule.

So I added this shetland sheep.
It now PURRS!

But Janice, this looks a bit bare above?
Why yes it does friends.
Yes it does.
It's missing the paw stamp of approval.
I am working on it.
Will show you all at a later date.
Can you guess what I am making?
It does start with another letter "S"

Hope everyone has a sparkling day!

Socks, Santa and Sheep Blessings To All!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Christmas Past

Happy Happy Saturday All!
Hope you survived Black Friday.
I worked from home yesterday.
No shopping for me.

With the Holiday Season now underway...
I wanted to take a step back and look at a

A few pictures of our home
from years past.

In my upcoming posts,
I look forward to sharing with you all
the newest vignettes for Christmas 2018.

Bob and I host many parties at our home
for family and friends,
so I like to go all out each year
with my decor.

As Bob puts it...
we have a forest of trees everywhere. LOL

My mom use to decorate 
most of her rooms at our family home.
She decked the halls for sure.
Now it's my turn.
My dad would be in charge of the
Christmas tunes on our Hi Fi (stereo)
It was the most wonderful time of the year!!!

Hope you enjoyed snippets of our
Christmas past.
The remaining posts for the year,
will be Christmas Present.

Well, off to decorate!
One of my favorite times of the year.

Will you be decorating this weekend?

Christmas Past Blessings To All!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

November CupboardScape

Hello Friends!
Can you believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow?
We will be having two dinners this year.
  My family always has dinner at 12:30pm.
So we we will be going to my sisters for
our first feast.
Our second feast will be at dear FIL's.
He wants to host us this year.
My already fat belly will be fatter tomorrow. LOL

When we gather this Thanksgiving with 
friends and/or family,
let us be reminded of the hardships
the Pilgrims endured back in 1620,
for which this holiday is celebrated.

Leaving their homeland 
because of religious persecution.

Leaving their friends and family.

Leaving the security of their home
to travel into uncertainty. 

Leaving the past to create a new future.

Much the same reasons which the Pioneers
travelled out West in the 1800's.

If they had money, they packed their whole life
inside a covered wagon.

Others had to walk the entire way.

It took anywhere from 6 to 8 months
to reach their destinations.

Some died during river crossings.

Some died from just a fever,
while others died from a snake bite.

Sometimes children died just falling 
out of the wagon,
being trampled by a wagon wheel.

Can you imagine having a baby on a wagon train?
Some foremothers did and most of the time
there was no doctor.

It was a hard journey for both 
the Pilgrims and Pioneers.

So as you sit down to celebrate
your Thanksgiving meal,
please take a moment to remember
the Pilgrims and Pioneers
who forged a new way of life
for each and every one of us.
Without these fearless folks,
we may not be here today.

Happy Thanksgiving Blessings To All!


Sunday, November 18, 2018

Breckenridge Show Pics

Happy snowy Sunday friends!
Yes it is snowing here this morning.
I actually like snow on the trees.
It is pretty!

Today I wanted to show you the eye candy
from the Breckenridge show. 

So wish I had more money to spend...

This is always my favorite booth.
Love how they set it up.

This is the biggest spinning wheel
I ave ever seen.

I am not a green person,
however this green tin pie safe was awesome!

Loved this uge bowl with the glass shade.

Yummy smelling gingerbreads.

Santas in a pail.

This horse actually was ours.
I did not know another antique dealer 
purchased it from us.
Still looks good!

The remaining pics are from our booth.

Off to make breakfast.
Then starting my Christmas decorating.
Since I only have the weekends to
decorate, I want to start now,
so I can enjoy the Season.

What are your plans today!

Snowy Sunday Blessings To All!