Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Better Late Than Never

Good morning friends!
Well I forgot to show you my pics
of the living room Easter displays.
Better late than never so they say.

Fabric bunnies with my chocolate box.

This is the bunny that when given
a dye bath came out way too dark.
The same egg will be shown in my last pic...
that one not coffee stained.

I paired the bunny with these antique
cast iron door stoppers.
Both are flower baskets.
I remember gramma B having one of these.
They are pretty heavy.
Do you remember these?
There were all kinds of different ones. 

Also added a brown pantry box
and one of my topiaries.
(these are usually on my fireplace mantle)

Changed chairs here.
Brought in the prim one with a Spring quilt.

On the prim table now.

These faux eggs were inside a smaller
black pantry box.

Decided to add this prim doll to the horse.
Underneath the rye basket holds my child shoes.

My very first doll I created using
stained muslin and a piece of antique ticking.
I still love her!

Finally this one in our bath.
See that egg.
Next year will need to lightly stain them.

In other news.
More snow for us it seems. UGH
When is Spring going to stay?

One week from now I head back
to the new office where I will be working from.
Just Wednesday and Thursday.
Tundra will now go with Bob to the store.
We do not trust him at the house
by himself with the kitties.
Another adjustment for him as likes
his routines. LOL

Please say a wee prayer for one of my
blogging friends.
She just found out she has breast cancer.
I do not want to mention her name,
but it was a small tumor and well,
I always believe in the power of prayer.
You all are the 

Better Late Than Never Blessings To All!

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Paper Daffodils

 Happy Saturday evening my friends.
Hope all is going well for you.

I created these paper daffodis 2 years ago
when we launched our gift shop.
They all sold at that time.
It was then that I knew customers were
looking for handmades.
I decided to make more again this year.
These are my patterns.

Once I cut what looks like a 6 sided star,
I fold each petal in half.

I also fold over the inner piece.
Using simple Elmers School glue, 
I glue the pieces.
I use the kind that is purple when applied
and dries clear.

The finished project.

Made these in all yellow,
and some in white and yellow cardstock paper.

Lastly also these ones in pink and white.
I sold so many this year,
that I am not even sure if there are any left.

In other news,
I went to my mom's yesterday after work.
We each had a salmon dinner at the restaurant in town.
I went up there to do some antiquing.
The three stores were having a Spring sale.
Bob was going to work the gift shop for me.
Well he called me at 8:30 this morning
and said our worker called in sick at our antique store.
So I was only able to go to one store and then
Rushed back to town to work the gift shop.
I was late opening, but oh well.

I did bring back three cool items.
An old hooked rug, a makedo light 
and an early white pitcher.
Will show these in another post.
Saundra I will make sure I take a pic of the back too.

Well am going to watch a bit of tv now.
Hope everyone has a great weekend,
what's left of it!

Paper Daffodil Blessing To All!

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

The Joy Of Easter

 Hello Friends!
Hope everyone enjoyed their
Easter festivities for all that celebrate.

I hosted Easter dinner.
My sister and BIL,
Bob's dad and my mom.
My son Matt also joined us.
My daughter now has C Diff and is contagious.
It seems always something is going wrong for her.
Matt ended up being Uber eats
and brought dinner to her afterwards.

I did not do much in the way of
decorating for Easter this year.
This is the few things I added in the kitchen.

Bob brought home this vintage 
Easter candy box. 
at one time it held coconut cream eggs.
He knows I love old boxes.

Moved some of my iron bunnies here too.

This is my table area currently.
I changed it out for an Easter tablecloth
for dinner though. 

A simple display on this pine cabinet.

Faux flowers and crocks.

One fabric egg in this small galvanized container.

I have had this wood crate piece for years.
It was part of a Standard Egg Company egg crate.

Finally my large bunny and a few other 
Spring items.

In other news,
my mom and I broke our 15 dozen pierogi,
by making 18 dozen in two days this time.
We ended up gifting 2 dozen each to family members.

Yesterday we had a snow storm come in.
Mom and I went to breakfast and she headed home
just before it started.
It started snowing after noon and continued
 into the night.
I swear Mother Nature is playing an 
April Fools on us all month.

Well back to work now.
Vacation is over.
Hope everyone enjoys their day!

Joy Of Easter Blessings To All!

Friday, April 15, 2022

April CupboardScape

Hello friends!
Hope this post finds you all safe and well.
Having a blast with my mom here.
We have done lunch each day thus far.
Yesterday we made 6 dozen pierogis.
Today we will be making more.


Today's CupboardScape I decided
 to feature the colors of the Ukraine flag.
Blue and yellow.
Their citizens have been on my mind for weeks.
The horrors they are facing which they 
never asked for.
I pray this war ends soon for them. 
I praise their president for being 
the leader they have.

This Easter weekend,
please take some time to be thankful for what you have.
Take some rime to send good thoughts & prayers
to those in Ukraine.

Happy Easter Blessings To All!

Monday, April 11, 2022

Let Spring Begin

 Well Spring has arrived.
On the calendar at least.
Today I feature our Spring room.
Bunnies * Bunnies * Bunnies

Do you remember this tree?
It was in the Halloween room last year.

Totally different then.
Green and purple lights.
Spanish moss and black leaves.
Handmade Halloween ornaments completed it.

Just to let you know, I do have quite
a few blogging buddies who purchase items 
they see on my blog. 
If you ever see something you like, 
just email me and I will give you a price
with shipping.
We do have to charge sales tax though
since this is our business.
Michigan sales tax is 6%.
I try to accommodate, but sometimes
items are sold.

We did move all of the Easter out of the room now
and placed up front in the windows.
Now the back room is set up for Spring
and a few Summer items.

In other news,
I am on vacation this week.
My mom will be coming down and staying
for about a week.
We will be once again making 
potato and cheese perogies.
A dozen for all.
It will take us a few days but worth it!

Will also be going to lunch
with my daughter and grands one day this week.
They are on Spring break.
My daughter still cannot drive long distances,
so I will drive with my mom out to meet them.

Also Bob almost gave me a heart attack.
He was working on some Summer wood projects
on Saturday when I was working the store.
He managed to almost cut his thumb off
on his band saw.
He did not tell me until I came home. 
Should have had stitches, but he is a stubborn one.
Thank goodness he is ok.
It was his left thumb, and he is let handed too.

We had our first thunderstorm of the season
early this morning.
Bob told me Tundra was outside,
and when he heard the first clap of thunder.
he wanted inside right away.
Just wondering if he is going to be like 
my gramma B's Samoyed named Boots.
He always howled when a storm came in.

Well off to eat a cherry almond muffin,
watch a bit of local news and then 
Spring clean the house as I am hosting
Easter dinner for my family.

Have a spectacular start to the week my friends!

Let Bring Begin Blessings To All!

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Bob's Creativity

Hello friends!
I first want to thank everyone who commented
on Mary's cabinet.
It is an awesome one for sure!
If you follow Mary at
Windy Meadow Farm,
she will do a post once she decides
on her own display.

Today I wanted to share what Bob 
has been up to.

These are the wood 
"Peeps" bunnies he created.
The yellow was everyone's favorite it seems.
He kept making more of that color.

He made these wood tulips too!
Shades of rose, pink and purple.

White, orange and yellow.
Add some flower foam to a vase of your choice.
Stick a tulip inside for a fun display!
Plus these don't need watering.

I also love these bunny baskets!
This was a pattern my dad had.
Filled with green grass for a great
Easter display.
Add candy if you choose.

In other news.
Driving through the marsh the other day,
a car in front of me was flying in my opinion.
He ended up driving into a swan that
was crossing the road.
The swan of course died, and the guys 
car had major front end damage.
Do I feel sorry for him.
Now unfortunately, since this is nesting season,
this was a male swan who was killed.
Now because he cannot aid the female,
the eggs may never hatch.
Plus swans mate for life.
So sad overall.

May 4th I have been told I can return
back to the office for work.
Now I am not thrilled about this,
because my office has moved to another city.
My commute will be 20 minutes longer.
Plus I will no longer be driving along 
our fine river each day.
Also I will not have an office overlooking
the same river.
Guess I should be thankful I still have a job.
The good thing, is I only have to go in
twice a week.
Glad for this since gas prices have increased too.

Well off to my home office for now.

Pre Easter Blessings To All!

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Asking For A Friend

Hello Friends.
Mary from
Windy Meadows Farm
asked me if I had any suggestions
on how to display her prim cabinet below.

Apparently it has been out in the barn,
and she has brought it inside.
What a fine cabinet and so glad she
finally decided to bring it inside her home.

Now when I first saw this cabinet  
my first thought on how to decorate it was to
add a large basket on top.
Add bittersweet to the basket.
3 pumpkins on the bottom shelf.
Plus make a garland of marigolds to
hang from drawer to drawer.
If you grow marigolds,
when you dead head them,
just take some embroidery floss to a needle
(measure first how long you need the garland to be)
and string them to make your garland.
Make sure you make a loop on each end to hang.

Now I do not have a cabinet like Mary's 
to show exactly how I would decorate it.
Just pretend there are the drawers in the middle.
Pitchers would make a statement for sure.
I you have a piece of linen or blue ticking,
place it on top on an angle before adding
the pitchers.
Let hang over the right drawer a bit and
move the pitchers on the bottom so you can
see them. 

I noticed Mary had some bowls in her cabinet
in the here is my bowl display.

I also spotted an oil lamp in her pic.
So I added some of my baby shoes for this display.
You could also just put shoes in a bowl
 on the bottom shelf.

This one has my cake crocks and just
one crock on top.
I have quite a few 2 gallon crocks.
I like this size because they are easy to move
and display.

If you have pantry boxes,
this is another simple idea.
I added one sugar bucket on top of the box.

Linens and quilts also make a fine display.

 Wood bowls are a simple one too.

For Christmas add a little tree
 with some Santa's all around.
Bottle brush trees and other fun Christmas items.
Or more Christmas figurines with greens added in.
A cranberry garland is a must for the drawers.

For a Winter display create a pinecone garland 
and maybe add a mitten to each drawer pull too.

For different garland ideas for the drawers,
a sweet potato garland is fun!
Cut a sweet potato into cubes.
Attach to a six strand floss using a needle.
Again make sure you measure the floss first
for the length.
Dry the garland in a 200 degree oven
on waxed paper until dried.
The sweet potato will shrink, but it looks awesome!

A garland of mini yellow gourds.
Orange or apple slices.
You can make yourself or purchase on Ebay.
I have also used whole slit oranges
I purchased from Ebay for garland too.

For the top shelf before adding your display items,
you can drape quilt pieces, ticking, fabric
or coverlet pieces if you choose to.
You can hide a drawer or not.
Choice is totally up to you.

Now for my blogging friends.
Do you have a suggestion for how to decorate
Mary's cabinet?
The dimensions are 17 1/2 inches tall,
38 1/2 inches long and 16 inches deep.
The bottom shelf is 8 inches tall,
14 inches deep and 35 inches long.

Will enjoy hearing how you would 
decorate this beauty!

Friend To friend Blessings To All!