Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter Whites

Happy Hump Day Friends!
Yesterday here in Michigan it started out with a foggy mist.
Turned into thunderstorms with pouring rain.
Now this morning we have flooding in our low lying areas,
and it is still raining.
Tonight the temps will fall from 55 to 20,
with winter snow back on its way.

With that said,
at the current time I prefer my inside whites
than the white outside...
Here are a few of my
Winter Whites.

What is your favorite Winter Color? 

Winter White Blessings To All

Monday, January 28, 2013

Snowy Side Of Life

Good morning friends.
This morning as I write this,
I have to deal with snow and ice on the roads.

Last year we had a very abnormal winter
here in Michigan
with no snow and ice.
Although some folks may not like snow and ice,
we need it here to protect our waterways.
Seeing this ice flowing down is a welcoming sight for us. 
The snow and ice help the water not evaporate.
Because we had no ice the whole winter last year
the water level in our big river dropped 2 feet.
Come stroll with me through one of our many river parks.
This lighthouse was a navigation light used by many
freighters in the early days.

Not much activity right now... 

But our five river parks are booming with folks
enjoying our St Clair River in the Summer.

To the left of the trees is the ferry which
crosses over to Sombra Ontario Canada.
The river is so calm this morning...
just wish it was not that cold.

Winter Icy Blessings To All

Friday, January 25, 2013

A Few Touches Of Romance

Valentine Romance

Good morning my friends.
It is snowy and cold here in my neck of the woods,
so I thought I would bring out the romance

Do you have a little romance in your home?

Pre Valentine Blessings To All!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Stars Are So Bright

This time of the year
there are a zillion stars out at night.
Unable to get a picture of them though.
So I thought I would show you my indoor stars.
On the ceiling. 
Which reflect from our prim lighting.
Well after our January thaw of 60 degree weather a few weeks back,
now we are back into the bitter cold.
It was so cold and windy that we lost power overnight
for almost 3 hours.
Glad we were covered up in our cozy quilts.
Bob wanted some lunch and I had to run up to the bank
before I went to get his lunch.
 Today the river was so blue uptown,
however the temp on the bank sign read 23 degrees Fahrenheit.
Brrr..and tomorrow the high will only be 14.
 Tonight we will be getting 8 inches of snow.
It has started already....
Remember to comment on my last post if you would like to be entered into the giveaway.
Plus get me over that 200 mark!
Thank you to all of my current and new followers
Starlight Blessings To All!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Valentine Giveaway

My first giveaway for the year.
You get to choose which three hearts you would like.

 Glass Beaded Sprinkle Cookie Hearts
(sorry pic a bit blurry)

Or 3 of these Pink Silver Heart Cookies


1. Must be a follower.
2. Only American and Canadian bloggers please.
3. Extra points for posting on your blog. (3 extra)
4. New Followers allowed.
5. Must comment to this post with which hearts you would like to win.

Drawing to be held February 6th.

Extra Bonus:
Now since Bob has been bragging that he is almost at 200
on his Facebook page...I would love to get there before him.
So if I can get to 200 before him...I will add another surprise goodie to this giveaway.

Good Luck Everyone!
Heart Blessings To All!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Our Mini Shopping Spree

Been off the radar a few days.
Trying to get my Christmas items down
before Valentines comes. LOL
Now its in one big pile ready for Bob to take up in the attic.
So glad he is patient and will do this for me...
Seems like the piles never end.
So I took the day off Friday for a clinic appt.
Bob went with me.
The bank I work for is having all of the employees take a wellness test
at different clinics in the area.
If I choose not to take the test,
then they will raise my health insurance $500.00 more per year.
I opted to take the test...
which was not good...
I knew my blood pressure was a bit high on Friday when I went
but this is what it was the first time.
165/ 112 (extremely high)
Then the nurse took it again.
158/ 110 (still not good)
Then she had me do some breathing exercises.
It went down to 145/ 109
which is still not good.
Finally after 10 minutes
she took it once again.
Back up to 165/ 109.
Now I have to make a real appt to visit my doctor.
Wish me luck.
So after that we went shopping for a new bedspread.
Something prim for our bed.
We found this 

A nice simple soft tan one...
which got Peeps approval once I put it on the bed.
Then I added these feedsacks as pillows.
Love the patches on these.
But not sure if they need to be aged or not.
They are very soft to sleep on..not picky at all.
Also added one my quilts to the bottom.
Folded it on the blue stripe tick side...
very old and aged.
So Ace wants to know.
Should I stain these pillowcases or leave them as they are.
What do you think?
Cozy Blessings To All!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Finishing Touch

When I added the bench into the room,
it needed something.
The good thing about owning an antique store,
is sometimes Bob lets me shop our store.
The key word here is sometimes. LOL
This is what he let me take out.
An Early dry paint red table.

Added some orange peel to a wood bowl.
Plus this prim candle made from an old mallet.
 I also placed two stoneware crocks
and added an early small rug underneath.

Of course Ace had to lay on the quilt I added to the bench.
Guess he is telling me it's his bench now.

Finally I placed two of my early splint baskets underneath,
for the finishing touch.

Early Blessings to All!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Color Of The Year

    Every Year I feature Pantone's
Color Of The Year.
This year the color they have chosen
is Emerald Green.

Now Janice, why again are you telling us this?
This is not a prim color.

Well my friends, green is very much a prim color.
It a very rare much desired color.

This early pie safe is green.

In the 17th century,
only Merchants wore green.

In the 18th century,
green glass became fashionable.

Wood bowls, firkins and pantry boxes
were painted green.

Green became a color in stenciling.

Green is one of those colors that is very hard to find...
even for me...but very prim indeed!

Green Blessings to All!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Putting A Little Spring

In My Step...
Well really our Home. LOL

  A couple of yellowware pitchers
Beehive pattern on the left and sponge to the right.

 One of my many favorite quilts.

Bringing in a little color to cozy up my wintertime!

How do you cozy up in the Winter?

Cozy Blessings To All!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Addiction

Ok, so for those of you who have been following me for awhile,
you all know that not only do I own an antique store,
I also love to create goodies from fabric.
I don't always find the time to create many items,
but I still like to do it nonetheless...
and what I can make goes into the store.
Since this is my slow time...LOL
not sure if I really have any
Anyway, I decided to join in on the fun.
Amy from
is hosting a
Humble Heart Swap
This gives me the excuse to visit my favorite fabric store.
Sew Elegant
3909 Pine Grove Ave
Fort Gratiot, MI  48059
The fabric is piled 3 rows high and sorted by color.
Wools, flannel, prints, a section of Christmas.
(I only took a few pics)
So when I found out my swap partner
Fran from
loves brown and orange...
it gave me another excuse to visit my favorite fabric shop.
Did I mention I have an addiction.
Fabric Blessings to All!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Need Your Opinion

Settle benches were made with high backs to protect folks from draughts (drafts)
as early homes did not have much insulation.

This was something Bob and I purchased for our Christmas present.
I think this piece is prim perfection.
Need your opinion. Tell me what you think?
Did we get a good present for each other?

Settle Bench Blessings to all!

Monday, January 7, 2013

What's New

In the Store

Ironstone platters
Ginger Crock Bottles
1800's Basket 

Variety of Crocks
Wood Butter Churn 



Blue Strainers and Mashers

Wallpaper Stamp and Cupid

Prim Blessings To All!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Purging and Paying It Forward

Hi Ya'll
How are you today?
I'm just dandy, thank you.

My dad always told me if you give back
it comes back to you 10 times fold.

So when I saw Mandy's post,
I just wanted to join in.

2013 Creative Pay It Forward....

I will still do my random giveaways throughout 2013,
but this is exclusively designed
for the first 5 folks who comment to this post,
stating that they would
"Like to join in on the fun"!

These 5 folks will receive something special
from me sometime this year.

Since this will be a random surprise for only the first five,
remember ladies and gents,
I do own a prim antique store...hint, hint,
plus I am pretty crafty.

I can promise you it will be something that I would want to receive too!
Of course there are rules to this...

1. Those folks must make the same offer on their own blog
and follow through with the giving.

2. This is only open to USA and Canadian bloggers.
Sorry but the cost to ship International is out of my price range.

3. Remember when you comment you must say you want to join in on the
Pay It Forward 2013 to be counted.

4. I will comment back to the five for your emails and then you can
post the "Pay It Forward 2013" to your own blog.
So what do you say?
Do you have the time to give a little bit to someone else this year?
Do you want to receive some gifts yourself?
If you said yes to these questions,
then hurry and join in on the fun!
Cannot wait to see who wants to be a part of this wonderful gesture of giving.
Now back to my purging part of this post.
I am a pack rat by trade.
My maternal grandmother was a pack rat.
My mother is a pack rat.
Hello my name is Janice
I am also
This year I vowed to
I already started and with 4 large, enormous
garbage bags full,
I feel good about myself!
Started to also purge my Christmas decor until next year.

Two pictures of my cabinet displays.
Before Christmas

After Valentine
Do you think purging is a good thing?
Pack Rat Blessings to all!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Slave Quilts

Our mini journey to the museum
also included veiwing these awesome
quilts made from free slaves.
These textile beauties are reproductions recollecting
the diversity of quilting traditions
that were found within African-American communities.

Lots of hand quilting in this one.


Although you cannot read the redwork on this beauty;
it told of the families journey.
Slaves passed their history through songs before they were free.
Not too shabby for reproductions.
The real McCoy.
This one was protected under glass.
Can you say LOVE LOVE LOVE!
I wanted to take them all home.
Quilting Blessings to All!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Underground Railroad

First, I would like to wish everyone a
Happy New Year!
I look forward to spending another year with all of you.

For my first post of 2013,
Bob and I took a short trip to the museum near us last Friday.
It was quite interesting and we were amazed at how many
underground railroad routes went.
 through Ohio, Michigan and Ontario Canada
and those brave folks who assisted slaves along the way.
If a family of slaves were brought to auction
they most likely would not leave together after.
99% were separated.
A little trivia.
These are true and false questions.

(ordinary individuals were at the heart of this)

(quilts were used, but only quilt blocks)

(It was also usually alone)
(The majority of the routes were in Ohio
 where the Ohio River was named the River Jordan to slaves.
Ontario Canada was the Promised Land.
 The Great Lakes bordering Wisconsin and Michigan were also a welcoming site. Pennsylvania and the other Northern states were also involved,
but not as much as the others.
This is how the slaves were kept in the ships.
They were given a number like cargo.
With shackles on.
Slavery was a hard life for most,
so escaping to a better life in the North
was worth risking but still difficult.
Some were hid in underground tunnels
 that were found in the floor of some one's home.
Others hid for almost a day underneath the floor boards of a home
as in the picture above, where they had to lie still for hours.
Not very comfortable.
Quilts blocks were used to lead the way
 or to alarm the slave who was expected.
Slaves were not allowed to read, 
but they memorized many quilt patterns
 to aid in their journey to freedom. 
This was a sign that their owner or overseer
was in the area and it was not safe.
Follow the North Star.
Go this way.
Freedom Blessings to all!