Saturday, March 19, 2011

This Little Shoe Of Mine

Hello everyone. So I hear tonight is the coming of our Super will be the closest to the Earth since 1993...if you can, be sure to go outside and look at it. It sure was bright and big coming up over the river last night....sorry, we were driving back home from an auction and I did not have my camera. However, I'm going to try to see if I can get a pic tonight...if I remember that is. LOL

Back to my shoe story from the other night's post. This is the picture of the little shoe again.

Now here is what it is used for...Drum Roll Please....

If you said a Shoe Knife, then you were correct. Jim, our guest speaker has been collecting knives for over 30 years. He currently has over 600 with 40 that are his most favorite. I would not want to get on his bad side....Seriously, Jim is a great guy and very knowledgeable and he taught our whole group what to look for if we plan on selling knives in our there are many fakes out there...especially the Bowie Knife. He will not even buy a Bowie Knife, because 90% of them are fakes and he knows of only one person that can tell what the real one looks if you ever want to buy a Bowie Knife...chances are you will be buying a fake.
Here is a better picture of shoe knife that I found  on the internet. They look just like a Victorian Shoe.

The one Jim showed us was black. Pushing on the button by the heel opens it. His shoe knife was made between 1930 and 1940, and they were primarily used as advertising.

Here is Jim (on the left in wearing red) looking at one of the knives that Bob had brought in to appraise for us. Let's just say, Bob did not find the pot of gold at the garage sale he bought those knives at...unlike those folks on the Antiques Roadshow that bought something for $1.00 and its worth $10,000.00...but I still love him anyway.

Pictured from left to right are Jim, Sue Kane (she owns Kane's Townhall Antiques in Romeo, MI), Dee Kelley (she owns Kelley Antiques in Sandusky, MI), and Rock (owner of both Green Gable Antiques and the Atrium Restaurant which are both in Port Huron, MI)

In school History was my favorite subject...I think that is why I became an antique dealer...I love knowing about the history of pieces.

One more little shot of our store before I leave for work....

This is one of the little groupings that I did for St. Patty's Day. Time to change up again, so Heigh Ho. Heigh Ho, its off to work I go.....but this is one job that I really LOVE to do!!!!

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