Sunday, January 29, 2023

January CupboardScape


Hello friends! 
Today's cupboardscape is a Winter memory.
While my mom was here for her last visit,
we reminisced about this.

My mom's mom which I call my gramma B
had a two story farmhouse.
Although she had electricity,
there was no running water or heat inside.
The upstairs did not even have any insulation.
Thus in the Summer in was very HOT.
While the Winter months it was COLD.

When we would spend any Winter evening,
my sister and I would get into our pj's downstairs.
We wore footed pj's until we outgrew them.
Then we would wear our slippers to bed.

Before going to bed, my mom would take
a soapstone by the handle and place it on the wood stove.
(gray soapstone similar to the one above)
Once it was hot enough, she would grab
a heavy towel, grab the soapstone from the stove.
Then she walked upstairs and placed it in between
the feather bed and sheets in our bed upstairs.
Mom always came back down and waited a bit.
Then she would bring the soapstone back down,
and we quickly ran upstairs and jumped into a warm bed.

We never got out of bed until morning.
However by morning our noses were cold.
We really did not want to get out of bed...
but we did.
When I say there was no insulation, 
I meant just that.
You could see all of the wood joints in the walls.
There was no drywall on the walls or ceiling.
Just a wood floor. 
Very primitive indeed.

This was life in our gramma B's farmhouse.
My gramma made all of her feather beds
with feathers from her geese and ducks.
We also had feather pillows.

I added in the black sad irons because these are
also what my gramma B used.
She would also need to put these on the stove
to heat up before ironing.

The big blue tick fabric hanging is an actual
casing for a twin feather bed.
The person I bought this from thought it would
sell faster if she removed all of the feathers from it.
I wish she had not done that.

You can also see other blue tick patterns in some 
of the pillows I have.

In other news.
Today is my sister's 60 birthday.
I will call her in a bit and tell her she s an old lady now. LOL

We are also in store for either another 5 inches,
or a wintry mix this morning.
I just hope we have customers.
Well if not, I will be working on finishing up
my hooked eggs.

Then if I have time,
will work on a poodle skirt ornament.
This will be part of one of my vintage trees.
Am going to have a 1950's themed one.
My mom helped with this.
Am getting excited for this theme!

What's on tap for the remainder of your weekend?

Winter Memory Blessings To All!

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Oh Mother Nature

My last post stated
More Winter
Less Snow.

Oh Mother Nature...
guess you did not read my post.
I forgot we typically now get most of our snow
between the end of January and February.
This was my view out our back window
on Monday morning.
It had snowed all day on Sunday.
I only had 2 customers all day.
I must admit it did give me the chance to 
finish my taxes and order half of my Christmas.
If I was a shopper, I would have stayed home too.
It was a pretty snow though with it sticking to everything.

But now I have the blues.
More snow on the way.
In fact it is already snowing. UGH
So I decided to take pics of some of my own blues.
Pantry boxes on top of kitchen cabinet.

Enamelware milk jug.

Enamel cup and berry bucket.

Cake crock


Do you ever get tired of Mother Nature?

No More Snow Blessings To All!

Saturday, January 21, 2023

More Winter Less Snow

Happy Saturday my friends!
Hope everyone will enjoy their weekend

Today's post are more Winter pics.
This time of our guest room.
My mom spent a few days with us last weekend.
In her younger days she would decorate for
all of the holidays....where I get the decorating bug.
I thought it would be a nice touch to add 
a few displays for her in this bedroom.

These red mitts were my dad's.

My mom gifted me this snowman back in the 80's.

Love my bunnies!

Changed up the brown quilt for this blue one.

In other news, 
  before I open the gift store,
I need to finish up my tax paperwork.
I hate this time of year.

I also have to check in more inventory
that came in yesterday.
More Spring decor.

While my mom was here.
she helped me with my Vintage Christmas theme.
It was fun reminiscing how she decorated
for Christmas when I was a kid.
We even laughed at some stories she brought up.
I wrote many ideas down so as not to forget.

Less Snow Blessings To All!

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Embracing Winter

 Hello friends!
For those who live in the snow belt,
you will know that we have to endure 
at least 3 months of a snowy cold winter.
For my friends in Wisconsin this may be longer.

This is the time where I like to transition
from Christmas to Winter.
I do this yearly to keep me sane 
during the long Winter months.
These are my Winter pics for this year. 

This display is very personal.
Those whom have followed me for a long time
know that my dad made this snowman/
The mitten my aunt made.

My mom made this pillow.

The other mitten my aunt made.

This display also includes an antique sled,
antique skater's lamp and skates along with
some antique jingle bells.

Ways to enjoy the snowy Winter months.

I kept my tree up  minus the Santa's and stockings.
Added in my snowman made from a Beemis bag.

Traded out my chalkware Santa for the oil lamp & teddy.

Took down two sides of my fence to make this display.

Again kept the tree minus the cotton spun fruit.

One last display by the front door.

With a sugar firkin bucket and a snowman I created.
To the right is a punched tin lantern.

The following are nighttime views. 

Makes me happy that I can still enjoy
my white twinkling lights.

Do you decorate for Winter?

Today I spent the entire day at the gift shop
adding in Spring goodies.
Am tired, so going to relax now.

Embracing Winter Blessings To All!

Friday, January 13, 2023

Three Years

Hello all!

Now I know you are probably not even
thinking about Christmas 2023,
but I have to for the gift shop.
Looking at my past three Christmas themes.
I have to decide what my theme will be this year.
Orders have to be in by the end of January,
or I am out of luck.

2020 was the year of Santa.

2021 I opted for Silver and Gold.

2022 was my Nordic theme.
Do you have a favorite?

Well this year my mom is going to help me.
I decided this year's theme will be a
Vintage Christmas.
What better way to get my mom involved.
She is so excited about this!
She will be coming down Sunday,
and we will go over my catalogs,
to get my orders in.

She already gave me some ideas of handmade
items we can make together
This will be fun!
With her being 88 now, the time we have together 
now is so precious.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Three Years of Blessings To All!


Monday, January 9, 2023

Into The Night

 Hello everyone
and Happy New Year!

A lot has happened since I last posted.

My SIL needs a kidney transplant.

My FIL was in the hospital with covid.
Because of his COPD, he could not breath.
He refused to go to the hospital,
and when he did decide we were 45 minutes away,
so Bob called 911.
He was mad, but now got over it.
He thinks because he has an oxygen machine now
that his COPD is in remission.
We keep telling him it is because he has not smoked
since going to the hospital.
Bob warned him if he starts smoking again,
he will end up back in the hospital.
Just praying he does not as he smoked 2 packs a day. 

Knock on wood at least Bob is doing better.
We see his neurologist tomorrow.

It snowed on Christmas Day,
but has now disappeared.
Fog and rain were with us for a bit.
Now it is just cold with no snow.

I made a few things for Valentine's at the store.
Switched out the Christmas now with Valentine's,
some Spring with Winter themed items in our back room.
Working on Easter goodies now.

Today I wanted to show you pics of my Christmas
at home at night.

Although quite blurry..
this was Tundra one night.
Somehow he got a pillow over his head
and was sleeping.
Of course when I go to take this pic,
he raises his head.

Into the Night Blessings To All!