Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Silver and Gold

Hello friends.

Well its that time of year again. 

For us to get out our Christmas decor
and start decorating.
Today my post is our back room at the 
gift shop.
My theme this year was silver and gold.
I will let most of the pictures show what I did.

The trees in this room have
white and gold lights.
White because they do not make silver lights.

 Silver sprays inside this basket with birch logs.
The basket is on the floor next to our fireplace.

I love as the day ends and it gets dark outside.
This room has a magical glow.

I sold lots of these galvanized house during Halloween.
I did not realize I had ordered more for Christmas.
I have to order in June, so I tend to forget what I order.
They hold a tea light candle and are pretty lit up.

Am selling these gold stars, 
but also had Bob hang a few from the ceiling. 
Also decided to have a bit of religious items
for sale in here as well. 
These white ceramic churches also light up.

We had these pictures frames sitting in the garage.
One was already gold.
I asked Bob to paint the other one silver.
Mixed in with gold deer. silver trees,
and a paper tree scene in white and gold.

I intended on bringing these pears I created
out for Fall and forgot.
Oh well, if they do not sell, will put them out
again next year.

Silver galvanized tree ornaments
along with some pretty beaded ones.

These were the gold stars hanging,
which are also ornaments.

I also asked Bob to hang a few snowflakes in
the snowman area next to the snowman tree.

                      The mirror is an antique cast iron one.

Although these wood beads are gray,
I only have 2 left.
I used one for the mantle.
These silver birdies have gold crowns.

These gold stars are tree toppers.

The white house is a lighted advent calendar.
You would place small goodies in each box,
and open each day until Christmas.
A fun idea.
Wish I had one of these when my kids were young.
I had to purchase a paper ones.

In other news,
my daughter Michele is out of the hospital
and resting now at home.
A big thank you again to all for your
thoughts and prayers.
Hopefully she is on the road now to recovery.
She does have one issue where she is leaking
fluid from the stitches.
The doctor says if it gets any worse,
she needs to go back to ER.
Something she does not want to do. 
So more thoughts and prayers requested please.

This is the time of year where I will be posting
every other forgive me if I do not comment.
I so appreciate your visit and comments!

Silver & Gold Blessings To All!


  1. silver and gold...reminds me of the song Burl Ives sang; very pretty! Even the empty frames on the mantel look so nice. Wishing you record sales! Mary

  2. Love everything, especially those galvanized houses.
    Continued prayers for your daughter that she does not need to return to the ER!

  3. You do such a gorgeous job with your displays, Janice, and I see many things I love -- especially those little galvanized houses and the white (tin?) trees. It's probably a good thing I'm not near because I don't think I could keep within a budget!

  4. I love when you start posting Christmas decor. Your silver and gold theme is amazing.

  5. Like Mary, I was immediately hearing "Silver and Gold" in my head and him singing it as a snowman LOL. Another wonderful winter wonderland Janice! I have a couple of the galvanized houses at the lake. I really love those green realistic looking. I would love to hang one in each of my windows...or at least the main ones in the living room. Continued prayers for Michele... ~Robin~ (Also loving that old cast iron mirror...great piece!)

  6. You could spray paint those pears silver and gold and viola!
    I love how you’ve put items together. You have a superb eye. I’m glad to hear Michele is holding her own.

  7. GOOD NEWS regarding your daughter. I will continue to pray.
    I love everything you shared. Those birds with crowns are a favorite.
    xx oo

  8. so glad your daughter is doing better and praying for a good outcome. You have some wonderful things in your store. I bet you do very well

  9. Continued prayers for your daughter. Hopefully all will be good soon! Your store decor is amazing. Love the silver and gold..also a favorite song! I'll look forward to your posts!

  10. First, glad you daughter is on the mends. I will continue to pray for the stiches problem. I love the silver and gold theme! The birds with the crowns! The outdid yourself again. I hope all your sales are golden!


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