Thursday, December 9, 2021

Deck The Halls

Today's theme is Deck the Halls...
or rather my hall.
Hello friends.
Warning, this post is a long one.

I do love our hall because of the depth of it.

At the end is my little bucket bench.
Which always holds these crocks.
I just change up the top every so often.

The checkerboard and antique rug stay as well.

Night time look.

On the opposite wall is another bucket bench,
hanging cabinet and drysink.
I usually keep my firkins on top, but
now my horse pull toy is taking center stage.

Purchased this Santa 
from an antique friend many years ago.
She made these from wool.

This is how I set up my drysink
for Christmas this year.

This is a pipe box.
Still waiting to find a pipe to place in here.
I may end up just getting a repro one
as the originals are quite costly.
For now I just added some greens. 

Top of my hanging cabinet.

On the floor underneath the bucket bench
I always keeps these crock jugs....
unless I move them for a cupboardscape display.

The entire hall looking from our living room.

The next few pics is the morning sunshine.

Mikayla's band concert was great!
Unfortunately we could not see her
because we sat on the wrong side
of the auditorium.

Yesterday morning we woke up to snow
on the ground.
Where did that come from?

Deck The Hall Blessings To All!




  1. Enjoyed your decorations and suspect the red long john will be out soon. Love your horse pull toy and the hooked cabin.

  2. I like your decorations. It's more of a winter feel overall, yet Christmas without screaming it.

  3. What a wonderful hallway to decorate!!! Love everything...but of course the crocks speak to me and that pipe box is too sweet!

  4. I love that you have a long hall -- it gives you so much room to share your beautiful decorations. Your style is so warm and lovely.

  5. What a wonderful space you have created for displaying so many wonderful collectibles. I enjoyed enlarging the pictures and sitting back to enjoy the show.

  6. Holy cats!! Now that has to be one of the largest halls I've seen in a home....(not counting the castles I visited in Europe LOL). And a great job of making the most of the space. I am my sister's sister though....I'm loving the crockery...and the pipe box...but will add in the horse just to be a wee bit different. We just shoveled through the snow from last weekend (at least 6") and got another several inches yesterday and today and now another 6+" on tap for tomorrow. Something told me this was going to be a long, long, winter. ~Robin~

  7. very lovely as always I have a couple of handmade santas. You seem to be all decorated and ready for the big day. Sorry you were not able to see your grand at their concert but being there was a wonderful improvement.
    have a wonderful weekend

  8. Your home should be in a magazine! Just an amazing collection of the best primitives!

  9. BEAUTIFUL.. I love how you decorate. How much do pipe's sell for? My grandpa smoked a pipe. I wish I had his.
    Merry Christmas,

  10. Oh my Janice, another splendid gathering of your wonderful antiques and prims!! I would love to be able to actually see everything in person and hear more about where you found it and maybe some history tidbits that came along with the piece. You sure do know how to put things together!

  11. I think some of the prettiest images are when the morning sun is lighting them it all! Mary

  12. So cozy! The stockings and little shoes are very charming. Jane


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