Friday, December 17, 2021

Let It Snow

8 Day Until Christmas.
Very strange here in Michigan with
temps yesterday in the low 60's.
Surely nit Winter here.
Not even sure if we will have snow for Christmas.

Today's post is more of our front room.
Most taken in the morning sunlight.
This is that 1700's Windsor chair.
{I won't let anyone sit on this one} 

My mom gave me this fabric she had rom the 1950's.
I made it into a pillow. 

This antique feather tree always holds
my antique cotton spun fruit ornaments.

I was able to add 3 more to the tree this year.
This lime.


Hopefully I can find more next year.

My cabin resides to the right of the tree.
A few vintage bottle brushes on each side.
Like having a cabin in the woods.

This early candle shelf holds my leather books
and a new bottle brush tree.
The bottom of this tree is a wood spool 
with red & whit bakers twine wrapped around.
I sold these at the gift shop.

You can see the antique fence Bob purchased.

This is that stocking I made from the 
antique coverlet piece I purchased.

The white picket fence goes all around. 

This faux poinsettia in a crock on a milk stool.

The latest butter churn crock was a perfect
vessel to hold my Christmas tree.

Sampler in the back.

I forgot to show my light in the hall.
I added red velvet ribbon to each light.

I also added the same ribbon
 to the other ceiling  light
in our living room.

Display on my red cabinet.

Just simply decorated
with my paper mittens,
hats and snowmen.
Along with candy canes, snowflakes
and silver bead garland. 
Also a few vintage red bulbs.
Would like to start another collection
of just red and white antique and vintage ornaments.

The gray wood trees Bob made and sold
at our store. I grabbed the last 2 because
I wanted to have a few.
(maybe he can make more next year)

Now a few night time views.

I love sitting in here at night.
It is so magical in person.

Here's hoping for some white stuff.

Let It Snow Blessings To All!



  1. So pretty and sparkly! I'm sure all those antiques saw many Christmases and don't you wish they could talk to tell those tales? I think you just need a cup of hot cocoa in that room at night and sit and enjoy. Not sure if we'll have a white Christmas like last year but I'm OK with sunshine even if it's a cold day!

  2. I feel like a kid in an antique...errr....candy store - so many lovelies to drool...err...fawn over! That Windsor chair is an incredible-beyond-belief treasure. And I don't know what is more jaw dropping: your crockery collection or your collection of (real) feather trees...Wow! I have nary one even of the latter. 😫 That fence looks PERFECT there! Like it was almost made for the top. Did Bob have to adjust things or did it just magically fit like that?? Either way, totally impressive. And, of course, I am loving that beautiful redwork sampler. Wow. How I would love to tour your home sometime! Despite the several post-last-snow mild days, we still have snow on the ground - certainly not like before, but some. It has turned colder now again (surprise...not!) and I am sure there will be more snows before the end of next week. "Flurries" for tomorrow. Well, we know how sometimes those "flurries" accumulate here LOL. ~Robin~

  3. Every room is just heaven on earth! So beautiful! Merry Christmas!

  4. I'm with Robin, over here drooling and dreaming! You really need to be in a magazine or something!

  5. I love your feather tree and the Santa pillow is darling. I can see why you love sitting there at night. Quite magical indeed!

    If only I had more time yesterday, I would have taken a detour from my meet-up in Port Huron to come to your shop. I had to be back by a certain time and it was rather a rush but I was sad to be so close without visiting. Maybe next time!

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