Monday, December 13, 2021

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

 Cannot believe it is 12 days to Christmas.
Where has the month gone?
Saturday I host my family for Christmas.
Sunday Bob's family.
Speaking of Saturday.
The whole town where our stores are lost power.
Just 2 hours into opening. UGH
We got our power back Sunday after noon,
but with most of the town still out of power,
hardly any customers.
I cannot complain too much though.
Their were those who lost much more
in the tornadoes.
Even their lives.
Please say a wee prayer for them.  

                            Today is a small display I did in
                                       our spare bedroom.

I like to add a bit of Christmas cheer 
in here for my mom.

This is another linsey woolsey blanket
at the foot of our antique wrought iron bed.

Added one of my handmade dolls
and this memories pillow.
(will remove when my mom comes on Friday)

So this is the view my mom will see.

I also added these cream mittens.
My mom's sister (my aunt) made these for me.

This is my recent Arnett Santa.
I purchased this one at one of my antique friends
Christmas Open House.
I usually find something when I visit her prim shop.
I even won a $25 gift certificate.
She closes her shop in the Winter,
so will visit her back in Spring.
She lives along Lake Huron with a prim shop
and prim house right on her property.
She even has a cabin.

This was my first Arnett Santa.
Guess I love the blue ones. LOL

I always have this one faux feather tree 
decorated in my antique and vintage silver bulbs.
I hope you dont get tired of looking at it each year.

I try to put together a different 
display each year with it.

The garland is new on it though.
I also bought it at the open house.
It is not an antique, but looks festive.

I also purchased this child's quilt.
This is actually the back of it.
I had my eye on it even before Sara
told me it would make a great tree base.
THe real side is red, white and blue.
It will come out again for July 4th.

Now these spongeware pitchers are special to me.
I had one and then another antique friend
of mine who was selling her prims asked me
if I wanted to buy another.
She did not have to ask me twice.
These are rare as the inside is brown glaze not white.
If I ever find another one, I will purchase it.

On my shelves I added in my vintage Santa's.

The black piece on the right is a store display
for sad irons. It displays three of them.
A sad iron was one of the first irons created.
You had to heat them up on a stove or some sort of heat.
I remember gramma B having one on her wood stove.
Hard times back then.
No plugging in an iron to get out those wrinkles.  

Robin Don't drool now.
This ovoid crock was also purchased 
by my antique friend.
I also purchased her 1700's Windsor chair. 
I cherish all of these even more,
because she passed away a few years back.
She was glad I did purchase them,
because she knew I would not sell them.

All of the shelves.

Now this rug is for Saundra.
I did not hook it.
It was a birthday gift from Bob one year.
I love bunnies!

The punched tin light above it was something
Bob made from real tin pieces from a
pie safe. He added barn wood on the bottom
and drilled a hole for a candle.
We sold these one year at a show and I kept one.

Close up of the bunnies eye.

Saundra spotted this rug in one of my previous posts.
This one I drew myself and hooked.
It was my very first rug.

In answer to Carla's question.
the pipes I am talking about are from the 1700's.
They were long and made from clay.
Most are in the $300 range.
This is why I probably will just
end up purchasing a repro one.

Now for Robin's comment on my huge hall
being almost like a castle. LOL
I was told that when the first homeowner
built my house,
he did this so he could add a second floor
and the stairway would go along the wall.
The second story never happened....
and probably wont even now.

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Blessings To All!



  1. Oh my, so many wonderful treasures!

  2. Another interesting and enjoyable tour of your home. Interesting to learn about the ballroom hall story. I recall seeing an iron like that on my grandfather's wood stove. Love your primitive flower you hooked and it fits in well with your antique furnishings. Your hubby did a great job finding the perfect gift for you as the bunny is wonderful. Do you know who the hooker was? Oh, lucky you to have another Arnett Santa.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear you lost power during the weekend -- and on an open day. I hope you were still able to figure a way to stay open. Your home is always so lovely. Your beautiful primitives make me smile.

  4. Wow, you are going to have one busy weekend coming up but I am sure it will all be delightful to gather and enjoy some holiday specialties! I do love your new home decorating and your Arnette Santas are beautiful! I have seen them in a lot of prim sites but never taken the step to purchase one. They both fit is perfectly with your other antiques and Christmas decorations. Have a wonderful time celebrating the holidays with your family and thank-you for always inspiring us with your posts of various nooks and crannies of your store and home!!

  5. Love your Cmas decorations too ....have a Fun weekend !!!!

  6. Just beautiful Janice! But, ummm, the "drool" warning came to late LOL. That crock is AHHHmazing! Love the spongeware as well...can't say I recall ever seeing one with a brown glaze interior. They are beautiful. And of course I love all your vintage Santas...and that repro feather tree is adorable! Perfectly decorated with the silver ornaments!!! ~Robin~ (Sweet bunny rug too!!! Just too much to comment on LOL.... Hope your celebrations are enjoyable!)

  7. Thank you for answering my question. :-)

    It is so pretty, I do enjoy your tours.
    Praying along with you for all the sadness that has happened over the weekend.

  8. I sometimes look at blogs on my 12 inch ipad, but for yours I like to enlarge the pictures on my large computer screen. I so loved all your pictures today.

  9. Oh Janice, I never tire of looking at your beautiful decor. So many rare and curious items, so much beauty and history and talent on display. All gathered into a beautiful whole.

  10. Love everything about this post. Thanks for all the pics!


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