Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Jingle Bells

Brrr its cold outside,
So let the fun begin inside!
The remaining posts until Christmas
will be of our home.

Starting with this reindeer and sleigh.
Both made from wood.
Both made by my dad.
I proudly display this set each year.
He and I use to do shows together in the 80's.
Unfortunately we lost him on Dec 22th, 1993
at the young age of 64.

This is the sleigh in which I added
my egg carton Santa.

Love his coloring.

A small set of antique jingle bells.

Added a fun new silvery bottle brush tree.

Hung this stocking on the picture of 
my great-grandparents.
This would be my dad's grandparents
Robert and Effie Wagner.

A close up look at the linsey woolsey
coverlet underneath this display.

You can see the jingle bells coming out of the sleigh.

This display is on the dry sink
right by our front door.

I had to go to the gift shop after working
from home yesterday.
My last Christmas order came in
 and I had to check it in. 
Half of it went into storage for next year.
Not worth it to put out right now,
since we just had our Open House.
Still waiting on my Winter order,
so hopefully it will come in soon.
Fingers crossed.

Tonight Bob and I are off to granddaughter
Mikayla's Christmas band concert.
Looking forward to hearing her play the trombone. 

Jingle Bell Blessings To All!


  1. It just wouldn't be Christmas without Jingle Bells. When we were kids we used to wear them on our shoes. I am really looking forward to seeing your oh-so-wonderful prim-at-home Christmas. I love it!

  2. I love the display and how lucky you are to have the items made by your father. Love that vintage santa too.

  3. I love the story of this decor and your Dad. It really does make it so special to bring out every year too. I found some jingle bells that look old to hang on my front door wreath. I think the jingle has a happy sound to it. By the way, I am late to commenting on your previous post but the candy store decorations are just gorgeous and just what a candy store would should look like. So, so cute!!
    While you are having cold weather, we are moving up to a few days of upper 70s and 80 over the weekend. It never feel properly like Christmas when it is so warm outside!

  4. I love the red buffalo plaid! That story of your dad made me smile. You have a wonderful home.

  5. Pretty displays & special memories of you & your Dad .

  6. Lovely.. and the added memories make it even more special.
    Love, Carla

  7. Beautiful decorations and lots of love and meaning mixed in! I hope you enjoyed the concert. I always enjoyed our kids and now the Grands when they would have the Christmas concerts.

  8. So sorry you lost your father so young. What a precious deer and sleigh he made! I love seeing your home; it's just lovely!

  9. Hi Janice! I just love all of your vintage Christmas decor, it's just so cozy and charming. Your reindeer is such a sweet treasure from your dad. It's hard to lose a parent at any time, but so young and at Christmas is especially heart wrenching. My mom passed away just as the clock turned to Christmas Day. She lived a long life of 92 years, but it was tough to say goodbye on Christmas. It was hard to feel festive the first few years after her passing, but this year I have seemed to have found joy in the season again. Hugs to you! Jane

  10. Great display...as always! Special memories in that sleigh and reindeer. I lost my father very young as well (he was only 45) and at a holiday (Easter morning)...it makes that holiday difficult still all these many years later. I, of course, love the vintage Santa (perfect fit for that sleigh!!) and the sleigh bells. One of my favorite things! ~Robin~

  11. Nice memories. Such a special sleigh and you display it so well! My mom and I did a few shows together too in the 80's. When I started the flea market at the farm, people would be lined up waiting for her. She did sweet treats, baking pies etc. We are in a winter storm warning for today trough tomorrow up to 12" or more. I think I'll finish my decorating.


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