Saturday, December 11, 2021

Star Of Wonder

Hello friends!
The weekend is here!
Not sure what the weather will be.
I did hear 24 tornadoes ravaged in the South.
We are suppose to have heavy rain
with high winds.
Bob brought in more wood
just in case we lose power at home.
So glad we have a fireplace.

If you are a detective,
you have figured it out that my blog titles
thus far have been Christmas songs.
With each song representing something 
in my post.
Today is no exception with my star box.

Today is part of my living room
on each side of our tv.

The tree here is an antique feather one.
A very fragile one I might add.
In fact so fragile, every time I tried
to add my antique candles in their tin clips,
the candles would fall over.
I was able to get only three to stay put,
and gave up.
I would NEVER light them for fear of starting a fire.

I included this bowl of lady apples in this display.
I want to tell you all that this bowl is a reproduction.
When I did a few presentations 
for our antique club members,
I wanted to show them the difference of a real bowl
versus a repro. 
Most folks would think this is real, but it is not.

I changed up my bowls to be blue and wood now. 

With the tree being so fragile, I decided just
to hang these chenille candy canes and stockings
I created a few years ago.

Here is a close up of one of the candles.

Wide shot view.

Just love how the blue and red go so well here
for a Christmas display.

I opted for a faux amaryllis plant instead of a poinsettia.
My mom use to have real ones in her home 
this time of year.

A close up of my first Arnett Santa.
I say first, because I was able to purchase
another one last month.

Night time view.

Now for the other side of our tv.

This Santa is almost as tall as me.
Was told it was a store display.
I also have the life size sleigh, 
but nowhere to put both in the house.
Well here might be a place...I just thought of this.
So maybe next year the sleigh will come out.

Here you can see Santa in the corner.

Well off to Tim Hortons for my
Peppermint Mocha Iced Capp and 
a blueberry bagel.
I go there each weekend.
The staff always gives Tundra a plain Timbit,
however he will not eat it until he gets
inside the store.
He is so funny!
I always toss it in the back seat for him.
Nope mom. I dont want it right now.
I end up taking it out of the car,
hand it to him at the back door.
He then waits for me to open the door,
with Timbit in his mouth.
Once inside he prances to the front door
and eats his Timmie as I call it.
It's funny because if I toss a piece of
a bagel to him in the car...he will eat that....
but no...not the Timmie. 
Not until he is in the store. 

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Star Of Wonder Blessings To All!


  1. lovely I have so many decorations still boxed up we are not entertaining this year so I just decorated the couple of rooms we use sad but true. Funny about your dog I guess he just needs to eat in the store lol.

  2. Your living room might be my favorite! I really love the feather tree -- I've looked at some but the real ones are always very expensive. I should finish decking the halls here (and Rick's) this weekend. I hope so!

  3. Oh my goodness, wonderful items. You know, with all the farmhouse hoopla we need you, us prim gals! Every time I look at your displays, it rekindles my love of prims. Funny dog!

  4. My gosh, I’ve never known a dog with willpower! Congrats on that! Your tour was cozy and warm- I esp noticed the hooked rug peeking from behind the tree.

  5. I also noticed that adorable hooked flower behind the tree, is it an antique? Interesting about that bowl because it does look old to me. Adorable Tundra just want to enjoy his special treat in the comfort of his home.

  6. What a funny Pup !!! Maybe its just too special to eat in the car !
    Your house looks beautiful & I noticed the pretty hooked rug too ! I have a feather tree that was my Mother's , I love it !

  7. I read through your other previous posts and how fun to title them with Christmas songs. All of your decorating and arranging is always so lovely! Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

  8. Love all of your posts with the Christmas song names! How pretty each and every arrangement and decoration is! Wishing you a merry Christmas!

  9. I love the Arnett Santa...I'd not heard of them before and had to look them up; just my kind of Santa! Somewhat similar to the old ones I have by Sharon Andrews. Oh can't wait to see the sleigh! Mary

  10. Tundra is too funny. Don't you wonder what they are thinking?? Snowdog is the same way if the UPS guy gives him a treat...he takes it, buries it and digs it up an hour or so later LOL. Love your Arnetts...funny, I look at everyone else's and have not spied two alike it seems. I haven't even taken mine out...nor did I last year...and I can't even remember the year before. Sigh. Love the huge Santa...and yes!! Bring out the sleigh!! Hope you escaped the bad weather...we had about 10" of snow yesterday/last night...but today the sun was out. ~Robin~

  11. At first glance, I thought what a cool old bowl. Little did I imagine is was a repro.


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