Saturday, November 27, 2021

Snow Buddies

Today is the last Saturday of the month.

We are supposed to get some snow this weekend.

Since the snow will be arriving soon,
thought it might be nice to show
my snow buddies. 

This was the yarn I used to crochet
my Great nieces afghan.
I had enough left to crochet the hats and scarfs. 

Adding a rusty snowflake and some greenery.

Unlike the real snow coming,
I do like him. LOL

Next up his buddy.

He is getting ready for Christmas
and picked out his tree.

He even topped it with his star.

Since it will be chilly as well,
pants were a must.

Plus a green wool scarf to keep him
warm and cozy.

In other news,
our Thanksgiving was not the best.
The surgeon decided to perform another surgery
on my daughter Thanksgiving morning.

Being a worried mother,
feasting was not really on my mind.
The hospital placed me on text notifications,
as they really did not want anyone
 at the hospital that day.
Once I heard she was out of surgery
I was so relieved.
Later in the evening,
I took her a plate of food
and some homemade rolls & cinnamon rolls
my mom and I made.

She told me the hospitals
Thanksgiving meal consisted of
deli turkey, instant potatoes, 
corn and jellied cranberry sauce. 

I know it was thoughts and prayers
that helped her through this last procedure.
Just hoping now that she recovers soon.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Weekend!
Today is small business Saturday.
If you can,
please visit your favorite small businesses.
They sure could use the patronage.

Well have to get ready to open our
small business (gift shop)

Snow Buddy Blessings To All!


  1. Your snowmen are really cute. I was trying to figure out how big they are.
    I'm glad that your daughter is out of surgery and I hope that she will recover quickly.

    Nothing like homemade cooking. Hospital food has become not so appetizing lately.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Hope she recovers soon and back home to some sort of normalcy. Am sure she is sick of the hospital life. But when you are badly ill that is the place one should be. Am sure she was glad to see her mom and that wonderful home cooked meal. The snow men are sweet and reminds me of when I made them for the winter craft shows.

  3. Oh, what a worry! Prayers for continued recovery. Your snow men are so cute! You're so creative! We are getting snow too...guess, it's here to stay now.

  4. Adorable snowmen! I hope that's the last thing your daughter needs fixed and that she's out and on the mend at home soon.

  5. Yesterday and today is small business day! Our downtown and the nearby village have a lot of tiny businesses that could really use some customers, and they have the most interesting things, too. Continued prayers for your daughter. What a scary time. I know your heart must be in your throat during this time (even with faith).

  6. Prayers that your daughter's second surgery is her last!

  7. Praying for your daughter and for you (not easy on a mama's heart).
    I love the snowmen.

    I did a little shout out for my small business this morning too. :-)

  8. So sorry to read that your daughter had to have yet another surgery...but glad to learn she came through well. And, like the others, hoping this will be the last in her future for a long, long, time. How it must weigh on your heart and mind. What a wonderful treat, though, to get some mama-made goodies delivered. Your snowfolk are adorable!!! I love those crocheted hats and scarf!! Perfect winter color! ~Robin~

  9. So glad to hear your daughter is mending. I am shocked they let you in with Covid being rampant here they would not. Love your snowmen

  10. I'm glad things went well with her surgery and I hope that finishes it off. Maybe that was the best Thanksgiving gift -- a good report. I love your sweet snowman!

  11. Will keep your daughter in my thoughts & send good wishes to her, hope she will feel wonderful & back to normal in 2022 !!!
    Love your Cute Snowmen !!!

  12. So glad your daughter did well and is recovering. Working in a hospital I know how the food is so I'm sure she'll enjoy your cooking! Your snowmen are adorable! Love them! I did go shopping in our small town downtown and I actually bought a cute snowman in a barn! Yep, it was called Christmas at the Barn and they had some very cute things. I do try to support our Mom and Pop shops. I hope you did well yesterday with tons of sales!

  13. Janice, so glad your daughter is doing well and the surgery was successful. It couldn't have been the best Thanksgiving for you and your family, until you got good new that she was fine. Love your little snow fellows especially his pants! So cute and prim..Happy Monday..xxoJudy

  14. Sending prayers for a quick recovery...hoping each day is better. And oh that homemade food must have been soooo welcome...what a blessing! Mary


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