Sunday, December 5, 2021

Hard Candy Christmas

 Good morning friends!
Hope all is well with you.

A few pics of our side window at the gift shop.

I must confess everything in these pics
were from last year.
I did not purchase anything new 
for the gingerbread area.
Frankly, did not like anything I saw.
Am a very picky buyer.

However, most of the inventory is gone now.
But as our worker told me... not everyone
saw this display last year.
She was right.
I am seeing more folks come in now.
Earlier this year we spent lots of money
on advertising.
I think it is paying off.
So grateful to all of our wonderful customers.

The tree was once again decorated
in pink and white lights and all things ginger.
What was left of it anyway.

Now for some night time views 
of our back room at the gift shop.

After my post silver and gold,
I decided I needed to show 
a few night time views.

This is a close up of that paper tree scene.
Adding this to your decor gives it a layered look.

Gold dove and star.

  Another mini metal sign.

I love how these pierced stars
glow at night.
One of the beaded ornament in back.
Very intricate. 

                             These glass snowman ornaments
                           have faux snow at the bottom inside.
                                                    So cool!

My daughter invited us over for pizza last night.
It was good.
She is still in pain, but managing better.
The second surgery on Thanksgiving
showing that a screw was hitting a nerve.
They fixed that.

Plus my granddaughter Mikalya made a chocolate cake
for her old gramma. LOL
It was good too!

Our Christmas Open House was also a huge success!
Our best day ever!
A big thank you to all of our wonderful customers.
Bob sold a few of his latest wood angels.
(I did not take a pic of those)

Of to the store again.
Looks like some rain and snow is coming in.

                                Gingerbread Goodies To All!




  1. How wonderful your daughter is home and feeling better. Wishing you lots of great holiday sales and family time.

  2. Good to hear your daughter is feeling better !!!!
    Awesome that your Cmas sales are so good !!! We did a craft fair right before Thanksgiving , it was amazing ! I sold out of my pieces I made , most were gone by 2:00 on Saturday , Sunday , I only had 9 things left & those all sold too ! Was incredible !!!

  3. Sunday greetings Janice! I think I have said it before, but I don't care...repetition is appropriate here - your store is just magical... The gingerbread things are cute (and even if people saw it last year, many might like to "add" to their collections...I know I like to do that with ornaments).... But I would be bee-lining to the back room. The glow is irresistible. Love the paper trees and calendar...and those metal trees and other ornaments on the tree. and chocolate cake. Doesn't get much better! Snowing like crazy here...It was supposed to be 3-6" but we had that already when I got up this morning...and it's supposed to keep up all day. Grrrr.... ~Robin~

  4. I'm so glad your daughter felt good enough to invite you for dinner. And, that the open house was a big success. I really love your displays and the inventory you share. Those paper trees and the metal ones (Bob's?) are awesome!

  5. Happy to hear your daughter is feeling better! Your shop must be such a dreamy place, especially at Christmas time. It's good to hear your advertising paid off! Have a great new week! Jane

    1. Oh, and I love that song, "Hard Candy Christmas!"

  6. I love so much about this post. Especially the paper tree and all its layers.

  7. Congrats on your best day ever!!!
    Happy to hear your daughter is on the mend.
    Those glass snowmen (are we allowed to say that?) ornaments are just too sweet.

  8. Your store is gorgeous in every season and especially now. So glad the customers are coming in. I love it all but those paper decorations have my heart!

  9. Your store always looks wonderful and so glad you are successful.
    So glad you daughter is better I pray for a full recovery.

  10. Oh, Janice, I bet you love decorating and getting your store filled up for the holidays. I remember how much fun that was. So glad you had a good Christmas Open House. I think things are getting a little better except for the disease itself! Happy Monday..xxoJudy

  11. I'm glad your Daughter is getting better. I hope she continues to heal well. I love your shop and how great to have a good sale day! The night lights look cozy and warm. I hope the rest of the selling season goes good!

  12. That's wonderful news about the open house and that they found what was bothering your daughter. Yes, you had to share the night time views too...sparkly!


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