Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Silent Night

A BIG thank you to all my blogger friends.
It is all of your sweet comments that
show me you are not tired of looking at my pics. 
Thank you very much.
I so appreciated you all!

I do change things up each year,
but usually have the same things.
I continue to add a bit here and there.
Like this Santa on the right.
For some reason I usually do not keep
anything I create...but lately each year
have been keeping a Santa.

This is a side table on the side of Bob's closet.

Whiskey jugs underneath.

Our bedroom is painted blue,
and the red in here surely pops.

This make-do mirror (not old)
paired up with a bowl of drieds.

A teddy on my make-do chair with
a violin.

A simple red and white ribbon ties
these old men's socks together.

It seems we had a guest visit our bedroom.
Santa loved the decor so much,
he decided to stay a bit.

Could that be his red long johns for Winter?
Plus his white ones for Summer?
Notice the difference in size.
Mrs. Claus has to fatten him up for his 
Christmas Eve deliveries.
(Yes Saundra, the long johns have made an appearance)

The horses also have to make an appearance.

The one tradition we still do is hide
 vintage elves and the grands like to find them.
Which reminds me I have to hide the others before
they come over.

If your eagles eyes noticed on top of the quilts,
 this linsey woolsey blanket
 was on the bed in our spare room,
you were correct.
I forgot that my mom is allergic to wool,
so I had to move it out before she comes.

Our pumpkin pine cabinet.
For those not familiar with pumpkin pine,
it is when a pine that is over 100 years old
changes color to an orange.
Hence why it is called a pumpkin pine.
Unfortunately pine trees are cut way before
they reach 100 years now, so you will not see
this color in newer made furniture. 

My display on top.

Another egg carton Santa and leather Reindeer.

I added some more stockings.

One more antique feather tree
with antique garland.

Now this checked quilt on the bed is new.
There are no antique quilts in a queen size...
nor beds.
I cannot tell you how many folks have came
 into our antique store looking for
an antique queen bed.
Queen or king beds were not made back in the day. 

At the foot of our bed is my blanket chest.
It holds Christmas decor, not blankets. LOL

Its a rare treat for Shadow to make 
an appearance while I take pics.
Folks who visit our home other then my mom,
never see him.
He is a shy one.

Our little wild kitty we rescued.

View looking at Bob's closet area.
The drawers on the bottom are mine though.

If you are wondering why I chose Silent Night 
for a bedroom post, here is the answer. 
In the song one verse is
Sleep in heavenly peace.
Sleep as in bedroom. Get it?
Plus it was my dad's favorite song.
Red was also his favorite color.
Maybe that was why he always wanted 
red poinsettias in the house at Christmas.
The funeral home the year he passed
was filled with red poinsettias.
Every one who knew him purchased a red poinsettia.
No other flowers were in the place,
except the spray on the casket where we
also added Christmas greens and red roses.  

Well thanks for following along.
Thanks for commenting.
Really appreciate it!

Silent Night Blessings to All!


  1. Thought the long johns would make an appearance eventually, lol. That hooked floral above the pumpkin pine piece is definitely old. Your rescued Shadow looks like a Maine Coon, she's pretty.

  2. Love the quilts! I need to find one that looks old for a king-size bed...9 patch and bear's claw in blue/white are my favorites. And I didn't know that about pumpkin's so beautiful. Mary

  3. I could just scroll back and forth all day, looking and spying this or that in each photo! Shadow is such a pretty kitty. He hit the jackpot when you rescued him! What a good kitty not to play with the decorations.

  4. More pretty pictures of your Cmas decorations ! You need to save a few of your handmade goodies for yourself ....keep the tradition of handing down special things to your family , they will Love them & reminds them of you .

  5. Another great Christmas post! Love the "guest" (as opposed to "ghost"??) appearance of Shadow. Such a perty that huge fluffy tail! Sounds like he was appropriately name LOL. And, I do remember the leather reindeer!! I loved him when I first saw him last year and still do!! And, of course, the pulp Santa. I always used to hang a pair of red long johns on the outside of the loft bedroom door. When kids saw them, their eyes would get big and I would tell them maybe Santa was taking a nap LOL. Yup, no queen or king size antique beds... I found a 3/4 that I loved and had it converted to a queen by an incredibly talented place out east. ~Robin~

  6. You home is lovely as always. MY daughter had a 3/4 bed growing up we had to special order the mattress and of course there were no sheets that really fit. My father-in-law when he was alive always brought the biggest poinsettia he could fine to give to each of his daughter in laws.

  7. So Christmasy at your lovely home! I bet those Grands love looking at all the fun things and then finding those elves. We had those while I was growing up. Love the long johns and your quilt with that handsome kitty snoozing it up! It's fun to see how all my blog friends decorate and yours is a sure winner! Have a good week!

  8. So many warm beautiful touches, but I especially love the teddy with the violin and those wonderful red long johns. Those are just the best! Your home is so delightful -- I'm sure that elf hunting is loads of fun there! (Oh, and your cat is most handsome!)

  9. Janice, your new prim gatherings in your home are wonderful! I love those old red long johns, Santa coat and hat, and various colors of old striped socks. Your darling Shadow makes the perfect accent on your red/white quilt too. What a sweet kitty! Your bedroom is really fixed up so cute with red this and that's placed in strategic places.

    By the way, I just love my new prim Santa that you made this year!! He is just so cute holding his sugar cookie!!

  10. Janice, I always marvel at your beautiful collections. Every piece is always so unique. I get the "Silent Night" reference. I'm glad you keep one of your santas each year. You will never regret it..Merry Christmas my friend..xxoJudy

  11. I always enjoy seeing your decor. Thank you for the information regarding the pine furniture, I did not know that.
    Hello to your kitty. What a handsome cat!
    I enjoyed the story about your dad.
    xx oo

  12. Thanks for the pumpkin pine explanation. I always heard the term but did not know why it was called that.

  13. I am trying to envision a sleep over at your house. It would definitely be a rest in heavenly peace. Your mother surely must love her visits with you. Now I am going back to look more closely at every picture! Thank you for such wonderful posts!

  14. Wow, just Wow! Love everything! Especially the story of your dad's funeral flowers.


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