Tuesday, December 21, 2021

I'll Be Home For Christmas

4 days until Christmas.
WOW where has the month gone?

Today post features what little I did in our kitchen.
Growing up, the kitchen in my family
was the heart of the home.
So when I thought of the Christmas song
for this post, I naturally thought of
I'll Be Home For Christmas.

This is my cocoa bar.
Hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, 
mini candy canes and sprinkles.

I opted for a simple look for the tobacco stick rack.
These red mittens were the last my aunt made
before her passing.

Just a lil pop of red.

I still have no clue what to place
on top of this cabinet.
For now Santa and Comet reside there 
with a faux tree.

Just a lil bit of Christmas.

For my shelves just a few more items.

A Sant pillow, small tree and towel.

A Belsnickle Santa underneath a cloche.

Another displayon the left of the sink.

Faux peppermint candies I sold in the store.
Placed in a wood bowl with a bit of greens
makes for a festive setting.
The Santa in the back was one I made years
ago and sold. All were filled with sawdust.

The pine cupboard with stockings hung.

This antique Santa underneath another cloche.

This was the remaining pieces to the fence.
I know now that there were pieces missing,
because there was only one corner piece.
Should have been four.

Going back to my red cabinet,
I made this part of the fence fit.
The good thing my cabinet was the right size
for this.
I did try a few others....which did not quite fit.

Close up of the stockings.

Another stocking.

I opted for a red and white quilt on my bench.

My porch post.

Next my tablecloth set for Christmas dinner.

I have had this tablecloth for years.

My mom came with 10 dozen cookies on Friday.
This is all that was left on Sunday morning.
I gave my daughter and niece two dozen each.
So where did the other 8 go.....
Bob won't tell, but I think he ate the majority. 
He will tell you I did. LOL

This 50's casserole dish was my mom's.
It is now been handed down to me.
It's the dish where we make a double batch
of our Cheesy Broccoli and rice casserole.
It only comes out once a year.
Hopefully it will last another
60 years and be passed on to my daughter. 

The table was set.

With my Winterberry china from Fhaltzgraff.

Every year out come my Arby snow glasses.
How fun it was to collect Arby glasses in the day.

This last picture is Tundra 
being caught in the cookie jar.
He likes eating the kitties food when he thinks
 no one is watching him.
He turned to look at me when
 I had my camera out and said
What are you doing Tundra?
mom caught me. 

Since I am almost done with songs,
what is your favorite one?
There are so many out there.
My fav is White Christmas.
My last song name will be The First Noel,
the true meaning of Christmas...
so you know what it will be.

Christmas Is Coming Blessings To All!


  1. Love it all Janice but my favorite has to be that red and white quilt! Merry Christmas! Jan in MA

  2. Favorite Christmas song? There are so many I love. Good King Wenceslaus is one of my favorites, and I must also add Baby It's Cold Outside because of the stink made a couple of years ago by some on the left...lol!

  3. Beautiful! Only you would also have holiday china LOL! I had a few green plates I called holiday a few years back but they went MIA during WWR. It's ok...they were nothing special and my table is rarely actually set. Come to think of it, never anymore. Lots of things I could comment on here and that I love, but my head keeps going back to that antique Santa under the cloche. Gah! Word of advice: Never turn your back on me should you ever find me in your house decorated for Christmas. I'm sure you'd miss him. 🤣 BTW...are those cloches actually old?? If so, add more drool to this post. I can honestly say that in all my antiquing and junking I have never ever seen one. Sigh. ~Robin~

    1. Oops... as for favorite Christmas song...there are many...MANY... It used to be Silver Bells...but in recent years it has changed to The Holly and the Ivy.

    2. After I commented, I almost went back and added The Holly and the Ivy. Once again we are traveling parallel paths ;-)

  4. Your house looks very festive and Christmas ready. Mine is not decorated except for a wreath on my front door, a nativity on my buffet and a poinsettia on a table. The baking is done and more meat pies to give away are in the planning.

    How lucky that you can have family over. Here, Covid cases are on the rise again.

    My favorite Christmas song has to be Mary did you know? by the Pentatonix and the other is Hallelujah, the Christmas version to Leonard Cohen music. I love the old Christmas music. I don't care for the newer versions of the good old ones.

    Take care,


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