Sunday, December 19, 2021

Blue Christmas

Happy Sunday my friends!
Only 6 more days until Christmas.
Hope this day finds you safe and well.

Ace wanted to invite you to tour
our den (family room) today.
He was also a rescue kitty.

Plus the teddies will not be mad at me this year.
Remember last year I did not include
them in any Christmas display.

For those new to my blog,
this was a tribute rug to our kitty Peepers.

To the left of this stepback cabinet
is my work desk.
Not sure if I am allowed to show work stuff,
so best just to omit it.
To the right is our side outside door.

I wanted this room to be a blue and gold theme,
with a hint of red. 

These shelves Bob made behind our couch.

Our couch is a square sectional.

Another egg carton Santa in his sleigh.
Plus another vintage elf for the grans to find.

Wide view looking from our kitchen,

The other side looking from my desk.

Since I spend 8 hours a day in this room,
I like looking at the Christmas tree.

The only problem is I ran out of time
to actually decorate it.

Oh well, it still looks pretty.
Not Christmas colors though.
White, blue and orange lights.
I thought the orange lights were gold.
Then realized I had taken the gold ones
to the store. UGH

My one horse on top by the tree.

More blue and gold with a hint of red.

Dappled glider horse on the floor.

The other day I was wondering what 
little boy or girl rode this as their toy.
This one is in perfect condition.
Blue velvet saddle.
Reins and stirrups still intact.

Another view looking at the other corner.

Well this dark pic is the wagon
Bob bought for me as a birthday present
years ago.
Currently holds my faux white poinsettias.

Yesterday we hosted my family over.
We had ham and lots of veggies.
My mom's homemade rolls.
A cannoli pie for dessert.

Today we host Bob's family.
I will be making lasagna, salad, green beans
and antipasto skewers.
{salami, mozzarella balls, cheese tortellini,
and cherry tomatoes marinated in 
Italian dressing}
Chocolate bumpy cake or apple pie for dessert.

Hope your weekend is good for you.
Stay nice so Santa will visit you.

Blue Christmas Blessings To All!


  1. Very festive even though you have the wrong lights on the tree. Enjoy family our extended family gatherings have been canceled because of covid. So enjoy enjoy family it is a blessing

  2. Your tree still looks pretty and well decorated to me. That glider horse is in wonderful shape and you're lucky to have found it. I'm guessing you also hooked that fantastic kitty piece. Enjoy your family gatherings and am guessing Bob's family is Italian with the food choices.

  3. Everything looks so cozy...perfect for this time of year. I've never heard of an egg carton Santa...really made from an egg carton? And oh my...chocolate bumpy cake, cannoli pie, Mom's rolls...please share the recipes when you find time (I know, there is no spare time!) Enjoy the countdown this week...unwind and enjoy. Mary

  4. Your home looks so pretty , you have beautiful antiques ....Have a Very Merry Christmas !!!

  5. Well, I am glad that the "blue" reference was to the beautiful blues on the tree, the Dappled's saddle, etc. and not your state of mind. There's already enough ot "that" going around LOL. That room looks so cozy and restful - not sure I would get much "work" done. ;-) I love those horses...and your wonderful wagon. Sounds like you folks eat well...very well...LOL. (Any chocolate bumpy cake left???) ~Robin~

  6. Hi Janice! Your den looks ready for a beautifully blue Christmas. Your gorgeous antiques and beautiful talent for display makes such a cozy Christmas place to be. Merry Christmas to you & yours! Jane

  7. Your antipasto skewers sound yummy!
    I, too, have a glider horse, though mine is in much loved and used condition. It is the first antique I ever bought. I still love it.

  8. I love the orange lights mixed in, they make it look like a very rich amber. What a gorgeous room! Your menus sound wonderful. I will have to try to make a version of those antipasto skewers.

  9. Your house looks fabulous. And I hope your family party went well. Your cat is a dear! I'm sure everyone loves coming to your home!


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