Thursday, August 2, 2018

Queen Of The Lakes


On Monday I noticed on the freighter website...
yes there is a freighter website,
where you can track the location of all 
the freighters in the lakes, rivers and canals.
So on Monday I realized the
Queen of the Lakes would be arriving
in the town I work at lunchtime.

I parked my car almost directly 
under the bridges that span over to
our friends in Canada. 

Sarnia, Ontario Canada 
proudly waving their flag and ours.

While we do the same on our side in
Port Huron, Michigan

Now I forgot that the train comes in/out
once a day to send supplies to the paper mill.
Here it comes.
My car mirror at lower right.
Can you see how close it is?

Rolling by only 10 feet from me.
About the same on the river side.

Here she comes!
Coming from Lake Huron into the 
St. Clair River.

The Paul R Tregurtha.

At 1013 feet,
she is the longest freighter that sails the 
Great Lakes.

As she is going under the bridges.

See how close she gets to the bottom of the bridges.
When empty its even closer.

So close that in heavy winds,
the freighters must anchor in the lake
or in the river
as it is very difficult to maneuver under.

Also because the water gushes in from the lake into
a smaller river mouth...
the rapids are horrible in the middle of the river.
Therefore the freighters must hug the U.S.
side of the river.
They are unable to hug the Canadian side
because of the angle they come in from.
One other fact.
The river is at is smallest width from the lake,
with many small bends in the river,
until meeting the mouth of the 
Black River.
Because of this, only one freighter
at a time can travel this part of the river.
If more than one is at this section,
they radio ahead to give clearance to who goes first.

After I took my last pic,
I drove back to work,
and here she is just getting ready
to pass the Black River.

I love seeing this freighter!
She glides across the water with grace!

Folks stay at our state park,
just a mile North of where we live,
to catch a glimpse of these mighty
workhorses of the water.

I myself keep yearly logs of those I see.
Last year it was 218 different vessels.
So far this year 159.

Queen Of The Lake Blessings To All!


  1. Sarnia!

    You live in Port Huron? I grew up in Lexington. My Grandparents lived in Applegate, near the Black River.

    Stunned to see this! :-)

    1. Hi Sandi. I live 30 minutes South of Port Huron. I work in POrt Huron. Quite familiar with Applegate. We use to cut our Christmas tree down each year at Krause Tree farm. My gramma lived South of Lexington when she sold her farm. Very familiar with the Thumb as I have many relative who live up there. Janice

  2. Very neat. My dad's side of the family is from MI, but I am not too familiar with the state and lakes. Hard to believe such big ships sail around the lake!

    1. Yes I always wonder how they stat afloat Jessica! Janice

  3. I loved reading about the Paul R. Tregurtha so did a little research. I live, Lorain. American Shipbuilding Company was once located here. Launched as the William J. DeLancey, she was the last of the 13 "thousand footers" to enter service on the Great Lakes and was the also the last Great Lakes vessel built here in Lorain before the company left town.
    Just a little trivia for your Thursday :)

  4. Sure wish you could edit comments. I live IN Lorain :)

    1. Thanks for the trivia Lauren. I did know that the Tregurtha was called the DeLancey, but interesting that it was built where you live and was the last of the big ones built there too. Janice

  5. Hi Janice,
    Your post is so informative, as always!! Loved reading about the freighter and seeing it up close via my computer screen! Thanks so much for sharing your little visit! I actually took a train from Sarnia to Toronto for my senior trip! Gosh, was it REALLY that long ago???? lol
    Take care and enjoy your weekend!
    Heart Hugs~

    1. My parents took the train once from Sarnia to Toronto in the 70's. You cannot be that old Julie. :-) Where we live is very pretty in the Summer..and sometimes we do take it for granted...but it always amazes me when I see this freighter each week. Janice

  6. Thanks for the freighter pics. I would love to see them up close. Hear the sounds as they slip through the water. Nice lunch time. .

  7. Thanks Peggy. We definitely can hear them when they are not loaded as there props are closer to the top of the water. Also they blow their horns in foggy weather. It is cool hearing it! Janice


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