Sunday, August 5, 2018

Pie Pumpkins

I cannot believe it is August already.
Taking my mom to therapy 3 days a week,
working on goodies for the prim show
which is next month, and work...
I have not been able to enjoy the dock yet.
On weekends I usually take
 my bag and work on things
while watching the boats and freighters go by.
Not this year so far...not even a vacation yet.
However still working on items.

Today I wanted to show you my pie pumpkins.
Fabric on top and wool on the bottom.

The stems can be bended any way you want.
Trade secret on how I do this is.

I just love the shape of these.

Gramma B would use pie pumpkins to make
pumpkin pie.
I can smell them coming out of the oven as I type.

Now of course I was not satisfied with making
just white ones, so I also made black.

Again using fabric and wool.

I like both colors and have one more color to finish.
Can you guess what color that might be?
I am also going to make myself some...
and will make some even smaller to mix in.

Yesterday was hubby Bob's birthday.
Our worker surprised him with this cake
her sister decorated and balloons.
I love how they used goldfish crackers
to use as party balloons!
I also had a cake waiting for him at home...
but forgot to take a picture of it.
He doesn't want me to say this...
but Happy 55th birthday sweetie!!!

Hope everyone enjoys their half of the weekend.
What did you do on this 1st weekend of August?

Pie Pumpkin Blessings To All!


  1. I love your pumpkins. Seems to be a theme on blogs lately.
    I am waiting for the crisp air of fall this summer has been to humid for me.

    1. We have some strong storms coming in today. Round two. Working on a new pumpkin gal. Janice

  2. Love your pumpkins, Janice...looking forward to seeing you in Holly next month. Happy Birthday to Bob!! His cake looks yummy!

    1. Looking forward to seeing you too Bobbie! The cake was yummy! Janice

  3. I'm ready for fall. The pumpkins are really cute. Hubby's cake just adorable!

    1. Thank you Amy! Our worker's sister decorated the cake. It was so cute we did not want to cut into it...but we finally did and it was good! Janice

  4. Oh, it's fabric! I was like, "What kind of pumpkin is THAT?"


    I like it!

    1. LOL Sandi! My pumpkin pies from small pumpkins like this...not from fabric though. Your comment made me laugh. Janice

  5. Love your pumpkins and displayed with the quilt is very cute. Happy belated to your hubby

    linda m

    1. Thank you Linda, I am going to make some for myself later, but these will go to the show with me. Janice

  6. belated birthday to your husband! Thats a great cake! I love your pumpkins, I make them too! I love the black,, I can see a lot of people liking that color scheme!

  7. Much thanks Laurie! Will let Bob know you wished him a Happy Birthday. That cake was a sweet surprise to him from our worker. She is the BEST!! Janice

  8. Thank you Sandra! I am taking a vacation day this Friday to do an antique trail. I hope to find some goodies for the store and maybe something for me too. Bob's birthday was a good day and after we closed the store we all went out to dinner. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment. Much appreciated!!! Janice


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