Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Can it be Wednesday already?
Where is this week going?

I don't often show all of the benches
that are scattered throughout our house.
So today I wanted to show you a few.

Before I do, I would like to share 
some fond memories as a child with some benches.

Gramma H always had a bench by the back door
for us to put our shoes on and underneath.
Especially our boots in the Winter.

Benches were in the barns of both grandparents.
They were used to place the full milk cans
off the floor.

Benches were found in the garage at my 
own parents house and in the basement.
where dad had his tools.

Gramma B had a bucket bench in the kitchen
which had pails of water in it.
(they did not have indoor plumbing)

Grandpa H used a bench to prop his feet up
after a long hard day of farming,
when he sat in his favorite green velvet chair. 

Now these are my benches.
All purchased throughout the years.

This is my blue one in the kitchen.

The egg crate underneath came from
my gramma B's farm.

This is my bucket bench,
also in the kitchen.
I was told that this bench came out of the  oldest
barn in Allen Park, MI that was torn down.
(not entirely sure this story is true though)

The wood bench here is in the living room.
A gathering buttocks basket rests on top.

This little bench is usually in our spare bedroom.
With my mom staying with us,
 I moved it to our back room.

Another bucket bench.
This one in our hall.
I like 2 gallon crocks because they are easy
to move around...but have bigger ones too.

Lastly this bucket bench is in our bedroom.
Once again you will see
 two gallon jugs and a crock.

I have a few more benches around,
but will save for another time.

Do you have any fond memories of benches?

Well off to work.
Hope everyone enjoys their day!

Wood Bench Blessings To All!


  1. IT is horrid here too I am over this heat and move on to fall.
    you do have a lot of benches I don't think right now I have any

    1. Yes It seems I do have quite a few...even more that I did not show. LOL It rained heavy this afternoon...but the humidity did not go away. Am getting ready for Fall. Janice

  2. Those benches are nice and love your story.

    Have a good day at work! See you in 4 weeks!

    1. Yep looking forward to seeing you and our semi-annual dinner. Is Janet coming too? Janice

  3. when i first went to my fil he had made a bench for DH's 3 sisters to sit on at the table. i was only 16 but i loved it.when he died i wanted of DH sisters took it and her stupid DH bolted a grinder or something on it.i could have cried.have no idea where it is now.also when i was a child my mom had a bench she put her rinse tubs on using a ringer machine i suppose my dad made it wonder what happened to it?

    1. So sad. I had an aunt who took many antiques from my gramma H only to sell them for a profit. Wish I had some of them. ITems should be passed down if someone in the family wants them. We have to preserve the past. Janice

  4. Hi Janice,
    Love seeing all of your benches and hearing the stories behind them! I have a special love for benches myself and have quite a few of them all over the house!! They come in handy and have so many uses!! After seeing yours, I think I might have to do a post on mine!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!
    Take care and hope your mom is doing well!! Also, Happy Birthday to your hubby!!
    Heart Hugs~

    1. Glad I could be of inspiration to you my dear friend. I saw the wall of dust on our local news last week from Phoenix. If that was what happened to you,I am so glad you are alright. It looked awful! Janice

  5. I am hoping for cooler temps and lower humidity here. Your crocks sound wonderful! Janice

  6. I wouldn't be surprised if that barn isn't one that I remember right across from where my husband worked. He brought me all kinds of treasures when it was torn down. Only thing, I thought it was Melvindale but cities run together around here. I have to send you a picture of one of my treasures from the barn.

  7. Hmmm. I bought it from a friend who told me the story. She bought it from the bran sale and was told it was the the oldest barn. Unfortunately many barns have come down over the years. Glad your hubby was able to buy you some treasures. Mom and I are going on the M25 antique trail sale this weekend wile Bob stays home. I hope to find some goodies. Janice

  8. I love all your benches! I don't have any so I will just admire yours. :)

  9. Thank you Jessica! I do love them all. Hope you have a great weekend! Janice

  10. I love the back stories for each of these beautiful old benches. They are treasures !

  11. Thank you Rose! Hope you are having a great weekend! Janice


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