Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Parting Is Bittersweet

Hope everyone is enjoying there week thus far.
I can tell Autumn is getting close.
The squirrels are much busier than ever.
The crows are grouping together.
More foreign freighters in the river.
Foggy mornings and the days
 are getting noticeably shorter.

Last week I mentioned I purchased a new cabinet.
This is the one I chose to sell.

It was hard to decide,
however I don't have any more room for another one.
This blue drysink will come to 
the prim show in Holly, MI,
{top lifts and there is a door on the left of the fabric}
 Also this wood scrub box that sits on top
which was purchased from James Cramer
{James Cramer is now part of Simple Life Magazine}
Anyway this piece will also be sold a the same show.
{not the bowls or butter paddle though}
I have to also part with the scrub box....
well because I purchased something else
at the estate sale Bob and I went to last week.
More to come on that piece.
It's time to show you my other piece I found
on the antique trail. 

This is what is replacing the blue drysink.

A new red one. Top lifts on this one too.
It is really old from the 1800's 
but you know what I mean by being new. 

For a week I had it tucked in the corner of our bedroom.

You are probably thinking.....
why don't you just keep it here?

I have another drysink just to the left of this one.
Don't think I need two in one room.
Colorwise it does look good in here...
But it got lost I think. It's hard to explain.
Bob said to keep it in here...but it did not feel right.
Bob thought I was not feeling right. LOL

I think it looks much better in our living room...
which is mostly red.

This beauty is meant to be a statement piece,
not hidden away in a bedroom. 

I also love the drawer in this one.

See I think it looks much better between our chairs.

Who knows, I might end up putting it 
back in the bedroom and placing the brown one
back in the living room.
What do you think?
Painted drysinks are not that easy to find.
Am I making a mistake by selling my other drysink?
I have another brown drysink in our back room.
So it's not like I am giving up much...
but then again....

Parting Is Bittersweet Blessings To All!


  1. I like your new cupboard I like it between the chairs. yOu sure have a lot to chose from to move around

    1. Thanks Cathy! Yes I have many cabinets, but they usually stay in one place as I would need Bob to move them for me. Janice

  2. Hi Janice,
    OH MY GOODNESS!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new red drysink!!! Just a fabulous piece and the color is amazing!!! So happy you were able to find it and give it a good home!! I would be hard pressed to sell the blue one or the Jimmy Cramer box, but you have to do what works best! Old paint is hard to come by so I would be tempted to sell one of the wood ones, but you know what works best in your home!! Best wishes for a great sale and for making your decision!! By the way, I like it showing rather than in the corner!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Heart Hugs~

    1. Thank you Julie! THe other dry sinks are older even though the blue one is hard to find. But it was a hard decision. I keep telling Bob we need to add on to our house, LOL Janice

  3. Love the old and the new, it is a wonderful find. Love it placed between the chairs as well. I hate decisions like that, i can't make up my mind. I am sure you will figure out what is best. Hope all the family is doing well. This breeze we have now makes it feel like fall is finally a possibility. Have a blessed week, hugs

    1. Well Sandy, if you need a blue drysink, it is in the building next to our store until the Holly show. Janice

    2. Now would I do that? :-) Janice PS It was nice sleeping with the windows open for a change...but Fall is coming. Janice

    3. The weather has been wonderful yesterday and today, i may have to take a gander at the piece before you load her up. Have a blessed weekend

    4. I will let Bob know you might take a gander up there. Hope you have a great evening! Janice

  4. OoHoo, my computer is allowing me to post!

    This new red dry sink is gorgeous!! I love red anything. The blue one you are selling is also gorgeous. It must have been a difficult choice but I know someone else is going to love buying it and bringing it to their own home!! It seems like this is one of the many perks you have with your own store and the shows that you attend. You get to enjoy new pieces and then rotate them out later if you choose. Really fun!!!

    I am excited to hear that you are getting those early signs of Fall up your way!! That means, to those of us way down here, that Fall will eventually drift southwards and the long hot and humid summer will finally LEAVE!! Bittersweet does not grow down here but a local grocer always carries some in their flower department so I always buy a bunch for decorating. To me, Bittersweet always says "Fall is here"!!

    1. So glad you were able to post today Winnie! It was a difficult choice, but Bob wont let me add on to the house just yet. LOL The temp tomorrow morning will be in the high 50's so jeans and jacket for me when I go to work. The leaves are starting to turn a bit here too. I will try and blow some cooler weather your way. Janice

  5. You're new old red cabinet is beautiful between the chairs . I'd wish I could keep both being that they are so lovely . You have such pretty pieces Glad for signs of fall
    linda m

    1. Thank you Linda! Always hard when I get a new cabinet I like as to which one will go. The temp here was in the low 70;s with no humidity. Perfect weather for the windows to be opened. Janice

  6. Thank you Sandra! I only sell a piece if I find something older. I did enjoy the blue one for many years, but will be hard to let go. It's already out of the house, so no turning back now. Janice

  7. I like the red drysink better Janice.

  8. Thanks Earlene! I knew it was a keeper when I spotted it. Janice


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