Thursday, August 30, 2018

Meet Cassie

Hello friend & folk! 
Can you believe Labor Day Weekend is just
around the corner?
Really, where did Summer go?
We will be BBQ'ing each day on our new grill.
Our old one went to BBQ heaven.
Bob got a new one at Lowe's end of season sale.
He tried it out last night and grilled us up
some hamburgers.
They were yummy!

This will be the last weekend for creating
for our Holly prim show....
so I will be a busy bee.

You get the idea.

Today I would like to introduce you to
my newest creation.
Please say a big hello to
Cassie Long Legs

She is a misunderstood witch.
One with a teeny witch hat.

Although some folks think she has a big head,
Cassie loves Halloween!
She simply loves dressing up.
With her orange and white stripe stockings,
 boots & orange scarf.
She is reminiscing the 60's fashion craze.

She misses being that wild love child.
She fit right in that era with her 
homemade mushroom brew,
go-go boots, and mini dress.
But most of all loved to
"Twist The Night Away"
especially on Halloween.

Her long legs can be posed like this.

However she enjoys doing the splits the best.

Now personally I was a teen of the 70's,
but heard lots of stories about the 60's.  :-)

What era are you most familiar with?
What are your plans for the last weekend of Summer?

Cassie's Retro Blessings To All!


  1. Hi Janice,
    Cassie is so sweet and SO FLEXIBLE!!! Hope all goes well for your upcoming show!!! Yes, I was a teen in the 70's, too!!! WHERE did the time go????
    Enjoy that new grill and your holiday weekend, too!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

    1. Thank you Julie. Looking forward to the show..seeing friends there...and most of all the chance to purchase more wool and maybe a few goodies! Hope you have a great weekend! Janice

  2. Hehehe, I was a teen in the 60s and bell bottom pants were all the rage!! Your Cassie is just adorable and I love her socks and outfit. You come up with the most creative prims!! I hope this coming weekend will be perfect for lots of outdoor grilling. There is something about grilled food that make even the simplest item taste wonderful.

    Enjoy your long weekend and I hope you get to make some of the many cute ideas that you have swirling in your head!! I know they will be scooped up at your upcoming show!1

    1. LOL I wore bell bottoms too! Thanks for the visual because mine were an orange and white plaid. They were my favorite! Would not be caught dead in them now. Hope you have a great weekend. Dear FIL will be cooking for us one day. Always a treat when he comes by. Janice

  3. Well I was born in the 60s and grew up through the 70s. I love 60s music! Love love your cute little witch! Good luck on your upcoming show!

    1. Thank you Kathleen! I still love the Beatles music...and Elvis too! Janice

  4. I was a teen of the 70's too love your doll. We are having company coming for a fun filled weekend

  5. Thank you Cathy! Hope you have a great weekend too with your company!!! Janice

  6. Cassie is super adorable! So cute and prim.

  7. Thank you Danice!I so loved creating her. Hope you have a great weekend! Janice

  8. Loving Cassie, she certainly has a mischievous look, better keep a close eye on her😊

  9. It never dawned on me that she had that look...but she does. LOL Janice


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