Friday, August 24, 2018

Pre Autumn Thoughts


Thank you everyone for your sweet comments
and suggestions with my red drysink.
I knew it the moment I saw it...
that it was a keeper.

Another week has flown by.
This week I am glad it did.
I was covering for 3 other associates at work.
Not sure why I agreed to do this... but I did.
It's been one of those weeks,
where you wonder if a full moon was out there.
In other was a CRAZY week.
One more day to go.
Wish me luck.

Am so looking forward to when I can retire.
Not for a few more years though. :-(
So on with today's post.

Transferware has been much a part of my life.
Both gramma's used transferware besides ironstone.
Gramma B liked blue, while Gramma H like brown.

When I spotted this plate in our store,
of course it reminded me of gramm B.
I have had it hidden away for a few months.
Not sure how to display it.
Then the light bulb hit me.

I added my stone fruit grape cluster.
It was perfect for my autumn
blue and gold theme.

An inviting autumn display.
Although you may think this is NOT prim...
I have to say that gramma B's farmhouse 
had blue transferware....
She lived the primitive life
without heat or electricity, 
and yet she had pretty dishes for special occasions.
Every day we used enamelware.

Gramma H on the other hand 
used ironstone for her everyday dinnerware.
Yes I ate off of Ironstone plates.
Gram's brown transferware came out 
for special occasions and holidays.  

I thank my gramma's for this inspiration.

I will continue to add more gold and blue
as the urge gets me.

Do you remember the special dinnerware
or every day dinnerware your grandmother used?

Mornings are getting crisp now.
Leaves are actually starting to turn a bit.
The Bluejays are jeering quite loudly.
The sun is rising over the river more in the South now.
Autumn is on the horizon.

Pre Autumn Thoughts Blessings To All!


  1. My grandmother had ironstone also and yellow ware bowls my favorite. I too can not wait to retire but I have a few more years yet.

    1. Being French, gramma H loved her ironstone. Looks like you ans I are both looking to retire! Janice

  2. Is ironstone safe to eat off of?

    I have my grandma's china. It is still beautiful!

    1. Yes Ironstone was safe to eat off. If a piece has a lot of crazing in it, then no it is no longer safe, and best just to use as a display. Glad you are able to enjoy your grandma;s china Sandi! Janice Janice

  3. Blue and white transfer ware dishes have always been a favorite of mine. It seems like they are timeless in their appeal. In Fall and Winter, I also love brown transfer ware dishes because they make a table setting so cozy. As a child, I remember my Mother bringing out these beautiful plates for Thanksgiving and Christmas. She had the set of dishes that had belonged to my Grandmother. For everyday use, however, we had a simple ironstone set that were pretty indestructible for a large family!

    1. Yes you hit the nil on the head Winnie. Transferware is timeless. Brown Transferware at Christmas with red would be breathtaking. I will have to keep an eye out now for a set of those. THanks for the inspiration! Janice


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