Monday, July 30, 2018

Witchy Poo

Sticks and stones
Mixed in with bones
Dried sage and green moss.

This is the recipe
With all of its mystery
Creating an elixer sauce.

The moon is full
The sky pitch black
While the cat will sing his mew.

Alone she is
Our crafty witch.
Making her Halloween brew!

A little bit of how I made this crafty witch.
The trim at the top of her dress is rick rack.
I simply twisted the black and orange medium
rick rack and hand sewed to the top of her dress
using black floss.

A brownish gray wool for her hair.

Blue flowered dress and tiny blue and white
checked fabric for her hat.
Not a traditional black dressed witch,
but loving this color combination.

Her pouch is wool, with dried sage,
sticks and green moss.

I love this color combination so much,
that this year I have decided to do these
colors in my kitchen for Christmas.
Yes folks, I am once again thinking ahead...
and have started writing down what I want to do.

In other news.
Saturday Bob's dad came over and grilled for us.
Chicken and ribs.
I made potato salad, devilled eggs and baked beans.
Bob's cousin Jimmy and his wife came over too!
We had fun talking and eating...
with some drinks included.

 Also below is a few pics 
of our family reunion which was on Sunday.

My cousin Shelly hosted at her house along the river.
This is the same river we live by.
{lake freighter cruising by}

Another one going by.

Playing cornhole.

Four first place prizes won 
this movie candy themed prize.

The losing team won a toilet trophy.
Too cute!
Sorry my pic did not capture this very good.
We still love you cousin Pat and Margaret!!!
We decided every year we will start this new tradition,
and will engrave the names on this trophy each year.

Well it's off to work I go.
Hope everyone had an awesome weekend.
I sure did!

Witchy Poo Blessings To All!


  1. that witch is perfection! I love it!! Looks like a wonderful time you all had as well!

    1. Thank you Laurie! I am going to be working on another witch soon. Yes we had a wonderful time at our family reunion!

  2. I love your witch. Where is she going to live. I want to try your rick-rack idea and I love those colors!

  3. Thank you Peggy. I made 3 of these witches to be sold at the Holly Prim show. I did keep a 4th one for myself. TE HE. Janice

  4. a very cute witch. How fun to have a corn hole tournament we have them in this family too. I stink at it though.

  5. I do too! Two 80 year olds...My mom and aunt beat Bob and I last year. LOL

  6. The witch is so cute, she looks like she might be friendly even with a spooky moon and potions brewing. The reunion had a perfect day and I enjoyed meeting your mom. She is a spunky little lady and so cute.

  7. Thanks Sandy, but where we were at we did have a bit of a downpour. It lasted a half hour believe it or not. Once the rain left, the cornhole began. It is always a treat seeing you too! Mom has therapy this morning, so hopefully she will walk some more again by herself as we are planning on doing the antique trail next week together as always. Janice

  8. Thank you Mindy! Getting ready for our prim show in September. Janice

  9. Such a cute witchy doll! You did a wonderful job! Grilled food outside is one of our family favorites.

  10. Thank you for your sweet comment! I love grilled food. So YUMMY! Janice


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