Sunday, September 2, 2018

How The Other Half Lives

Sure hoping your weekend is going good for you!
Thunderstorms decided to roll in
 when we were going to bbq plan B
Baked Lasagna, salad and garlic bread.
We will try again tonight. 

So last Thursday I had a pretty bad day at work.
I came home in a bad mood...which is not like me.
Much to my surprise, a package was in the mail.
Much to Bob's surprise
 it was not something I ordered. LOL
(I have been on a buying spree of stitchery lately)
The sweet package came from one of my blogger friends.
I have to read the card...
write the words as they were so very sweet!

don't blog but so enjoy reading
them. Thank you for 
sharing your talent with
your readers.
Lucky me (smiley face)
Sincerely Linda M.

Not only did this card make my day,
but the sweet things Linda gifted me were so thoughtful.
So very thoughtful, 
that instead of showing them right now...
they will be featured in my September CupboardScape.
I always say I have the best friends all over the world.
I truly mean that sentiment.

Thank you Linda.
Wait till you see what I do! 

So today I wanted to show you how the other half lives.
Meaning the other side of our bedroom.

Now hubby Bob has always been gifted 
with the ability of doing home reno's.
His dad had a home improvement business,
and Bob worked with him 
as well as his cousin the bricklayer/tile man.

Bob made this wall of cabinetry and drawers.
The closet doors were from Home Depot.
The cabinet holds our Winter blankets,
Bob's jeans, pants and Summer shorts.
while the drawers hold other clothes.
(it's like having a built in dresser)

The door to my closet opens from the right.
Bob did this so I could have my prim table
facing anyone who came into the bedroom.
I originally wanted to use antique doors,
but the bi-fold doors work great in here.
With an antique door, I would not have been
able to have this table.
Bob also did the vertical wall treatment,
and the entire wall was painted a farmhouse white.

The remaining walls were painted a colonial blue.
Bob added the trim at the ceiling and also painted
it in the farmhouse white.
All of the interior doors in our house
(except for one)
 came from an 1800 farmhouse
 that was going to be torn down.
They were all white so we left them as is.

I finished up the last of my Halloween projects
for the show....
now onto Christmas.
I know...too early for Christmas,
but my customers expect them in November.
It is now September.
 What is on tap for the remainder of your
holiday weekend?

How The Other Half Lives Blessings To All!



  1. Lucky you to be married to such a handy guy :)
    Happy Labor Day.

    1. Yes he is very handy indeed! He wont be so happy with me soon when I want to move furniture all around for Fall. Janice

  2. what a nice thing to do! we had company and now I have to work tomorrow.

    1. Glad I had today off. Back to work in the morning, but am off on vacation Friday for the Holly show. Janice

  3. Thanks for sharing your bedroom. Love the wall unit Bob built. He did a great job. Hope you have been able to use uour barbecue we attended a 70th birthday party for a friend on Grosse isle . He has a wonderful Victorian with 4 working fireplaces and prims mixed in. Have a much blessed and relaxing Monday have to rest up for those Christmas creations🎄🎄🎅🤶

  4. You are very welcome Sandy. We only did the barby yesterday. FIL grilled ribs for us. He made so much that we have leftovers today. Bob and I went to Grosse Isle once on a pick. It is a cool island! Would love to see that house. Bet it was nice! Worked on snow ladies today. Back to work tomorrow. Janice

  5. Your bedroom is wonderful, Janice! Love the built in storage space. Looks great! Happy Labor Day! Lori

    1. Thank you Lori! Yes it works good for our stuff! Janice

  6. Love it all. Especially the pillow ticking on the long pillow!

    1. Thank you Jacky. I fell in love with that pillow when I bought it at a show. Janice


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