Thursday, May 3, 2018

Peepers Rug Tribute

Hope everyone is having a great week!
Here in Michigan we finally have Spring.
It is nice to have the windows open
listening to the frogs and crickets.
A beautiful sound!

Today I reveal the finished rug.
My tribute to our Peepers kitty.

Peepers was a sweet kitty.
He was born in our home on 
and was the runt of the litter.
I had adopted a female cat from my neighbor,
and found out after I took her in that she
 was going to have kittens.
I wanted another kitty for Tanner to have a friend.
Did not know she was pregnant when I 
decided to adopt her.
She hated Tanner. They never got along.
I thought it was because she was pregnant.
Nope, she hated him even after having
the kittens.
Tanner liked 2 of the 4 kittens.
I could not choose which of the two to keep,
so I kept Riley and Peepers.
Sable the female cat and the other 2 kittens,
found good homes.

Unfortunately Riley did not live that long.
It still haunts me to this day that the
emergency vet may have 
misdiagnosed him on purpose.
After I put him to sleep,
 I found out they went bankrupt.
I was devastated because now I wonder
even to this day
 if they just told me nothing could be done
just to get more money out of me.

Tanner still had Peepers.
Instead of the 3 Musketeers,
it was now the Dynamic Duo.
Until we rescued Ace....
Then the fun began again.
Until Tanner left us.
Then we rescued Shadow.
He was a wild kitten my co-worker found.
We love our cats.
Would love to have another dog,
but we are not home enough,
so it would not be fair to the dog...
thus we have kitties.

Up close of the wool I used.

The flower.

When you hear a bell ring...
and angel gets their wings.

I decided to add the bell because my lil
Peepers is now and angel alongside his
buddy Tanner.

I chose the diamonds as he was
the diamond in our lives.

A wonderful tribute to our kitty Peepers,
who like Tanner and Riley 
will always be remembered
in our hearts.

Until we meet again.

A Peepers Tribute To All!


  1. "It still haunts me to this day that the
    emergency vet may have
    misdiagnosed him on purpose."

    Heartbreaking! I hope that is not the case. How can people live with themselves?

    I like your tribute.

  2. very sweet love the colors. We had one cat (we mostly have had dogs) She was a stray and made sure we took her in she lived for 20 years and was more dog than cat. We miss her still but know that she just can't be replaced. We have no pets right now. we are busy but I miss not having a pet.

  3. What sweet words for your beloved kitties. They truly are family. Your tribute rug is just perfect.

  4. Looks like I can post a comment today because my photo shows up@! Yay!!
    Love your Peeps rug and tribute! Now you have a keepsake memory of him forever. I know you love all of your kitty fur friends and they are lucky to have such a loving home!


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