Thursday, May 31, 2018

Americana Giveaway


Walking with a friend in the dark
is better than walking alone
in the light
[Helen Keller]

The friendship I have with each of you
 has grown over the years.
Seven wonderful years! 
I have learned much about you through these years,
and enjoy reading what's going on in your lives.

It has been a rough night for me.
I received a call last night just before 10 from my sister
that my mom fell and they were rushing her to the hospital.
She called me first because the hospital 
they were taking her to was closest to me.
I left immediately and beat the ambulance there.
She broke her hip.
The worse part besides the hip being broken...
she was watering her newly planted veggie garden
and she did not realize that the hose wrapped 
around her ankles and she tripped and fell.
This happened at 2:30pm and she kept screaming
for help until her neighbor heard her at 9:00pm.
She crawled to her back door 
to try to get to her phone which was inside.
(she did not think she needed it as she was just going out
for a few minutes to water her garden)
She was outside in the heat of the muggy day
and became dehydrated. 
Surgery is tentatively scheduled for 3pm tomorrow.
Please if you can say a wee prayer for my mom.

Now onto my giveaway.

In appreciation of those who follow me,
I have created this Americana Flag pillow.
Rag stuffed it measures 7 x 4 1/2 inches

Made from red wool, vintage buttons.
Blue fabric with white stars completes this creation.

Now for the rules.
1. Must be a follower
2. You must comment that you would like to win 
on this post only.

~Extra credit~
For an extra chance to win.

With your comment 
let me know what you think this item is.
I recently purchased this for my bedroom decor.
I do know what it is, so if you do too,
you will get another chance to win my flag pillow.

I will choose a winner on Sunday sometime.
Good luck to all!
Will also let you know how things go with my mom.
It will be a long recovery.
They will be adding a rod and screw...
no hip replacement because of how she broke it.

Thank you for listening to me.
Much appreciated.

Americana Giveaway Blessings To All!


  1. Hi, Janice,

    I only want you to know that I am keeping you, your sister, and especially your dear mother in my prayers...

    ~~Nancy of The Bonnie White Hare

  2. Poor mom. So sorry she had to suffer alone for so long. Thankfully a neighbor heard her cries for help. Sending hugs and prayers.
    Sweet give away but no need to enter me. I am trying unsuccessfully to purge some items.
    Is the box to hold collars?

  3. oh dear Janice I'm so sorry to hear about your mom.. hope she will feel better so soon..

    And I would love to have that cute pillow.. my son will be very excite if I can win the pillow.. And of course I'll be elated as I love your decor style. And I that leather bag is and a messenger bag.. may be.. not sure.. :D

  4. So sorry to hear about your mother's fall. Hope all will be well once they have her fixed up. Poor dear.
    Take care,

  5. First, oh I'm sorry...that must have been horrible for her! I will be praying too.
    I love the little pillow, please enter me.
    The little leather box? Was it for a camera? Hat Box?

  6. Janice, that must have been just horrible for your mom. To be out in the heat and in so much pain. That poor woman. I hope she heals quickly. I love your pillow. I am thinking maybe the box is a collar box.

  7. Oh my, Janice, I am so sorry to hear about your Mom's fall and that she could not get any help for such a long time! I will be keeping her in my prayers that the surgery goes well and that her recovery will be smooth. I remember when my Mom fell and broke her hip. It is scary for everyone!!

    Please include me in the list of people who would love your give away!! It is a darling little Prim needful!! Sadly, I am stumped at what your new box would be. The only thing that came to my mind was a sewing box?

  8. Oh I am so sorry about your mom how scary prayers coming your way. Please let us know how she makes out.
    Lovely give away I am not sure what that leather case is but I will take a guess that it held alcohol. It looks like something a man would have.

  9. What a horrific accident for your mother to go thru. I will be praying for your mom during this time for quick healing and recovery . Your box looks like a hatbox LOL That's my best guest Please enter me in you're giveaway It is so cute Thanks for offering it
    linda m

  10. Janice so sorry about your mom, prayers surgery went well and rehab goes quickly. It must have been rough to be in the heat with no liquid. Strength wished for the family is the item a collar box stay safe


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