Monday, April 30, 2018


~Well done is better than well said~
[Benjamin Franklin]

Happy Monday everyone!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Mine was spent freshening up 
our humble abode for Spring.
More to come on what I did later on.

Today I reveal a new sampler I finished.

My love of Samplers came as a teen
when gramma B took me to the five and dime...
A five & dime was like the dollar store today.
Any hoot, gramma B bought me a cross stitch kit
of a sampler which was stamped in blue ink.
It took me most of the Summer to stitch that piece,
but it began my love of them.

This early sampler I have hanging in our living room.
It was a birthday present from Bob one year.
I know it is early because of the fabric,
but unfortunately the year was damaged...
so I do not know the year it was made.

I purchased this one at an auction
many moons ago.
I still love it even though it is only 70 years old!

This one I made for myself in the 1980's.
Since I love bunnies..
this is still a favorite of mine as well.

A new one I just finished.
I purchased the pattern from
Notforgotten Farm
last year... and finally finished it.

Framed in a farmhouse look frame.

Hung it up in our back room.

Later I will reveal my Spring flowers
that I added in my crock underneath.
This is why I hung it higher up...
as I like to add flowers for the seasons.

I am also finished with my Peepers rug,
and will show off later on.
Drawing out a new one for the Fourth of July.
Also working on my Soldier fellow.
After all I do like to start my
July 4th decor in May.
Yes I am weird as my family says!

Do you like to decorate for the Seasons?
I get it from my mom.
She does it too!
Just on a smaller scale than I do.

Sampler Blessings To All!


  1. i have a couple of samplers too not to old but I like them all the same.sounds like you have been busy.

    1. Yes I have been a busy beaver one would say. Janice

  2. Great samplers, Janice! Your new one turned out great! I love that pattern and may need to add it to my list! Have a wonderful day. Lori

    1. Thank you Lori. I do like how it turned out...especially the colors! Janice

  3. Wow, what lovely old samplers you have! I too learned to cross stitch on a small bird project that was stamped on in blue ink from Woolworth's. In my 30s, I did a lot of samplers and cross stitch projects as gifts so I only have a few of them that were made for me. The old ones like you have , however, are the prize because of the stories they hold.

    And, you aren't the only one who decorates Americana in May!! LOL!! I use Memorial Day weekend as my cue to get all of the red/white/and blue things I have out and leave them up through July. Come August, however, I am off and running with Apples, Apples, And more Apples. Since early varieties are ready to eat in North Georgia, I am off and running with a field trip north so I can be making and canning applesauce and apple pie filling. Plus, by August, I am so sick of the long hot summer here in Florida, I created my own decorating calendar to change things up!!

    1. Nice to hear there are others out there who learned to cross stitch like I did! Also that I am not the only one who decorates for the seasons. Janice

  4. Olde samplers have irresistible appeal. I particularly love the one your thoughtful husband gifted you. I do wonder what significance the year 1617 has!

    1. I never realized there was that 1617 stitched and had to go back and look when I read your comment. I wish I knew what the meaning meant for that. Maybe it is the date of 1/6/ I wish would be. Wish I knew for sure, but thank you for pointing it out. Janice

  5. I love samplers too! A lot of work goes into them!

    1. Yes they sure do take time to stitch, that's why I appreciate them so. Janice

  6. I love to decorate by seasons.. :)

  7. I have at least a dozen antique samplers, and many reproduction ones I made back in the 80's. I, too, have finally been stitching again.
    Love your samplers!

  8. Thank you Lauren.I am still on the hunt for another antique one. Janice


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