Thursday, May 17, 2018

Whitening Up

~ It's Thursday ~
YAY...closer to Friday...YAY
Last night Bob and I went to dinner and a movie.
All at the same restaurant.
We wanted to go because the movie
was about haunted locations in our area.
Bob was disappointed because he wanted to see more ghosts.
I loved hearing the stories about the ghosts.
There was one part where they caught a black orb.
We both said the same thing when seeing that.
Black orbs are known to be evil.
It was caught in one of the rooms of the hotel
a few towns to the North of us.
We have eaten dinner there many times...
apparently there are many ghosts inside on all floors.
We NEVER knew.

Friday night the grands are coming over.
Saturday is our grand opening for 
The Candy Jar.
We have a coloring contest of our logo for all ages.
Four beach themed prizes for the winners,
with our mayor judging.
Face painting for kids.
Dollar off pound of candy.
Sales in most of the vendors antique booths.
Oh yeah and sidewalk chalk art to be done by the kids too.
We are looking forward to this.
Our local paper will also be there to write a story.

Sunday we are meeting friends to discuss
our 2nd annual Antique Vintage Marketplace 
show to be held in November.

Before I head off to work,
here is my Spring in the bedroom.
I chose white to be the flower color in here. 

I continued my white theme into the bathroom.

Plus added some pantry boxes.
The bottom wood piece is a wood sieve.

The rest of my week will be a busy one.

Today am leaving work at 2:30 for a co-workers
retirement party.
He worked at the company for 40 years.
That is a very long time.
Now he plans on playing more golf and
he and his wife will spend their Winter's 
in Southern Florida.
I wish him luck in his next adventure.
~ wish it were me retiring ~

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!
No time for the weary for me. 

Whitening Up Blessings To All!


  1. Very beautiful decorations.. and all the best for you The Candy Jar..

  2. I think every town, big or small, has it's own ghost history. We certainly do here in Gainesville in the original old section of the city!

    Your white splash of Spring looks wonderful in your bedroom! Hopefully, there is real warmer weather to match your home interior!! LOL!!

    1. Oh yes. We even have ghosts in our store. We see orbs on our cameras usually during the Autumn months...the witching hour. It rained most of the weekend but hopefully it will get warmer. Janice

  3. I hope your grand opening is a smashing success!

    1. Thank you! The entire weekend was smashing!!! Janice

  4. Beautiful pictures and wonderful flowers. Have a happy weekend.

  5. Wishing a successful grand opening Janice!What an exciting day for you. Jane

    1. It was an awesome weekend. Fun was had by all!!! Janice

  6. yeah.. so exciting. Hoping that your grand opening is a huge success!!!! I'm all about ghost stories! I think Baltimore's most popular ghost would be Edgar Allen Poe. : )

    1. It was a huge success! Loved seeing all of the kiddos getting their faces painted! Janice


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