Friday, May 11, 2018

Creating A Spring Bedroomm

~ before I start this post~
want to wish mom of children and/ or pets a
Happy Mother's Day!
Weekend will be another busy one for me.
Tomorrow is Mikayla's birthday party.
Then of course us kids will be taking my mom out for dinner.

Today was not a Spring day at all.
We once again had sleet and then a cold rain the rest of the day.
Bob put a fire in the fireplace this evening,
just to keep us a bit more warm and cozy.
I so love the smell of different woods burning.

I also an loving what I did to our bedroom for Spring.

What I love about our red and blue bedroom,
is that it looks good for most of the seasons.

This quilt and linsey woolsey blanket
was in our in our closet.
I decided for Spring to add them here.
After all this is a quilt rack.

Summer coverlet back on the bed.
Although I still had our red flannels sheets on.
Once again Ace is in the pictures.
He is after all our investigator. LOL

Although this time Shadow approves too!

However Ace just wants me to leave, 
so he can take his afternoon nap.
Mom are you done now?

Almost Ace.
Just let me show my friends the red/ white quilts.
One more in the drysink, while another linsey wooley
on a smaller rack.

What will your weekend be?
Whatever it may be,
I hope it is a sparkly one, filled with love!

Spring Bedroom Blessings To All!


  1. Sleet?! Ugh.

    I like the cozy room. :)

    1. Yes and then thunderstorms rolled in early the following morning and it rained most of the day. Mother Nature at her best. Janice

  2. oh no sleet!! in the month of May!! that's really bad.. :(

    Hope weather will be better soon..

    1. Yes today it was back in the 60' opened. It was nice. Janice

  3. My weekend was awfully good. My great (John) and I went to church, then my son-in=law filled up my old-bathtub fish pond and brought me a beautiful new water lily for it. Everyone has called and wished me a happy mothers day and my daughter was here to help with the pond opening. I worked on weeds for a while and now made my evening cup of coffee and am visiting my blogger friends. I absolutely love yellow!

    1. Sounds like you did have a wonderful weekend! I need to work at my weeds, but decided to work on my latest hooking on my day! I had a fish pond at my old we cannot. The herons and egrets will come in and eat the fish. Happened to my neighbor, so I will not even try. Janice

  4. Thank you Lauren. Hope you had a nice Mother's Day too! Janice

  5. Your red accented pieces are perfect to brighten up rooms any time of year! and that Ace, what a ham he is in front of the camera. The Sweetie!! We had a nice weekend working on flowers in the yard, projects around the house and pizza with friends. We also got to connect up with our two daughters over the weekend, which is always wonderful!!

  6. I am new to your blog and really loving it. I so love your bedroom. It is so cozy and homey...just beautiful! I was wondering what the wall color was, if you don't mind my asking. I have a blue guest bedroom with blue walls, but I love your color so much more. Thank you so much. You have given me wonderful ideas for my room!


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