Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day Reflection

~ Happy Memorial Day ~
After all of the weekend BBQ's, drinks,
 sharing with friends and even a bonfire,
it was time for me to stop and reflect.

I am reminded that we have this holiday weekend
because of the brave folks who became soldiers,
who died so that we are free,
Without them where would we be?

When the Korean War started in 1950
my dad enlisted as a Marine at the age of 21.
He served 2 years over in Korea.
He was sent back to the states after
being shot in the head. 
Fortunately he had his helmet on.
The bullet did not go through.
We have a picture of him with his helmet
on after the bullet hit.
One of the soldiers in his division took a picture
of him afterward and my mom still has it.
My dad was lucky...he made it back home.
Many many others never did.
I am very grateful for the men and women
who have made the choice to join the armed services,
and died serving our fine country
because without them we would not be able
to have the freedoms we have...
which sometimes is lost in the real meaning of
Memorial Day

Bob and Matt (son) re-built our old dilapidated wagon. 
I decided to add the banners.
It will weather as the days go on and
become our prim wagon again.

I also finally finished hooking my 
Old Glory rug.
It looks bowed to the left, 
but it is how I laid it on the sofa.
I now have to finish it....
 am debating on whether to add a border,
or leave it as is.
Any suggestions?

Memorial Day Reflections To All!


  1. love your wagon!
    My dad fought in Korea also in the Army

  2. Your wagon looks wonderful, love the banners on it also your stitched piece is pretty, you sure are one busy lady. Your dad was so blessed to be able to return to his family especially after being shot. What an amazing story have a great week

    1. Thanks Sandy. PLanted a flat of annuals and some lavender tonight so hoping it rains now overnight. Yes my dad was I would not have been born. Janice

  3. Your Dad is one very blessed man! Your wagon is looking good

  4. Thankful for all those that have served our country and made it home safely. Happy to hear that your dad was safe too! LOVE your wagon; they did a great job rebuilding it. I would love to have a wagon like this if we lived on just a little larger piece of property! The Old Glory rug looks great. Sounds like you had a good weekend.

    1. Yes so thankful! Thank you for your comment regarding our wagon. They did do a great job! Janice

  5. Amen on that! Thankful to those who served, including your dad. Wagon looks nice! I think add a boarder....

    1. Thank you Jacky! I am thinking about a wool border. Janice

  6. It poured here most of the weekend due to Tropical Storm Alberto. Instead of being outside, we took in a few Netflix movies of live video footage from both WWI and WWII. Our soldiers endured much strife and danger every day in the name of Democracy and our freedoms. Seeing what happened in those videos was humbling. Our free and abundant life comes with a huge price tag for those who preserved it.

    Love your new wagon and new hooked rug! I love them both!!

    1. Alberto is coming into our state right now. Bringing in some sever weather overnight...but probably not as much rain as you got. I cannot watch any war movies...I heard so many stories from my dad that I cringe seeing any now. Janice

  7. The old glory rug is very beautiful..

  8. Lots of rain here all weekend. We watched Band of Brothers...again. Love your rug and the wagon is so fun!

    1. We have the remnants of Alberto here now. Thanks for stopping by Robyn! Janice

  9. Sadly, freedom isn't free.
    May God Bless our troops and God Bless America!

    1. Yes nothing is free it seems. Hope you have a safe trip to Cali! Janice


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