Sunday, May 6, 2018

Yellow Spring Inspiration

Good Sunday morn to you!

Yesterday we celebrated 
Cinco De Mayo
Chicken Burritos
Mini Cheese Nacho Bites
Fruit Tacos for dessert
 Frozen Marguarita's.

I no longer watch the
Kentucky Derby or any other of the
Triple Crown races once I found out
what happens to horses that don't win big,
or too old to race.
They go to auction....
There is a farm about 10 minutes from our house.
The owners go to these auctions,
buy horses and bring them back here.
Once they have enough,
they put them into cattle trucks
and send them to Canada to be slaughtered.
I know because I've seen the horses
loaded into the truck and there also
is a local lady who started a rescue here as well.
She goes to the same auctions and tries
her best to buy some of the horses to live
out their lives on her farm.
Closer to Mexico, they are shipped there.
It is a terrible sport where no one knows the
ugliness that goes beyond the actual races itself.
These horses did not ask for this...
yet most meet the same fate.
Over 130,000 horses a year are slaughtered.
Even the ASPCA wants this to stop.
It will only stop, if 
We stop supporting horse racing.
I no longer do.

Enough of my soap box.

Today I would like to show you
another fast flower arrangement. 

THis one was inspired by my yellowware bowls.

I am using my tool caddy...
but any wood box or metal milk container will do.

I am also using my ginger beer bottles.
Beer was bottled in these crocks 
before glass bottles were invented.

Placed all of my ginger bottles inside.
There are 8 of them.

Then I added white and yellow pansies.
One of the first flowers of Spring here.

I then decided to add my rag rug underneath.
It is mainly white with some gold in it too.

On top of our pumpkin pine cabinet.
Pine trees have this orange color to them
when a tree that was over 100 years old was milled.
You won't see this anymore, 
because they don't let trees get this old. 

In front of the cabinet remain to yellow childrens chairs.
The left was grandson Mickey's
and the right was granddaughter Mikayla's.
Yes they use to sit in these chairs.
I still have kept them 
even though they are now 15 and 11.

Well off to make breakfast for Bob.
Then work on my latest rug...
and in the afternoon go work the store with Bob.

What did you do this weekend?

Spring Sunday Blessings To All!


  1. Here in north Florida, thoroughbred horse raising has been in place for decades. I agree with you about the industry, it is not pretty or positive for all those horses that are bred every year but who do not make themselves winners. It is all about big money.

    Your post today with a yellow theme is perfect for this time of year when the days are getting longer and the sun warmth is returning everywhere. I don't have much yellow in my antiques, but I've been thinking lately how much I admire the color. Perhaps something yellow will present itself at a good price in the near future!!

  2. So sad about the horses. A friend of mine in southern Ohio always has several rescued horses who get to live the good life until they go to their forever pasture.

  3. It is sad about the horses. Love your yellow wear I have a few pieces I bought cheap and I use them I want them to be useful. I spent most of the weekend raking and uncovering flower beds my poor old body is screaming today


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